Financial Stress And Your Sex Life.

Dec 30, 2019

Balancing two partners sex drives can be very difficult, espescially if one is higher than the other. However, when we add in every day stresses, whether those are work-related, financial, or personal, it gets even harder to manage. Financial stress is a major reason for partners to experience a steep drop in their sexual drive and love life. Feeling sexy, desiring sex, and actually experiencing the act of sex are very vital in a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Sometimes, we are faced with many obstacles to overcome, but we have to power through to maintain that healthy emotional and physical connection.

No matter how old you are, you will most likely go through a lull in your sex life, where you experience a lack of intimacy. Stress is the number one cause of this. Stress comes in so many shapes, forms, and sizes, and every individual handles these unique issues differently. For example, some men find it hard to get erect or maintain an erection under extreme stress. On the other hand, some men feel like they have the best sex when stressed as it aids in their release of tension. The most commonly shared stresses are financial and work related. Stress is more than a reaction – it’s a chemical imbalance in our brain. When you are under stress, your body creates more of the hormone cortisol. We all have cortisol created during the day, but when our cortisol levels are elevated, it can suppress the creation of other important hormones. Those hormones include the all important ones that control our libido.

Men and women react to financial stress much differently, but the impact on a relationship is just as damaging regardless. Financial stress comes with many feelings. It doesn’t just make you feel less in the mood, but it can also make you doubt yourself and your abilities to provide.  The longer you remain stressed, the less sex you have. Without that all important physical intimacy, couples may begin to distance themselves from each other subconciously. 

M0st couples feel happier and more satisfied with each other when they are engaging more frequently in intercourse, so removing this from the equation creates a rift in the relationship that is subtle but tangible. 

While we hate to bring up irony, sex is actually a major stress reliever. Try to let go and enjoy the moment. Engaging can help bring that emotional bond back and create a more solid support system with your partner. 

Working out regularly can also help keep your cortisol levels lower, and give more stamina for the above activity!


Communication is also key. From talking about your financial situation, to discussing the affects it has had on your relationship and sex life, being open and honest can change everything in the relationship.

If you need to spice up or excite your sex life to add some romance, try investing in some quality sex toys! They are definitely worth the splurge – or something to save for. These toys help to bring feelings of excitement and anticipation which may be enough to distract you from the issues you are experiencing outside of your relationship. Remember, having an orgasm is the best way to clear your head! Looking for quality toys to splurge on? Look no further – V For Vibes has everything you could possibly need to reduce stress and add some fun to your sex life.


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