The Erotic and Enticing Sex Bucket List.

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The responsibility of maintaining a sex life that is stimulating, unique, and most importantly, fulfilling, lies in our own hands. We are the leaders of our sexuality, the owners of our pleasure, and must do things that promote this fulfillment to the absolute highest extent. 

I mean, you won’t be satisfied if you don’t do things to actively seek satisfaction, am I right?! 

So how about a sex bucket list? A way to organize some of the most erotic and enticing of sexual activities so that one by one, you may check them off in a manner that has you saying, “holy hell, well that was fun,” as a breath of pent up sexual relief alas leaves your body. It sounds like a damn good time, because it will be, and if you want a few wildly alluring sex bucket list ideas to try out, you already know you’ve come to the right place!

The Sex Bucket List

Remember, these are just ideas, so never feel pressured to do anything that is out of your comfort zone, and if you choose to follow through with some of our more, let’s just say “interesting” ideas, then do remain cognizant of the risks involved, because hey, that’s on you!

A little public exhibitionism sure as heck makes for an exciting time, but it’s still considered illegal in most places, so seriously, keep all of this in mind as it is your responsibility to remain safe and in line with certain side-effects or consequences that might follow riskier aspects of sexuality

10 Sex Bucket List Ideas

Now for the good stuff, the real good stuff- the stuff that will have you shivering and shaking with nothing less than sincere orgasmic bliss as your intimacy and sexuality takes on entirely new meanings through this much-needed carnal exploration. 

  • The Remote Control Vibrator Extravaganza

It might be an extravaganza to anyone else, but it sure will be to you and your lucky partner should they be involved! For this sex bucket list idea, try using a remote control vibrator in public in as many unique and enticing ways as possible. It’s sneaky, completely hidden, and no one will have any idea as to why you are squirming and smiling with a sly little smile. 

And don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Visit our article “Fun Ways to Use a Remote Control Vibrator in Public” for all the kinky inspiration you could ever need, and give it a check off the ol’ box once you’ve accomplished this risky yet rewarding act.

sex bucket list
  • Mount me like a Mountain

How many people can say they’ve had sex on the top of a mountain? Honestly, probably not that many, lending this a lovely spot in our sex bucket list. For this goal, try engaging in sexual practice when on the summit of a mountain after a long hike up! 

Immersed in nature, sweaty from the journey to the top, and perhaps a nearby fellow hiker to add a touch of risk to the experience will sure as hell make this a memory you won’t soon forget. For more information on the possibilities contained within mounting your partner on a mountain top, visit our article “Hiking Sex Tips. Sex on a Trail” for a touch of advice surrounding the sexy subject of hiking sex. 

  • Keep it Classic

A sex bucket list wouldn’t be complete without a threesome now, would it? If your relationship is in a place where sharing your sexual exploits with another person is acceptable, and in reason, then a threesome is one sure-fire way of adding quite the tasty spice to your love life. 

Threesomes really allow you to explore comfort zones and different genders and provide to yourself and your partner a never-before-felt realm of both physical and mental sexual gratification as another person aids in achieving the quest to reach the elusive orgasm. There are so many possibilities in terms of the genders involved and the wide range of climatic sex positions, so we’ve compiled a few starting points to help you out, including: 

What to Do in a Threesome

The Different Kinds of Threesomes

How to Start a Threesome

Threesome Sex Positions

sex bucket list
  • Camping Sex

Smores are great, but how about we lick some marshmallows off of our partner’s naked skin instead, shall we? A camping trip is fun, but a camping trip inspired by nothing less than pure sexual exploration is a sex bucket list idea worthy of throwing the tent in the car and heading out to your nearest state park- like, right now!

Having sex while camping, whether in a tent or underneath the shimmer of the stars, is the perfect way to avoid the mundane and to create an experience that entirely changes up the allure and satisfaction of your amatory exploits. We’ve created a whole article all about camping sex, so give it a read and toss this idea on your sex bucket list if it seems exciting. 

  • Steamy Windows

Most of us have experienced some form of lovemaking within the “privacy” of our car, but I can almost guarantee that most of these interactions occurred in our high school years when hormones were raging through us, and we didn’t have a safe place of our own to get down and dirty. With this, especially for those who have entered relationships far beyond our adolescent years, that doesn’t mean car sex isn’t an idea worthy of a sex bucket list at all! 

Car sex is fun, challenging, dirty, risky, and pretty much everything that perfectly caters to spontaneous excitement. Seriously, the bedroom gets old. Change it up with a little bit of car sex, and when you are done, happily check it off your list because this probably won’t be your last time! 

  • Sex Where you Met

This sex bucket list idea might be tricky for some and easy for others, but regardless, it’s a good one! What better way to reflect and appreciate your partner and your relationship than by engaging in sexual intimacy in the place where you very first met?! It’s cute, unique, and really aims to embody your shared journey of life with another human being. 

Some of you might be thinking, “But what if we met in a bar?!”. Well then, that’s up to you to make it happen! The restroom, the car outside. There are still ways to make it happen, just get a little creative with the process and enjoy the shared time together as you work to make it happen. 

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  • Role Play it Up!

Most of us know what role play is, and deep down, as awkward or vulnerable as acting as another character, especially in a sexual manner, in front of your partner might make you feel, you probably do want to try it to some extent. And you sure as heck should because role-play is such a novel and exciting experience that will do wonders for your love life!

Once again, if this sex bucket list idea sparks some interest in your eye, then you can visit these articles for all the resources you might ever need:

This sex bucket list idea is almost like a sex bucket list of its own! The goal here is to mark off every location you have engaged in intercourse with your current partner and see how many locations you can check off the box. 

Will you take down all 50 states? Maybe all 7 continents? There’s a big bad world out there, so how about you go and find out!

  • Naked Yoga

Have you ever heard of naked yoga? Basically, it’s doing yoga with your clothes off, and there’s a ton of benefits, both for yourself and for your sexuality, derived from it. It relaxes you, makes you more comfortable in your own skin, and promotes mindfulness and body/sexual acceptance. 

As well as this, naked yoga is quite the unique form of foreplay; just imagine having to watch your partner stretch into a downward dog with absolutely no sign of clothes around! That, and so many yoga poses actually double as sex positions, making naked yoga an experience of which is entirely worthy of landing a place on a sex bucket list. 

  • Mutual Masturbation

It’s all too common for couples to jump right into the sex. We know what we want, so we go and get it, straight to the damn point! And yeah, it’s amazing that you are in charge of yourself and your pleasure in such a way, but sometimes it is really beneficial to tone things back, take your time, and to focus on other forms of pleasure derived from sexual interaction

With this, mutual masturbation is the perfect sex bucket list idea to engage in with your partner. It shows that we are vulnerable enough to be open with something that is usually reserved for our own privacy, it opens up many doors to new forms of shared sexual exploration, and in the end, couples who masturbate together, stay together!


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