Sensual Sex: How Sight Influences your Sexual Experience.

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Sensual lovemaking is more than just being gentle with each other and slowing things down; it’s also about emotional connection and learning more about your partner. Without the sense of sight, this experience would simply be incomplete. This blog series will explore the role the 5 senses play in sexual pleasure and how it can be intensified. 


What is the Connection Between the Sense of Sight and Sex?


1. It allows you to fulfill your physical needs


While it is often said that men are the ones who care about looks more, it doesn’t mean that the visual side of sex doesn’t influence women. We all choose partners whom we find attractive, and the closer their appearance is to our ideal, the more aroused we can get and the more validation we can receive whenever we get intimate with them. Imagine that you’re having sex with someone you don’t find attractive. If you don’t share an emotional bond on top of that, your mind will drift, and you won’t be mentally present to connect fully, and in the worst-case scenario, you’ll feel negative about yourself afterward. Of course, if we didn’t have a sense of sight, that wouldn’t be a problem, but the more attractive you find your partner, the more positive your experience will be. There are many other ways you can take advantage of the sense of sight to have sensual sex.  


2. It can help you connect with your body more


If you’ve never had sex in front of the mirror, make sure to try it next time; you can start from masturbation if you’re feeling too self-conscious to get your partner involved. Watching yourself receive pleasure is not only a great confidence boost but also allows you to learn which sensations cause which reactions in your body. Additionally, if you have sex in front of the mirror, it can be a huge turn-on to see how your bodies look from every angle and know you you’re being watched too. If you think about it, you can fulfill two fantasies at the same time as you get to be a voyeur and an exhibitionist. It’s almost like watching porn outside of the screen, except you get to star in it and experience all the amazing sensations yourself. When you have sex the usual way, you might tend to concentrate on how it feels for you, while incorporating a mirror can turn your focus to your partner and his reactions.


3. It can increase the physical connection between you and your partner


Relationships aren’t just about how compatible you are and how much you like each other’s personalities and values; how well you match physically is as important. If you want to have sensual sex, you have to combine touch with sight. 


4. It allows you to make sex exciting in many different ways


While connection and skills matter, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong to make your encounters more pleasurable by utilizing the sense of sight. Keep reading to find out how you can improve your connection and have more sensual sex. 

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How to Have Better Sex By Utilizing the Sense of Sight


1. Set the mood


The easiest place to start is to make sure the atmosphere is right; setting the mood will allow you to build sexual tension and heighten your sensations by fully engaging your sense of sight. You can purchase a lamp that generates colorful lighting and change the setting depending on the mood you’re going for. Alternatively, you can light up the candles and successfully create a romantic atmosphere. 


2. Buy sexy lingerie


You might think purchasing lingerie will just benefit your partner, but you’re wrong. A sexy outfit can help you feel more confident in your skin which might then translate into increased arousal and more sensual sex. Yes, your partner will appreciate the effort and won’t be able to take his eyes off you but don’t forget to prioritize your needs too. Before you test the lingerie in the bedroom, make sure to admire yourself in front of the mirror; this will make you feel empowered and help you get in touch with your sensuality. 


3. Be mindful during sex


If your mind tends to wander during sex, you aren’t alone. However, not being fully present can make sex less pleasurable and prevent you from strengthening a connection with your partner. On the other hand, the more grounded you are, the more you’re able to appreciate the sensations and enjoy more sensual sex. While the easiest way to become more mindful during sex is to stop seeing orgasm as the end-goal and try to focus on the process itself (relating to tantric sex), utilizing your sense of sight is helpful too. Next time you have sex, try to pay attention to the way your and your partner’s bodies are intertwined together and the way your movements synchronize. 


4. Try role play


The two main ingredients of a successful role-play are the right role-play costumes and acting skills. While you can convey a lot with the right tone of voice, don’t forget that facial expression and body language matter as much, if not more. Playfully raising an eyebrow, biting your lip, playing with your hair; all these gestures can help you bring out your sensuality and set the scene no matter what the theme is.


 5. Consider changing your hairstyle or makeup style


In addition to buying lingerie, you can try to refresh your look, whether you want to make a drastic change or simply use a different nail polish. Any kind of change will give you more sexual confidence and make your partner desire you more. 


6. Warm-up with an erotic movie or a porn video 


Thanks to erotic movies and ethical porn, it doesn’t take much to stimulate your imagination. To make your intercourse more exciting, it’s important to gradually build sexual tension and only incorporate the sense of touch when you’re both sufficiently warmed up and can no longer keep your hands off each other. Find a fantasy that caters to both your needs and go from there: all you have to do is watch and let your bodies react. 


 7. Keep eye contact


While fulfilling physical needs matters, sex is also a great tool for strengthening the emotional connection between you and your partner; every time you get intimate, your body releases the ‘social bonding’ hormone oxytocin. But to really take advantage of this chemical reaction and invite more sensual vibes, you should practice keeping eye contact with your partner. Seemingly boring sex positions such as missionary can help you build a bond and make the intercourse more enjoyable, even if you have an adventurous side. Sometimes it can be refreshing to slow things down and build a foundation so you can enjoy kinkier sex later on. 


8. Use aesthetically pleasing sex toys


When choosing a new sex toy, you should put functionality and safety first but remember that design matters too. The more visually appealing the product is, the more excited you’ll be about trying it out. Choose sparkly sex toys, such as diamond butt plugs to create a more luxurious experience and sensual vibes. 

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