The Sex Egg Toy: Everything You Need to Know.

Aug 21, 2021

Yup, that’s right… they’re not just for breakfast! If you’ve been wondering just what a sex egg is or what it does, you’ve come to the right place! You might be curious about what on earth a love egg actually is. Don’t be fooled by the name or shape! These little balls of joy are just enough to provide you with mind-blowing orgasms! 

We have whisked up the perfect guide to your new favorite sex toys, designed to crack open your solo sexual adventures. Think “bed and breakfast” style indulgence as we take you on a guide to everything sex eggs! 

So what exactly is a sex egg, and how do they work? 

A sex egg is a sex toy that is designed to be inserted into the vagina, a lot like a kegel ball. The great thing about these ‘pockets of pleasure’ is the fact that they can be controlled by remote control or by an app, which is especially fun for solo masturbation or with a partner. Whether it’s a remote toy or not, the pleasure-enhancing capabilities of this style of toy will have you on in no time in search of something naughty. 

The small and egg-citing device (sorry, we had to!) is inserted inside the vagina, which can cozy up nicely against the G spot. When you move around, the egg will move against your vaginal walls, providing you a discreet yet intense amount of pleasure. Being so inconspicuous is a huge benefit to owning one of these devices as you are able to enjoy a secretive pleasure that no one else needs to know about. This means your sex toy can be enjoyed anywhere you desire! Alone, outside, or it can even turn into a secret sexual game between you and your partner. Try using this toy discreetly in public for extra naughty fun and feel at ease knowing that you are in control of your pleasure. 

Most love eggs are wearable (and wonderful), with petite and discreet designs that even allow you to wear them outside the privacy of your own home. Whichever type of vibrating love egg you have in your personal pocket, read on to discover the best tips and tricks for sensational sunny-side-up satisfaction every time you play…

vibrating sex egg

Are there any benefits? 

Not only is this toy going to feel incredible, but you also have the opportunity to exercise your kegel muscles by squeezing the walls of the vagina to improve control in that region of your body. When a sex egg is inserted, your vaginal walls automatically squeeze to hold it in place, helping to strengthen your muscles at the same time…the same muscles that contract when you have an orgasm. The sex egg can also help pelvic floor toning, strengthening your vaginal muscles, leading to more intense and stronger orgasms

For most people, love eggs are simple to insert. However, we always recommend using a water-based lube to give yourself (or your partner) a more comfortable and sensual experience. Don’t worry about losing your sex toy inside of you, as the love egg comes with a retrieval string that hangs outside the vaginal entrance. Once inserted, you are ready to use the remote fob and go through all of the vibrating settings ranging from soft, gentle vibrations to more intense stronger ones. You’ll feel at ease knowing that you can control the toy, not only in terms of speed or vibration but also when taking it out. 

The remote control (or app controller) makes using a love egg especially fun for couples, with one partner able to take charge of the other’s pleasure. Whether it’s wired, non-wired, or app-controlled, having the power in one partner’s hand and the egg nestled next to the other’s G-spot means there’s plenty of pleasure on offer. Try popping your vibrating love egg inside before taking on a menial chore around the house. It’ll add some sweet, sexy sensations to your tidying up and contribute to stronger, more intense orgasms in the future. Just remember to make sure you always leave your love egg’s removal cord or loop outside your body, so it’s simple to retrieve after play.

So, which sex egg do I buy?! 

Some of the products listed on are great examples of some high-standard sex toys that will have you gripping your sheets with pleasure. The Proserpina Black Bullet Egg Vibrator is one of the best-selling, remote-controlled vibrators and personal massagers. With 10 different speeds and a soft, silky smooth touch, this product is a must-have for any pleasure fiend.  

best egg vibrator

Another eggcellent toy from VforVibes would be the Trivia Erotic Silicone Bullet Egg. This petite, dynamic toy is aptly named “Trivia” due to the plethora of sensations and feelings you will get when using her. Let your curious mind wander when using this pretty, pink, body-safe silicone toy that will make sure you’re well and truly satisfied. With 10 different vibrations, this high-quality device will help to expand your sexual desires whilst working on those all-important pelvic floor muscles

egg shaped vibrator

If you want to enjoy your love egg toy to the fullest (who wouldn’t?), then it’s helpful to warm up with some foreplay or masturbation before you insert it. Remember to always prepare your setting and mood to ensure that you get the best out of your experience. Whether you’re alone or playing around with a partner, it’s always super important to set the scene. Make sure to take time for yourself and really experience pleasure in all its entirety. Remember, plastic sex eggs can be used with all kinds of lubricant, but you’ll never go wrong with a water-based one as this is compatible with all types of love eggs, including the high-end silicone ones.

When visiting, you will be met with a multitude of toys designed to tempt and tease you. The Hera Remote Control Egg Vibrator is another example of a unique, subtle toy that will help aid your solo sex journey. This uniquely shaped toy earns its place as one of the market’s best-selling, remote-control egg vibrators. With its curvy and cute design, the toy has 10 vibration settings, giving you the opportunity to take pleasure into your own hands! The variety of vibrations, along with the delicate build, make Hera love egg a top choice for both beginners and experienced multi-speed vibrator users alike.

Okay- I’ve heard enough…I need one! 

When choosing a new sex toy, always remember to make sure that it’s for you. If a sex egg doesn’t work for you, then that’s OK. There are plenty of toys on the market that will work for your specific needs. Masturbation is a great way to de-stress, become in tune with your body, and of course, give yourself unlimited amounts of sexual pleasure. Using sex toys will only build your appetite for sex and also contribute to bigger and better orgasms in the future- alone or with someone else. Introduce sex toys into the bedroom or simply keep them for that special alone time. Whatever your intentions, V For Vibes has you covered with a vast array of toys and gadgets that will fit nicely right into your nightstand…or vagina!  

Visit for an empowering insight into the world of sex toys- you will not be disappointed! 



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