The Top 10 Sex Festivals And Where to Find Them!

Jan 15, 2021

It’s time to celebrate sex!

Sex and sex festivals have been through endless ebbs and flows throughout our history. From highly accepted and sought out to taboo and meant solely for closed doors and married couples, for some reason, humans as a whole cannot seem to maintain a consensus as to sexual acceptance. 

 Sex is pure. There are no other methods to exist in this world that can provide you as much genuine pleasure, both from a physical and a mental standpoint, as well as the intimate connection to another human being (and yourself, through solo sex toy masturbation) as sex does.  

So why shy away from something that brings us so much joy, so much connection, and such much spiritual release? There doesn’t seem to be much of a ‘good answer’ for that, and instead, we might just find ourselves in a newfound state of bliss should we collectively decide to celebrate sex and all of its joy. 

And good news, there are so many others out there that share this collective acceptance of sex in all of its forms. You can find and become a part of this worldwide community by going to sex festivals, so stick around and check out a specially curated list of the 10 best, craziest, and kinkiest of sex festivals and where you can find them!

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  1. The Pon Sex Festival 

With a sacred background, this sex festival is sure to get your mind thinking and invigorate only the kinkiest, most tucked away parts of your imagination and your take on spirituality. 

The Pon Sex Festival takes place in Indonesia, on one of the islands known as “Java”. During this ritualistic festival, participants must hike up to Gunung Kemukus. Gunung Kemukus is a sacred Islamic shrine, and is here where the sacred sex occurs. 

Occurring 7 times a year, in hopes of fortune and good luck, the participants must meet a stranger and have sex with them by this sacred shrine, washing off in the water when finished. Single or married, in a relationship; it matters not with this ritual, as you must fornicate with a complete stranger, and the legacy says that it must be the same stranger each of the seven times to be bestowed this fortune from the Gods.  

Not for the lighthearted, but if you maintain a very spiritual outlook on sex, then this might be a very awakening and soulful sex festival for you to attend. 

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  1. The Burning Man Festival

Taking place in the secluded Black Rock Desert, the Burning Man Festival is a place where joyful festivities meet sexuality. Although not a definitive ‘sex festival’, Burning Man quickly became a beacon of sexual freedom.

There are specific orgy tents where singles and couples alike can perform safe, consensual group sex. There are all women and all man groups to discover gender diversity. There are cunnilingus competitions where your oral skills are rated against others.

If you are ready to discover newfound sexual freedom in conjunction with art, music, and other festivities where you will often find clothless participants joyfully dancing along, then the Burning Man Festival might need to be the next check on your bucket list.

  1. Kinky Copenhagen – Denmark

More than just a fun play on words, this sexual festival is all things kink. With a focus on BDSM related attire and activities, this is where you go if whips and chains excite you.

Taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, at this festival your eyes will be opened, and your mind will be blown. From the highest quality leather costumes, often mimicking animals, and the sound of whips cracking endlessly throughout the air, if you are into (or think you might be) kink, then this is a wonderful place to find others of a like mind and to get to learn more about this special sexual idiosyncrasy.

  1. Expo Erotica Sex Festival

One of London’s, and the worlds for that matter, biggest and most populated sex festival. Marketing itself as a safe place for free-spirited individuals to converge along the basis of sex, this sex festival will keep you entertained the entire time.

From special new releases of some of the best sex toys and most innovative BDSM equipment to exhibitionist alluring your eyes into a stare as they joyfully meander by, this sex festival is an incredible place to meet likeminded, free-spirited individuals in a totally safe place.

There’s not really ‘actual sex’ happening, and this is more of a place to meet others of the same interest, so don’t be afraid of attending a sex festival as fun and industry related as this one.

  1. Folsom Street Fair 

From the early 80’s until now, this San Francisco based sex festival has become a BDSM and leather street fair festival that is an integrated part of sex culture in San Francisco.

Here is where all things fetish can be found, and your eyes will see an endless number of stare-worthy leather outfits and costumes, as well as pretty much anything leather you can think of; the street fair itself creating what is known as ‘leather pride week’.

Enjoy the shared community of happiness and dancing with a focus on BDSM as you traverse Folsom Street in California and become a part of this festival that is an integrated part of San Francisco’s open-minded sexual community. 

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6. Sexpo

Are you a fan of the adult entertainment industry? The multiple faces and celebrities whose names have become secret household names, starring in some of the most definitive sex films of our decade.

If so, Sexpo is your place!

Taking place in South Africa and Australia, Sexpo is a gathering of adult entertainment stars that defines itself as a “health, sexuality, and lifestyle expo”.

Whether you want to watch the talented burlesque dancers or learn inside scoop about the adult production industry, there is plenty to keep you busy at the expo. 

And who knows, you might even get to meet your favorite star!

7. Kutemamajrvi Sex Festival

Ahhh, Finland. 

Apart from the beautiful land, at this sex festival, you will create memories that last a lifetime.

Here you will see some of the top adult stars performing erotic dances and shows, live and right in front of your eyes, all while browsing the latest releases of sex toys and other industry products.

But more than just visual satisfaction, it is at this sex festival that you can also learn and become informed. Listen as those with respected positions in the industry itself and sexual health provide talks and lectures about all things sex. 

With knowledge comes understanding, and this festival will leave you with the understanding that sex is something worth embracing with a completely open mind.

 8. Seattle Erotic Art Festival

This Washington based festival, taking place in Seattle, is one for the intimate and artistic types. 

It is here that your physical self touches no one and is not touched, as this sex festival focuses purely on the mind. From beautiful dancing displays to kinky poetry and other visuals, including artistic mediums like paintings and sculptures, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is a testament to the innate beauty that is derived from accepting sexuality in all of its forms. 

If you love the artistic side of things, then you will surely appreciate this festival. 

9. Nudes a Poppin’ 

This festival is simply awesome and fun!

Taking place in Indiana, at a private nudist colony, women will compete for the title “Miss Nude Galaxy”, a highly respected title that is judged and granted by none other than Ron Jeremy, the famous male adult film star.

Watch and enjoy as the beautiful shapes of all sorts of woman dazzle you into allure as they dance and move during this riveting USA based sex festival.

10. Festival of Really Good Sex

This Australian based sex festival is a safe haven for sex. They ensure that people from every possible walk of life are accommodated, from monogamous couples to open relationships to singles, and the basis behind this two-day festival is learning. 

Here you will find endless workshops all about sex that are aimed at helping you grow into your sexual self and to navigate any or all of your deepest rooted sexual desires. It’s all about acceptance, and you are guaranteed to be accepted no matter who you are or what you like at this sex festival. 

If you want your sexual self to grow and become more enlightened, this is a wonderful palace to start, as you will surely leave will more knowledge and spiritual grounding surrounding sex than you had upon arrival. 



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