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Sex games!

So many people take sex so seriously – between Hollywood showing passionate, steamy sex, and the dream of being spontaneous and intense, we lose sight of the fin aspect! The reality is that sex can be silly, fun, and goofy at the same time. Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Consider playing sex games with your partner! Not only can they lighten the mood, but they can also take boring sex to wild and fun. The V For Vibes team has put together a few ideas to try in bed.

Sensation Testing Sex Game.

Have you ever been blindfolded? Grab a scarf or tie, and blindfold one another. Take turns guessing what you’re touching them with. Try a piece of faux fur, leather, a spoon, ice cube. All of these are normal every day things, but blindfolded creates a more heightened sensation and a sexy atmosphere.

Truth or Dare.

This classic game is way more fun in bed. Ask your partner to choose truth or dare – truth is a sexy question. Try things like “What’s your fantasy in bed?”, or “What position have you always wanted to try?”. Dare is all off the table- dare your partner to masturbate on you, or to watch you get off without touching you. The sky is the limit, and fun lubes or toys can really spice this up.

Sex Dice.

Sex dice are super easy to find online, or at a sex shop. Playing is as straightforward – roll the dice, and see what you have to do! One die will say things like “lick”, “play” or “suck”, and another may say things such as “penis”, “pussy”, or “toes”. This can really encourage you both to try things you haven’t ever before.V For Vibes sells the incredible Hera, as well as some other amazing options. Some are designed to go in the vagina, and others are butt plugs. Next time you’re going out with your partner, charge it up, put it in, and give your partner the remote. They get to control the remote and surprise you whenever they want. Bonus points if you can keep a straight face when the vibes start! This can be fun at the movies, out for coffee, or even looking at new cars.

Sex Games With Adult Toys.

Can you keep it together when you’re experiencing pleasure? This sex game is fun and will test your patience. Find a vibrator with a wand head, like the V For Vibes Rhea. Take turns applying the wand to your most sensitive areas, or use the vibrating dildo side for the mot fun. Answer trivia questions while you’re experiencing pleasure, and see who can get the most right with these distractions. Each correct answer is a point, and whoever orgasms first loses. Speaking of cumming first…

If you and your partner are great at getting each other off, this is an amazing game to try. Enjoy sex, work to get each other going, but whoever cums first loses! There can even be a punishment for more incentive to play hard. Picking the kids up from school for a week, eating the other out until she cums, or having to give a blowjob every day for a week add some great fun. If you and your sweetie are both particularly adept at orgasming, this is a fun sex game to try.

Bondage Games.

Bondage is more kinky than a game, but can be so fun. For instance, you may want to try having to hold a certain position while giving your partner a blowjob, or getting fingered but not being allowed to have an orgasm. Sexual health is so important to your overall health, and having fun can really help you liven up your life.

Check out the V For Vibes for fun toys to use in these sex games, and explore more fun options.

sex games, bondage games, kinky sex ideas, sex whip
sex games, bondage games, kinky sex ideas