Sex, Diet, and Exercise. The Relationship Between Health and Sex Drive.

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Sex, diet, and exercise are thoroughly intertwined subjects. If you have been suffering from poor libido, then there’s a decent chance the cause of your lowered sex drive results from less than excellent overall health

When it comes to sex drive, it more often than not takes definitive measures to raise libido- strategies and techniques that must be applied to your life to work towards a fun, passionate, and consistent sex life that keeps you entirely fulfilled. 

Leading causes of low sex drive are all too commonly associated with poor diet and a lack of exercise. Diet and exercise are keystone elements in providing a healthy overall state of mind and body. 

Physicality and mental health are greatly correlated with causing low libido, so today we’re going to highlight how sex, diet, and exercise can help to promote sex drive; and what strategies you can implement to give you back that libido you love. 

Sex Drive and Diet

Your nutrition drives everything- energy levels, immunity, and even a strong mind. When diet falters and becomes unhealthy, so does sex drive.

How A Poor Diet Lowers Libido 

Before looking at what you can do to maintain nutrition that keeps you healthy and horny, let’s first look into how a poor diet adversely affects sex drive. 

An unhealthy diet that includes fast, fried, sugary, and processed food will make every function within your bodily systems run less smoothly. 

Diet and Mental Health

Starting with mental health and the fact that mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression (due primarily to chemical imbalances which are directed by food, among other things) are leading causes of poor libido, realize now that your diet has a significant effect on your ability to maintain a strong and powerful mind apt to negate these issues at hand. 

Your mind is the powerhouse of your entire body, and it requires fuel to keep it functioning. 

When this fuel is derived from healthy, natural foods rich in vitamins and minerals, this allows your brain to fight off free radicals damaging to mental health and also to regulate your hormones better. And in terms of sex drive and diet, hormones are like the puppeteers of sex drive. 

On the other hand, harmful, unhealthy food creates oxidative stress that weakens brain function and your brain’s ability to regulate hormones. These foods can trick your mind into releasing chemicals that offer a momentary fix to mood and happiness. 

Dopamine, for example, the feel-good hormone, is a neurotransmitter that momentarily boosts your mood. When you continuously consume bad foods, you become addicted to receiving dopamine fix from something like fried chicken and french fries. Instead, you should be seeking much more beneficial sources of dopamine, like great, orgasm-inducing sex!

So then, what food is good for better sex?

The best foods for mental health are the same best foods for sex drive. Among all traditional healthy foods that include a wide range of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and others, some of our favorite libido-boosting foods include:

  • Organic Red Meats

  • Fatty Fish 

  • Spinach

  • Pine Nuts

  • Apples

  • Avocado

  • Broccoli 

  • Figs

  • Oysters 

  • Whole Grains

To learn more about these foods and why they are the best foods for sex, read our in-depth article “The Best Foods For Sex” to understand just how these foods directly promote sex drive. 

best food for sex

Diet and Physical Health

Just as food is a power source for your brain, it is also a power source for your body. An unhealthy diet will make you feel tired, weak, and simply unmotivated to perform daily physical functions. 

Put it this way; if you don’t physically feel good, then chances are your body won’t want to undergo the physicality of sex, therefore lowering your sex drive. 

As well as this, a poor diet can also affect sexual sensations, quite literally making sex not feel as pleasurable as it should. 

Your cardiovascular system, for example, is responsible for sending blood to our sex organs necessary for stimulation and sexual response. If a bad diet adversely harms your cardiovascular system, then your body won’t function as well in doing this, causing issues such as erectile dysfunction, lesser stimulation, fatigue, and will take your sex drive right on down with it. 

And this is just one of the many-body functions of which diet directly consequences in a low sex drive.  

As well as this, a poor diet can lead to feelings of low self-esteem concerning physical appearance. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good about yourself, you are far more likely to want to become intimate with either yourself (via your favorite sex toy, of course) or with a partner. 

Sex drive and diet are very much directed by confidence, so use a healthy diet and other self-esteem boosting strategies to help lose weight, feel more energized, healthier, and overall more willing to get down and dirty. 

Sex Drive and Exercise

Hormone production, neurotransmitters, your nervous system, blood flow, and desire- all things that are at the forefront of the positive benefits derived from regular exercise. 

Exercise is the key to unlocking newfound milestones of whole bodily health. Exercise not only benefits your ability to combat the same libido-lowering mental illnesses that diet does but also provides physical benefits to the body. 

Exercise is one of the best ways to lower stress levels and clear the mind. When your mind isn’t fogged up with daily stressors, you are more prone to focus on the important things that it truly wants, like good sex, and less on things that provide temporary fulfillment, such as watching TV on the couch. 

Working out will help to prevent issues of the heart, blood pressure, and the cardiovascular system as a whole, helping to promote the blood flow necessary for stimulating sex and the energy to follow through with sex. 

As well as this, exercise is the best way to increase self-esteem and confidence, and as you now know, high confidence is the best way to instill a desire in yourself to share your body in its raw form with others. 

By helping you to lose weight, boost stamina, and simply feel your best, exercise is one of the most effective means of promoting a clear mind free of libido-lowering mental health issues, and a body that is healthy, energized, and full of confidence and desire for sexual interaction. 

exercises for better sex

Exercises for Better Sex

It really isn’t challenging to begin implementing workout strategies that act as exercises for better sex. The truth is that any physical activity you do that is beneficial to the body is also beneficial to libido, making it so that you can approach exercise simply. 

The key, overall, is dedication and choosing forms of workouts that align with your life schedule and physical capabilities of which you maintain consistency in pursuing. 

The best exercise for better sex will be unique to everyone, as there’s no one size fits all. So don’t overthink things and start slowly, working your way up with time and experience. 

Setting a daily walking goal, attempting to run a mile in a certain timeframe, aiming to perform 30 minutes of weight lifting, signing up for that gym membership: You don’t have to be a fitness guru to begin working towards a healthier physical body apt for good sex and a high sex drive, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money (seriously, save that dough for an incredible sex toy instead!) or hire a personal trainer. 

Use the resources available to you across this vast world wide web to begin learning what kinds of workouts are best suited for your body and current fitness level, and know that any physical activities at all will act as exercises for better sex. 

And to top this off, as a serious win-win scenario, physical activity outside of the bedroom leads to an increased libido. And if you’ve ever asked is sex good exercise, then yes, it absolutely is! 

Not only will your working out lead to more sex, but the sex itself is yet another exercise, so soon enough, you will be feeling the epitome of sexual confidence and the endless benefits that arise from exercises for better sex. 

As you can see, sex, diet, and exercise are all correlated subjects that can either hinder or promote libido. The better your diet and the more physically active you are, the more sex you will have, and the better this sex will be. Sounds like the secrets to an insanely active sex drive, if you ask me!

is sex good exercise

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