The Many Forms of Sex Art: How Sex Drives Creativity.

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The link between sex and creativity is potently powerful. Sex is the life force of humans, and aside from presenting to us a seemingly endless list of physical health benefits, the effects of sex span into nearly every facet of our existence. And in terms of life forces, one of the second most vital and prominent is, of course, creative expression and the art that is a result of such. From the movies we love, erotic paintings, literature, and innovative creation of sex toys and sensual accessories, it’s clear to see the correlation between creativity and sex. 


For nearly all of history, sex has been depicted through this art. It might be a way to embody our sexualities and sexual experiences, share our sexual desires in a creative fashion, instill feelings of pathos, and build connections with those who view, read, or listen to the art. And aside from sex art in itself, even the art that has absolutely nothing to do with sexual behavior is inherently driven by sex. Sex and art are synonymous, and here is but a brief summary of the importance of sex art and the various ways that sex drives creativity, and also how creativity drives sex. 


Sex Art is a Manifestation of Sexual Energy


If you have not yet taken the time to learn about and understand your sexual energy, then you might not realize the prominent influence of this life force. And no, sexual energy isn’t just referring to your literal strength and stamina in the bedroom. Although this is one version of sexual energy, the type we are talking about is far deeper and more spiritual than that!


Our existence on this Earth is a product of sexual energy. It is precisely this energy that instills within us the biological desire to reproduce and continue growing our species. With sexual energy resulting in the growth of an entirely new, individual life, our sexual energy becomes the literal energy of this life, one of the most prominent and powerful of connective energies to exist. It connects us with other people, it connects us to the world, and most important- it connects us to ourselves!


So when you can learn to channel your sexual energy, which, before acted upon, often showcases itself with feelings of desire and drive for sex (aka, our sex drives!), you can harness this energy and use it to promote other aspects of your existence. 


Yup, you guessed it! Although sexual energy can be used to increase motivation, hard work, fitness levels, and much more, sex art is precisely the subject we are talking about here! 


Some of the world’s most renowned and talented artists use sexual energy and this idea of ‘life creation’ to channel it into their medium of art- hence the creation of new life within the chosen medium. Hence the creation of… Art! 

sex art

Sexual Energy Connects Us to Ourselves


With sexual energy being a very personal type of energy, when we can learn how to access it, we can also use it to connect us to ourselves, further outlining the correlation between sex and creativity and sex and art. This might be connecting yourself to your physical body, to your mind and consciousness, and to your spirit. 


By connecting with yourself on these varying realms of existence, you can tune into who you are at a spiritual level. With this form of enlightenment, you become more self-aware. And being self-aware is an artists way of manifesting their ideas, imagination, desires, and all else into a medium of art- and no matter what the style of art might be, because it was sexual energy that helped to create this personal understanding of the mind and body, can it not be considered sex art?


In the end, a positive channeling of sexual energy can lead to self-acceptance, self-acceptance leading to the purest form of self-expression, the purest form of self-expression leading to the purest form of artistic expression. See the relation?


Sex and Creativity: The Other End of the Spectrum


Just as channeling your sexual energy will lead to a heightened creative ability, on the opposite end of the spectrum, your sexual fulfillment affects the ability to create. When sexually frustrated, you might find yourself in a creative block, as your mind cannot express itself as freely. With this, a block in sexual energy is a block in creative energy. 


You might not feel entirely at ease with your own body, unable to dig into your imagination to express yourself in creative manners. Perhaps the physical connection with another human will relieve this tension and stress, like a breath of creative, fresh air. Even better yet, utilizing masturbation as a personal act of self-love will lead to even more release and body discovery, connecting yourself with your sexual energy, allowing you to then harness this energy into your creative exploits. 


Use this self-love experience to enjoy your sexuality to the greatest extent, and have fun with it by experiencing masturbation in varying locations, positions, and with beautiful sex toys to enhance your pleasure. 


With the rush of feel-good chemicals released in your brain during sex, you can carry this high with you beyond the sexual experience itself and again feel the urge to create positively overwhelm you. 

remote egg vibrator

The Different Forms of Sex Art


Sex-art is a broad term, and sex and creativity can be seen in multiple mediums of creative expression. No matter your form of creativity, there’s an outlet for you. Here’s but a few of the many:




Some of the most well-known paintings are those that depict sex. From century-old eastern civilization to a modern art gallery, you are all but guaranteed to find paintings that showcase erotic activity in all its glory.


Are you looking for an intimacy-building date night idea to channel your sexual energy? Make love with your partner on a large, flat canvas or piece of paper while covered in body-safe paint. You’ll have both a memory and a materialistic masterpiece that fully embodies your physical and spiritual connection!


Erotic Literature


Sex has been documented and expressed with the written word throughout time. Whether a romantic novel that highlights the essential nature of intimacy or a purely erotic story full of kinky and steamy sex, there’s a lot of sexual energy manifested into the stories and poetry we read. 




Photography is a beautiful means to catch the beauty of the human body in real-time. From images of partners together, entranced in the moment of physical intimacy, to pictures of the freely exposed human form in every gender, photography is quite the lovely artistic means to capture the essence of sex. Professional and amateur alike, anyone can photograph sexuality. 




The clothes we wear speak multitudes about us, and this couldn’t be more true than when zooming into our sexuality. Fashion is a way to express yourself and a way to enhance the sensuality of your sex. From fetishists who adore the touch and smell of leather to the artistic creation of gorgeous lingerie, there’s a long-known connection between sex and fashion. 




Hollywood doesn’t just love sex- it needs sex! Videography is one of the most popular means of capturing every aspect of human sexuality. From romantic movies where the viewer can feel and relate to the connection between two human beings to simple and explicit pornography, this real-time capturing of sex will continue leading the charge of sex art. 

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