Want to Have Sex at Work? Check out these Dos and Don’ts!

Feb 15, 2021

Having sex in unique places is part of the sexual discovery process that more often than not leads to newfound kinks, turn-ons, and overall provides an experience that you will remember for quite some time. 

Some of us simply need to mix things up, as sex in the bedroom can easily become repetitive, and although incorporating the right sex toys into your intimacy surely induces soul-shaking orgasms; a change of scene is always another reliable method of adding a little spice to your sexual interaction

And as much as having sex in public places in itself is a turn on, there’s one version of this sexual idiosyncrasy that people are very much allured into either trying or at least wishing that they could try. And that hidden little kink is having sex at work.

Having sex at work can be riveting and exciting. The sex isn’t necessarily good because it is slow and intimate, and you probably won’t even find yourself reaching climax, but it is instead good because of ideologies surrounding it. 

The idea of getting caught, the idea of having sex with a co-worker, the idea of having sex while doing something rather bland (aka work), and turning it fun again by getting nasty. There are so many reasons why you might want to try this, and whether or not you have your eyes on a co-worker or simply wish to have sex at work with your significant other, then there are a few things to keep in mind!

Stick around for this guide on having sex at work, and follow all these do’s and do not’s for an experience that leaves your sexual self fulfilled and release

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How to Be Secretive. 

The first step to a successful sexual experience at work is to of course remain entirely discreet. So how does one do this while in a work setting?

The best place to start is with yourself. You know your work and your co-workers the best, as well as the space in which you work, and you need to use your knowledge to try and define the absolute best and most secretive area of work to have sex in. 

Before having sex at work, pay a little extra attention to the routines of the people around you. Try and get an idea of their usual break and lunchtimes, the places around your work they often frequent, and anything else that might have a negative impact on getting caught. 

If you know that the office is empty 90% of the time before 8 am, then clearly you and your partner should shoot to arrive a little on the early side. 

It will probably end up being a rather enjoyable experience mapping out your future sex plans, and once you know the vibes well, you should be able to best determine the times and places of which are suited for sex at work. 

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Hide Your Tracks.

To further promote discretion, you have to hide your tracks before, during, and after having sex at work. 

If there are doors and windows, then close them and lock them if possible! Although the idea of getting caught is part of the turn-on, actually getting caught might result in consequences that are far from ideal in terms of your career. 

Darkness is your friend. If you can turn off any lights, then absolutely do so. This will make the area you are in seem as though no one is there, and will also give you just a moment of warning in the darkness to throw the clothes back on. 

You have to be creative in your approach here. Let’s say you have a private office. Although that might seem ideal, as you can probably close the window shades and lock the doors, this might look a little bit sketchy. 

To hide your tracks, you have to place yourself in the minds of all the other co-workers. Clearly, if someone enters your office and you are quick to snap the blinds down, this might raise some potential red flags. 

Chances are if something sounds too easy, then it probably is, and this means a higher chance of being seen. A small equipment office or a janitor’s closet will be far more secretive, and you just have to be extra careful in your approach. 

Short and Sweet.

Sex at work shouldn’t be long. Every second that passes is a second of which you might get caught, so make sure that you are ready to have a total quickie. 

Skip most of the foreplay and use this situation to initiate that wild and rough sex that gets right to the point. If you need foreplay, then try sexting as a means to do this without a person to person contact. 

Oftentimes the idea of sex at work is more fun pursuing than the actual sex itself, so don’t worry about the quality and focus instead on the kinky taboo of the situation and get things done quickly. 

Dress Prepared.

The better dressed for sex at work the less chance you have of getting caught. Wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy to redress. Try and avoid belts and other accessories that might make loud clingy noises and take extra time to put back on just in case someone walks in on you. 

Think easy access. Pants and underwear for the males make it effortless to pull out their penis without having to pull down the pants. For the women, a skirt makes it so that you don’t have to take your clothes off at all. 

As fun as being completely naked with skin on skin contact is, wearing clothes that you don’t really have to take off is an essential part of helping to ensure that you don’t get caught. Or, if you do get caught, that you aren’t caught in an awkward moment of getting dressed in front of your boss. 

Keep it Clean.

Sex has an odor. If you are doing it in a small room and you know of an office supply drawer with a little Febreeze, maybe give it a quick spray when you’re done to eliminate the sex smell

Make sure to clean up your condom and your condom wrapper, and wrap it in some toilet paper before throwing it in the trash to further cover your tracks. 

Wash your hands and give yourself a quick glance in the mirror. Fix those stray sex hair strands and get those wrinkles out of your clothes. 

You want to act as nothing happened, and to do this, you must also look as though nothing has happened, so just be sure to clean everything (including yourself) up when you’re all finished up. 

Zip it Up.

You might be proud of your recent office endeavors, and as fun as it would be to talk about them, you never should. Any time you give information to someone, there’s a chance for that information to spread. 

When it comes to sex at work, the consequences of getting caught really could be pretty detrimental. Do you think bragging about your quickie in the closet is worth it? 

Probably not!

Just keep what you have done between yourself and the partner, and this will help to guarantee your secrecy more than anything. If it is never spoken of, did it ever happen? 

And zipping it up also holds true for when you are having sex. Skip the small talk for a date later, as blabbing about your feelings isn’t what sex at work is all about. You both know why you are there, so talk later and focus on getting to know each other in a manner that doesn’t require any words at all. 



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