Sex Care Package Ideas.

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Everyone loves a lovely, thoughtful care package. You know, a surprise box full of self-care items, yummy snacks, or anything in between. So what about a sex care package?

With the holidays quickly approaching and the fact that it never gets easier to remain unique in your delivery of gifts to your special partner, there’s nothing better than giving them a surprise sex gift aimed to provide endless amounts of sensual pleasure—a care package quite literally out of their kinkiest, dirtiest dreams. 

I mean, after all, I think sexual pleasure is what we all really want anyway, right? Screw stocking stuffers- we want sex toys!! 

Seriously, putting together a sex care package is a total win, and we’ve got a few sex care package ideas to throw a little inspiration your way and help you get started with your most erotic holiday treat yet. 

With that said, we also have sex toy kits ready to go, all done for you. If you want to keep things simple, easy, and absolutely sensational, just give them a browse and order one now, and your sex care package is done for you! 

ultimate sex toy kit

It’s Got to Look Good

Before getting into specific materialistic items in our sex care package ideas, we first need to lay some groundwork. 

Your package, above all, needs to be aesthetically pleasing. You really want to do your best and avoid tossing a bunch of sex-related items into a cardboard box to call it a day, and instead, it is vital to take the time to organize your care package in a manner that looks good. 

Start by finding a nice place to store all of the items. Instead of a plain old cardboard box, find a cute wooden box or a woven box instead, as these can be used for purposes outside of only the gift. Perhaps the perfect place to store your sex toys, eh?

If that’s too much, then at least attempt to find a box with some personality, like a sleek black or white box complimented by a nice bow. Once you have all of your items together, use some nice package stuffing, such as colored shredded paper, to organize the items and hold them in place. Or, think to decorate the sex care package with holiday-inspired elements, such as a piece of pine tree, a mistletoe, or ornaments. 

Presentation means a lot, as it shows you went the extra mile and spent that extra chunk of time for something as simple as pleasing your partner’s eyes, and you will get some serious brownie points for doing so. 

Right on, now off to the sex care package ideas! 

Sex Toys

Sex toys should lay the baseline of your entire package. I mean, is there such a thing as a sex gift better than a brand new toy to play with, especially together?! Thought so. 

With this, however, you need to remain cognizant of a few things when purchasing sex toys as adult sex gifts for your care package:

suction cup dildo, sex care package ideas

Buy for Their Pleasure

See something you think you’d like? Hold up, hold up. This isn’t for you! 

When you are shopping for a sex toy as potential sex care package ideas, you need to remind yourself that this toy needs to be explicitly for their pleasure, as this is a sex gift for them, not you (although you will still surely benefit, wink wink). 

Try and place yourself in your partner’s shoes, and determine the things they truly enjoy regarding sex. Are they someone who loves and relishes clitoral stimulation? Then go for sex toys explicitly aimed at this aspect of sexuality, such as a wand vibrator. Do they love penetration? Go for the dildos! Maybe a little bit of both? Then get a dual-action vibrator! You get the idea. Basically, don’t buy an anal toy just because you want to try anal- only do so if they clearly enjoy a little anal play, as verified by your previous encounters under the sheets. 

Quality Matters

A sex toy is an incredible sex gift, but only when it is of the epitome of quality. Nothing is worse than a toy made of material not safe for the body that reeks of factory plastic or those that simply don’t work how you imagined. Blehhh.

Instead, especially since this toy is the center of your sex care package ideas, make this the holy grail of all toys by going for top-notch quality and nothing less. 

Need some help? Just visit Our Shop. Every toy in our collection is made of the highest quality, medical-grade silicone and ABS; most are USB rechargeable (no need for batteries), nearly every single one is 100% waterproof, and they are designed entirely by women, for women. 


Buying a versatile toy is an excellent idea. You want something that they can use by themselves just as equally as they can with you and something that caters to a wide range of sexual preferences. 

For example, Aphrodite, the Brilliant Thrusting Vibrator, is capable of both clitoral and internal stimulation. And yes, you heard that right, it does the thrusting for you! Or Penelope, the Rose Vibrator for Orgasmic Empowerment, features air suction technology AND an insertable dildo end for a total two-for-one. Versatility is your friend. Utilize it!


Have you noticed that lube often goes ignored by your partner or in your sexual relationship? If so, then go ahead and stock up for them! Many people feel lubrication is a replacement for their own natural lubrication, which makes them feel like they aren’t enough. This quite simply is not the case, and lube does nothing but enhances every sensation of sex, a perfect addition to your sex care package. 


Uhh, Ohh, it looks like someone made the naughty list this year. Time for their punishment, it seems, no? 

Handcuffs are the perfect sex care package ideas, as they are small and compact yet lead to a world of endless fun and pleasure. Introduce yourselves to a dominant and submissive construct, and play with this simple variation of restraint. You never know; after using handcuffs, you might find yourself researching some more in-depth and intense forms of control and bondage

A BDSM Pinwheel

A BDSM pinwheel, also known as a Wartenberg wheel, is an ideal toy to add quite a lively amount of sensuality to your sexual relationship. Its small, simple, yet extremely powerful in its ability to heighten the sensation of sex significantly. 

Just run the BDSM pinwheel along your partner’s skin and watch them shiver with the delight derived from such a subtle touch of pain, treating their erogenous zones to a bit of sensation play never before discovered until now. This might just be the favorite sex gift of the entire care package. 

A Whip

Ready to take your spanking sex to the absolute next level of intensity and sensation? If you don’t already have a sex whip in your arsenal of sex accessories, then it’s simple: You need one!

Giving your partner a spanking toy is like giving them all the power. You’ll quite literally see the excitement in their eyes as they unveil the new leather whip, eager as ever to give it a go, whether on themselves or on you. 


Candles add quite the touch of sensuality to your sex, and come on; everyone loves a new candle! But even more so when its sole purpose is to enhance your sexuality. 

Sensuality and sensual love making refer to focusing on all five of our senses. With a candle, you completely take care of the sense of smell and also part of sight, as nothing is more romantic and alluring than the subtle dance of flame on a candle-lit wall. 

When done so correctly, you can also use candles for temperature play. This versatile item is the ideal addition to any sex care package. 

A Sex Coupon

To save a little space and money, compared to the other sex care package ideas, simply toss a cute or sexy sex coupon into the box. Something like “A Promise for a Blowjob/Cullingus” or a “We do anything you say” will do just fine and will take you from box to bedroom in no time!

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