Sex Chat for Long Distance Relationships.

Sep 26, 2021

Long distance relationships aren’t easy, but you can absolutely make them work. And trust me when I say this, my partner and I lived in entirely different states for a year before moving in together, and now we are in the happiest and healthiest relationship of our lives. 

Sex chat for long distance relationships is a vital aspect of your communication. It’s easy to become sexually frustrated, even if it has nothing to do with your partner themselves. It’s hard to have a desire for physical touch and intimacy with the distance separating you from achieving such a thing, and verbally expressing your sexuality is a keystone element to ensuring at least some form of sensual satisfaction despite the miles between one another. 

This is sex chat for long distance relationships: why you need it, how to approach it, and the varying manifestations of different kinds of sex talk to engage in with your long distance significant other. 

Why You Need Sex Chat for Long Distance Relationships

It is a hell of a lot easier to learn your partner’s sexuality when you maintain the ability to engage in different forms of physical, sexual intercourse together. Through these shared experiences, you pick up on things- reading their body language to determine if they like something, expressing your internal kinks and fetishes when your mind is turned on, being able to talk about the sex with one another before/after the clothes come off, trying out new things like using sex toys or experimenting with sexy role play. 

You build connection through connection, and this brings you closer as a couple. 

When in a long distance relationship, however, sex takes on quite literally an entirely different meaning. Sure, you might get to see them every once in a while to engage in forms of physical intercourse, but not to the same consistency as standard, non-long distance relationships. 

This creates a gap- a gap of learning, a gap of connection, and a gap of sincere sexual fulfillment, a gap that requires definitive effort and shared compassion to ensure that it is filled. 

You Learn About Your Partner

Sex chat for long distance relationships allows you to learn about your partner’s sexuality when this cannot be done through physical engagement. You get to ask questions about their likes and dislikes, you may learn about their deeply rooted kinks, you might learn about their favorite sex toy. Anything and everything you can think of and that you feel comfortable talking about! 

This sex talk ensures that you are building upon your shared ecosystem of sexuality so that, when you are together, you don’t feel that gap of connection we are talking about, and instead, you have the information required to begin filling the void by using what you have learned through sex talk for better, more intimate sex right off the bat!

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You Teach Them About You

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the same goes for telling your partner more about your own sexuality. You can teach them about yourself by expressing the same personal characteristics. This helps you feel comfortable knowing that your partner is understanding and aware of your sexual values and that they can do the things that turn you on and make you feel sensationally euphoric in a sexual setting. 

Let’s say you are into a bit of BDSM. By being comfortable in sex chat for long distance relationships, you can express your liking as not to surprise your partner with an aspect of your sexuality that you might otherwise bring up later down the road. This helps teach them about your sexuality and personal likings to prevent awkward revelations about yourself that they might not understand or approach down the line. 

You become knowledgeable about your partner’s ability to listen to your sexuality and their ability to cater to your needs, as this is a critical aspect of any relationship. Sexual frustration is a big deal, and if there’s just no way your partner can satisfy you entirely based on what you like, then it’s probably better to learn this in the earlier stages of your relationship than after one of you has packed up and moved states to be together!

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It’s Freaking Fun!!

I mean, let’s be honest, sex chat is simply fun! You know that bubbly excitement that shivers down your spine when you feel your barriers begin to break- when they send you that first naughty text message, one thing leading to another, and next thing you know, you’re running home to undress and put to use your favorite vibrator

Having fun with things that are sexual in nature is an integrated aspect of our overall happiness and wellbeing and one of the best ways to smack a smile on your face for hours to come. When in a long distance relationship, it’s hard to do things that are fun together, because hey, you’re not really together. 

Dirty talks for long-distance relationships will give you something to look forward to, will pass the time at work as you glance at your phone to read your partner’s kinkiest wishes, and will keep you two engaged and the conversations flowing in a manner that results in nobody wanting to put down the phone. Seems a little more enticing than asking them how their day is going ten times, does it not?

The Different Kinds of Sex Chat for Long Distance Relationships

Dirty talks for long distance relationships manifest into many different forms. Our best suggestion is to try and utilize all of them for a more engaging sexual relationship despite the distance between one another. 

The different types of sex talk for long-distance relationships include:

  • Sexting

You are engaging in prolonged periods of sending dirty text messages to one another- possibly with the inclusion of images. 

Sexting Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

When sexting long distances, try and use this as a way to write the story of your imagination. If your partner was there with you, exactly what would you do to them to make them feel good? And what is it that you want to receive from them to make you feel good? You can think of sexting as writing a ‘live action’ erotic story together, so take time and get creative! You can try role-playing over text, you can talk dirty to one another, and you can let your imagination run wild and free. Remember, sometimes with sexting (as long as consent is provided, of course!), it’s better to be as dirty as your mind allows than to be reserved. This is your opportunity to have some fun together and a way to take your time in expressing your sexuality and your creative side, so use it to its full advantage. 

  • Phone Sex

You are talking dirty over the phone. More connecting than sexting because you are communicating in real-time and with your voice, but slightly more intimidating. 

Phone Sex Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Our favorite way to engage in phone sex long distance is to engage in mutual masturbation while talking together. Walk them through your entire experience. Tell them precisely what you are doing to your body and also what you would do to them, and if you are using any sex toys, moan and groan into the speaker as they send you to a world of bliss. Be as detailed and as sensual as possible, and allow yourself to embody the moment as if you were there to avoid any awkward encounters. 

sex chat for long distance relationships
  • Sex Talk

Sex talk is engaging in open and honest conversating surrounding sex. You aren’t necessarily talking dirty to one another, and instead, you are just talking about your sexualities to learn more about one another. 

Sex Talk Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

When engaged in sex talk, your main goal is to learn more about your partner and to teach them more about yourself. If you have a question that you would genuinely like answered, then go ahead and ask! Playing silly, cliche games such as sexy truth or dare or twenty questions is a great way to break the ice and establish this form of communication. 

This may involve expressing what you enjoy in bed, explaining your various kinks, telling them about your masturbation practices, enlightening them of your sexual past, and anything and everything in between. By engaging in sex talk, you will have better sex, as this is the only way to learn your partner’s sexuality when not actually with them, so go ahead and have at it- but always be open and honest in your approach, and never cross their boundaries!


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