Sex Bingo, Flip to Page, & Remote Vibes. DIY Kinky Sex Games.

Dec 11, 2020

We all know the benefits of maintaining a sex life that is vibrant and invigorating. The intrinsic happiness that so spills directly over into your relationship, providing you a sense of connection and fulfillment that will do nothing but enhance the longevity of your love life

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that life simply doesn’t make this an easy thing to do! With responsibilities that begin amounting to require the entirely of your available time, to the overall exhaustion that oftentimes follows even the most normal of a routine day, having good sex can be hard.

With this difficulty arose the absolute need to then act on your sex life with sheer initiation, as when it dwindles nothing will change until you want it to.

Sex games, especially with the addition of luxury sex toys, are a wonderful addition to any romantic relationship to add a little spice behind closed doors, as who doesn’t love adding a sense of forcefulness through competition that breaks down barriers and entices you into trying new sexual things?

One thing that is really, really fun is when you create a sex game together. A DIY project that doesn’t take a lot of effort and that can provide you both an outlet to pursue possible kinks and fantasies you may have through the creation of your game. 

We have 3 rather enticing ideas for you to try out, all outlined and ready to go so that you can add a form of foreplay that leads into sex that shivers your skin and shakes your soul! 

“Sex Bingo”

Do it yourself sex bingo. 

It’s a thing, and sex bingo is probably a hundred times less goofy and boring than you might think it sounds! In fact, it’s a great way to try things that you have always wanted to try as you have full control over the possible outcomes!

Sex bingo starts with the board. You can begin by creating only two, but if you end up enjoying sex bingo then you might want to work on creating others for you to cycle through and keep things fresh. 

Divide the board into equal squares, something like five across and five down. Now here’s the fun part. Fill each square with the most creative, the kinkiest, the weirdest, the nastiest (I think you get the idea) of foreplay events that you two can collectively think of.

The key here is foreplay! That is because you aren’t allowed to go all the way until one of your boards is filled with the classic sex ‘bingo’- all the way across, horizontal, or diagonal. By the time the game is done, the suspense you will have created will lend for some serious relief when alas you can get close. 

If you need some ideas, we have a few here to get you started:

  • Lick a covered body part
  • Suck on a dildo for 30 seconds
  • Touch each other over your clothing
  • Perform a striptease 

Honestly, those are a bit reserved, so seriously just communicate and enjoy coming up with much dirtier foreplay!

With your sex bingo cards all filled up, now all you need is two dice and a collection of something that you can place onto the squares you fill (like pennies or beads). Roll the first dice to determine the horizontal placement (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E, and 6 rolls again) and then the second dice for numbered vertical placement. The combination is where you place your marker and perform whatever it is the destiny of your sex bingo square as you do.

You aren’t allowed to move beyond foreplay until the game has been won, so hope that your dice rolls fill up a row fast as sex bingo will have your desires completely fired up. 


Sex Bingo, Flip to Page, Remote Vibes. DIY Kinky Sex Games. | VforVibes

“Flip To Page…”

This one is really simple to set up and play, definitely more so than sex bingo, and you can even play it in the midst of your lovemaking. 

All you need is a pair of dice and a sex book that contains mainly a variety of sex positions. The choice of book is up to you but a classic version of the Karma Sutra will always ensure to satisfy and provide sex positions that are unique and new to you. 

Simply roll the dice, and the number combination is the number on the page you turn to! So rolling a 6 and 5 means turn to page 65 (or 11 if the book isn’t long enough). 

No matter what, you have no say in opting out of performing whatever it is on the page that chance has led you to turn to. And what’s nice is that the sex positions require both of you, so no one has the spotlight particularly on them and this is a great game at promoting overall comfort levels with one another when in a sexual setting.

There’s really no winning or losing, and the game finishes when, well… You finish, so enjoy the lighthearted nature of this game that requires you two to really work together. 


Sex Bingo, Flip to Page, Remote Vibes. DIY Kinky Sex Games. | VforVibes

“Remote Vibes”

This game is everything kinky you need in a sex game. A combination of risky pubic fun that provides foreplay that will leave one of you with soaking wet undies until you can get back home and rip them off!

To start, you’re going to need a discreet remote-controlled vibrator. 

With that in place (as in, in the panties), it’s time to head out for some casual and normal public activities. Shopping, grabbing a drink, cruising through a park. But the entire time, one of you has complete control over the vibrator hidden in the pants of the other, the remote control granting you complete control over the timing and speeds of when you wish to deliver a little surprise. 

To create a sex game element to this, one simple way to do so is to place bets. Some examples of these bets are things such as betting your partner they won’t talk to that person for one minute, or that they won’t last 3 minutes in that store before we have to leave, and then of course create risk or reward for winning or losing. 

And yes, said risk or reward should absolutely be sexual! And regardless of that, the entire experience is going to be one that you will remember and probably really enjoy doing, as going out in public and secretly having fun is quite an enticing kink. That and the prolonged foreplay will transition right into that lost bet for sex that will leave your sheets soaking in all the best ways. 


Sex Bingo, Flip to Page, Remote Vibes. DIY Kinky Sex Games. | VforVibes


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