The Relationship Between Sex and Lifestyle.

Oct 23, 2021

While this is not a new discovery that lifestyle choices do impact every aspect of your life, including your romantic and sexual relationships, and it is essential to think about the relationship between sex and lifestyle. 

This is because so many of the things we do in our regular lives outside of sexual encounters are things that directly or indirectly affect our sexual wellbeing and sexual health, too! Of course, things like diet and sleep patterns might have different results on different people, but research has supported evidence of lifestyles significantly affecting sex lives in largely positive or negative ways depending on the lifestyle choices you make. 

You have probably heard this of other things, too, like when lifestyle choices affect physical health and wellbeing, but recently probing into the effects of these choices on sex and the way people experience sex has been gaining more attention. If you’re wondering whether your lifestyle choices affect the way you have sex, look no further! We’ve put together a list of the possible lifestyle choices one makes and their possible outcomes on your experience of sexual encounters – whether they are positive or negative can be difficult to understand, but we’ve broken it down to the basics for you! 

Sleep Matters 

Whether this is something you have already been told or not, we’re going to say it again! Sleep is one of the most important functions that occur in everyday life that can significantly impact the way you experience life. 

The quality of life is affected by things like how much you sleep, how well you sleep, and how rested you are after you sleep; it can also directly impact your sex life and the way you experience sex. 

When you sleep, you allow your body and mind to switch off for a bit for that much-needed break from your regular routine. Giving yourself those few hours off can really affect the way you interact with others in your everyday life, too! 

People who sleep better report better and more elevated moods throughout the day than their counterparts. They also end up having higher energy levels throughout their days, which ties in directly with one’s sex life. This is because higher levels of energy can lead to more frequent and more enjoyable sex that can then form a loop of feeling good about yourself and your relationship. 

When you are well-rested, you wake up feeling more energized and uplifted. Sex can have a similar effect when all the tension is released in the form of a glorious orgasm, and coupled with a good night’s rest, it can really impact the way you experience life! To experience better moods throughout your day, make conscious decisions every day to prioritize your health and sleep – those are the two basic things a human body needs to lead a fulfilling sex life. 

sex and lifestyle

Your Diet can Affect your Sex Life. 

Yes, you have heard this before, and there’s no surprise there when we tell you that diet can affect your sex life. Lifestyle decisions can directly impact the way you have sex by being linked to your body through eating habits and what you consume.

 Certain foods, like those high in sugar or with little nutritional value, might taste great but might not have the substances our bodies need to lead thriving lives. Make sure you take your vitamins (click here to learn about the best vitamins for sex drive) and get your share of nutrients from all sources to lead a fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding life!

What you put in your body can also directly affect your mood and your relationship with yourself and your body. A healthy relationship with your body and self will result in higher levels of self-esteem that can, and do, make sex more pleasurable and rewarding than lower levels. 

What you choose to put in your body then becomes a lifestyle choice, and putting health and well-being first will make sure all of your primary needs are being met and pave the way for your secondary and tertiary needs to be met in more fulfilling ways. Seek inspiration from our article, “Sex Drive and Diet- The Best Foods for Sex“, to better adjust your eating habits for a more stimulating sex life. 

Exercise, exercise, and more exercise! 

Movement is what the body enjoys, and movement is a great way of connecting with your own body. Whether you choose to work out in a gym, or take swimming or dancing lessons, or even just step outdoors for a run, the feeling of getting the adrenaline high followed by a burst of endorphins guarantees elevated moods and a more positive outlook on life. 

You will be able to push the boundaries of your own body and discover new things about it every single day through working out and moving your body to give it the love and attention it deserves! This can affect your sex life, too, because of the way it affects your relationship with your body – and giving your body the attention it needs through exercise is one of the greatest ways to tap into your own potential and be able to fully experience sensations and emotions by being in touch with yourself and your body. Want to know the best exercises for better sex? As always, we’ve got you covered! 

ben wah balls

Inculcate everyday practices to Boost your Mood

Mindfulness and practices that are cultivated in your body and in your routine through meditation can be practices that boost your mood and help your self-esteem levels rise! Affirmations at the start or end of your day can really affect how you experience life and help combat some of the negativity that we can experience in our day-to-day lives. 

Mindfulness is a lifestyle choice that not many choose, but if you do end up choosing this path, be sure to read our article here on how sex and meditation are intertwined! 

Mindfulness and other small practices that you incorporate into your life as lifestyle choices can help prioritize your own needs and desires first and give you the care and love you need to stay healthy and happy. With a more assured self-esteem and a more patient and calm outlook towards life, the relationship between sex and lifestyle choices becomes obvious – if you are putting care into your body, soul, and mind and nourishing your life through the lifestyle choices you make, it will be clearly reflected in the way you are able to enjoy sex and pleasure. 

Create a Loving and Open Environment with your Partner 

One of the most basic lifestyle choices you can choose to employ in your day-to-day life with your partner is to create a loving and open environment with your partner. This relationship where love, honesty, care, empathy, and respect are put above all other things, will allow you to openly and freely be able to talk to your partner about anything – from sharing joyous moments together to getting through the toughest of times, to even learning how to talk about sex, creating a loving and supportive environment in your relationship is a long-term solution-oriented approach to tackling the negativities life can sometimes throw your way. 

IF you and your partner are not on the same page, and cannot enjoy sex the way you would like to, perhaps a simple conversation about what is required can help both of you figure out the next steps forward. This can avoid a lot of miscommunication and confusion, which can lead to more satisfying and fulfilling sex!  


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