Is Buying a Sex Gift a Good Idea?

Dec 4, 2021

The best presents are both practical and versatile. While this describes sex toys gifts perfectly, it all depends on the context. Keep on reading to find out why buying a sex gift can be a great idea and how to pull it off.   

Why is Getting a Sex Gift for Your Partner a Good Idea?

 1. It helps you develop a healthy relationship with your partner and sex

 We all have needs, and no matter what some overly religious people want you to think, that includes sex. If sex is still quite a taboo subject among you and your partner, it’s time to change that. You might not see sex as a dirty word, but how often do you sit your partner down and tell them what you liked about your last lovemaking session? Talking freely about topics that might be out of your comfort zone can strengthen the bond with your partner, and taking care of your sexual needs can help you connect with your body. As time goes by, you should become more and more comfortable in a romantic relationship, thus enhancing your sexual relationship. There’s no reason to be ashamed of discussing sex or going a step further and getting your partner a sex gift. In fact, it can be highly beneficial for both of you. Need more tips on how to talk about sex? We got you! 

 2. It shows that you care about your partner’s pleasure 

Some people might worry that buying their partner a sex gift is like sending a message that they don’t want to be involved in fulfilling their needs anymore. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Sex gifts can be a great addition to every couple’s sex life as they allow partners to figure out what brings them the most pleasure. Take sex toys, for example. They’re great tools to enhance your orgasms and find out what kind of stimulation you enjoy in bed. Yet, a lot of men might worry that a vibrator or a dildo will somehow replace them in bed. This misconception might be one of the reasons why women orgasm from intercourse only 51-60% of the time, even though there are plenty of ways they could achieve climax. At the same time, women in committed relationships are more likely to orgasm. This could be because long-term partners take time to learn about your body and are more likely to accept aids. So, before you let your partner discourage you and reject the idea of introducing sex toys to your sex life, think of a bigger picture. Learning more about each other’s pleasure points can deepen and improve your overall experience as a result.

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 3. It makes it more likely you’re going to experiment in bed

Once you get hooked on the thrill of trying something new in bed, you’ll never want to go back to being vanilla. And it’s not like there’s anything wrong with vanilla, but people are conditioned to like novelty. If you’re a fan of traveling or trying new food, you know what we’re talking about. There’s nothing quite like the rush of doing something for the first time and encountering sensations you haven’t felt before. But experimenting is more than just a temporary chemical reaction in your brain – it can actually turn into heightened desire and more long-term satisfaction in bed. If you’re serious about your relationship, remember that sex is as important as its other aspects. Once you recognize that you aren’t doing great in that department, check out sex toy gifts for the relationship we’ve recently written about here for more inspiration. 

Things To Consider Before Getting Your Partner a Sex Gift

Of course, buying a sex gift isn’t as straightforward as getting your partner a new shirt. There’s more to it than just finding the right size. 

 1. Make sure you place their needs first

The best relationships are built on good communication, fairness, and trust, as well as honesty, and if you’re getting your partner a gift because you hope they’ll finally agree to try out your kink, well, that’s manipulation. Give your partner a sex gift because you want them to experience more pleasure, connect with their body and improve things between the sheets. To do that, you should: 

 2. Consider what they like in bed

Is your partner submissive or dominant? If they’re dominant, you’re in luck, because the line between their pleasure and yours blurs a little. You can get them a pair of handcuffs, for example, and while you might be the one who’s receiving the most attention in the end, they’ll definitely enjoy it. If your partner has a particular sexual kink, put Google to good use and get inspired – you can check kink forums for ideas. Finally, you can’t go wrong with sex toys designed for couples. One of the top sex gifts for relationships is a couple’s vibrator that stimulates both the clitoris and penis at the same time. Who knows, it could be a first step to achieving a simultaneous orgasm. 

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3. Choose the right moment

The festive season is approaching quickly, and shopping isn’t getting any cheaper. But before you panic and leave a sex gift under the Christmas tree, remember that your partner won’t be happy about opening it in front of your whole family. Their family – even less so. If you insist on buying sex gifts for Christmas, you can always give them to your partner in private. 

 4. Research the product

  While it’s the thought that counts, safety is what matters the most, so make sure the sex toy gifts are made of the right material and last long enough to enjoy them. You can refer to one of our articles on our website for a more detailed guide on how to use sex toys. The general rule is, find out as much information as possible and don’t make any rash decisions. 

 What About Buying Sex Gifts for a Friend?

Sex is everywhere. It’s used to sell products, advertise services and increase the number of social media followers. But does it mean getting your friend a naughty gift is a good idea?

 1. Consider the relationship you have with that person 

If your friend is sexually open-minded, getting them a sex gift might seem like an obvious choice. However, unless they’re someone you’re close with, buying them a sex toy might be overstepping a boundary. 

 2. It might be a hit or miss

Buying a sex toy for a friend is trickier than getting one for your partner. While you might know all about what they like in bed, you probably don’t know what toy would be the best fit and what materials you should avoid. While asking your friend about what they’re allergic to can work, asking about their genital’s capacity won’t be such a good idea. If you know they’re already sex toy veterans; you can risk it a little and go for a medium size. If they’re new to the game, go for smaller toys that are easy to use for beginners. 

 3. Make sure it’s discreet

If your friend doesn’t live alone, the last thing they want is someone eavesdropping. Go for an incognito sex toy that doesn’t make a lot of noise. 

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