Sex During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

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If you are pregnant, it’s probably safe to say that you have had more than your fair share of experiences in the bedroom before. When you were trying to conceive, did sex start to become boring or repetitive? Or did you enjoy it? Now that you’re pregnant, you may wonder whether you’re going to want to have sex with your partner. Your partner may be concerned that sex during pregnancy is dangerous or harmful to you. Well, we’re here to debunk that myth!

Here’s what you need to know about sex during pregnancy.

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Your baby is protected by your uterus and the amniotic fluid, plus the muscles of the uterus too. Sexual activity in general is totally fine, but it is important to ask your doctor and express your concerns. Sexual activity while pregnant most likely will not affect your baby, however, if you have complications, it is vital your doctor is involved in this decision. It is also a personal choice between you and your partner as to whether you want to partake. 

Can sex during pregnancy cause you to have a miscarriage?

Sex during pregnancy has nothing to do with a miscarriage. Typically, a miscarriage happens due to the fetus not developing properly or normally. Your doctor can also discuss this with you and help you feel more comfortable in making the decision to have sexual activity during intercourse.

What are the best sexual positions to get it on during your pregnancy?

Any position will work! At the end of the day, as long as you’re comfortable, most sexual positions are totally fine while you are pregnant. You can also indulge in oral sex during your pregnancy. However, as your pregnancy goes further along and you grow larger, you may want to experiment with finding more comfortable positions for you. Just make sure that you are comfortable and it feels good. 


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Do you need to wear condoms?

If you or your partner have a sexually transmitted infection, having sex during pregnancy can pose a serious problem for both you and your baby. It is important to avoid any form of sex if either of you have an active or recently diagnosed vaginal, oral, or anal STI

When should intercourse during pregnancy be avoided?

Your doctor may recommend that you avoid sex if you have unexplained vaginal bleeding, are leaking amniotic fluid, or have placenta previa, which is a condition where your placenta covers your cervical opening. They also may ask you to avoid sex if your cervix begins to open early, or you have a history of premature labor and/ or birth. Breast stimulation can also occasionally cause the feeling of contractions.  It should also be avoided if you or your partner don’t feel comfortable with sex during pregnancy, or experience pain or discomfort. If your partner’s water has broken or they are carrying twins (or multiple babies), oftentimes, physicians will recommend avoiding it. 

What if my partner doesn’t want to have sex during pregnancy?

It’s totally ok for you or your partner to not want to take part in sex during pregnancy! Intimacy with your partner is so much more than just sex. Cuddle each other, kiss, and be patient. Not all women want to have sex while they carry a baby around, and not all men are into pregnancy sex. It can be intimidating and overwhelming. Express your needs, and be open and caring with each other. Be sure not to put any pressure on them at all, and to be honest but the understanding of their feelings and preferences. 


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Are there benefits to having intercourse during pregnancy?

Sex is a bonding experience with your partner. Since pregnancy is such an emotional experience, it can be beneficial to partake in sex to maintain a strong physical and emotional bond together. It can also help lower your blood pressure! Orgasming is known to release oxytocin, which helps with pain. During pregnancy, this can be phenomenal to help get through the body aches you may experience. This orgasm and release of hormones may also help you sleep better, by boosting your mood and helping you relax. 

Does it feel different to have sex while you are pregnant?

Sex may definitely feel a lot different while you are pregnant. Your body is constantly changing, and this can be really great! It’s also intimidating and scary for some. Some expectant mothers have higher sensitivity levels in their genital areas, which make them orgasm easier. Others may have a harder time, as they may experience a lot of discomfort. Your partner’s libido may change as well during pregnancy. Since some women have intense morning sickness and overall nausea and discomfort, they may be less sexually driven. Others may be intensely driven by the sensations they are experiencing in their genital areas. Be conscious of your partner and how she feels.   For the other partner, experimenting with positions that keep your weight off of her belly is going to be super important. 

Some positions that may be good to try are:

The side-lying position. This is good because it keeps the weight off of both the back and belly.

Woman on top/cowgirl. This position is great since it doesn’t put pressure on the stomach, but can be a little harder to move in during later stages of pregnancy. It also helps your partner control how deep you go. 

Any position from behind. Because there is so much versatility when you enter from behind, it is easy to keep the weight off of your partner’s belly. You can do it standing, sitting, on all fours, your partner on your lap. This position is truly the most versatile and easy to master since there are so many variations.

Remember that sex during pregnancy can be healthy, and an amazing bonding experience, but that not everyone will want to do it! It’s totally ok to want to or do not want to. Be open-minded and understanding of each other’s feelings about this, and don’t pressure each other. Do what is most comfortable for each other, and be gentle! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.


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