Sensual Vibes: How to Make the Most Out of Your Sensual Sex Toys.

Mar 14, 2022

Dear Women, It’s time to get in touch with your sensuality. Your sensual vibes should be on a high in 2022. This is about being in tune with all your senses – sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch, as they all help to arouse your sexual desires and elicit various sexual stimulations. 


Your senses play a huge role in the way you experience pleasure. And yet, many people don’t take advantage of all their senses during sex. Feeling sensual will improve your sexual experience and allow you to enjoy sexual pleasures on a new level. And you can achieve all of these with sensual sex toys. Read on to see how!


How to Get the Most out of Sensuality with your Sex Toys


Experiment with Touch and Different Sensations


Touch is usually the first sense that comes to mind whenever you think about sex. But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore it further. Think of all the different elements related to your sense of touch. There’s the real feel of something when it’s rough or smooth, the touch of various temperatures or pressures. All of these can be explored with sex toys for women. Such as:


Wartenberg Wheels


 A BDSM Pinwheel is one of the most recommended sex toys if you want to introduce sensual vibes into your sex play. You can use it to apply different pressure levels from light and gentle, like a tickling sensation to, more profound and painful in a pleasurable way. The aim is to use the right pressure on different body parts to create your desired sensation. 


The best part, this pinwheel is not only for BDSM connoisseurs; even beginners can use it. The shiny spikes are designed to instill goosebumps across your skin as it touches your erogenous zones.


Life is all about pursuing what makes you feel happy. You can use this sex toy for impact play, sensation play, and temperature play. You can also pair your Wartenberg wheel with blindfolds for heightened pleasure.

bdsm pinwheel



What’s sensual sex without a vibrator? Using a vibrator is an entirely different experience. Start your sensual vibes journey by touching yourself with a vibrator or using it during partnered sex. There are external vibrators, rabbit vibrators, and even vibrating dildos designed for your pleasure. When using, start over the underwear – this allows you to experiment with higher power settings. Tease yourself, grind into it, use it all over your body, go for penetration, and explore oral sex. Your fingers can finally take a break while a luxurious vibrating toy takes care of all your needs. With different vibration speeds and settings, you get to enjoy multiple orgasms that remind you just how amazing it is to feel alive. 

thrusting vibrator

Glass Sex Toys


Feel the chill or turn up the heat by experimenting with temperature play using glass sex toys. Glass toys, such as glass dildos and butt plugs, will deliver the right sensual vibes to drive you wild in bed. The glass can sustain extreme temperatures, so get ready to play. Get your toy and put it in the freezer to make things icy cold. I recommend putting your toy in a ziplock bag before keeping it in a freezer. This will keep it clean before use. You can achieve another sensation by running it under hot water before use. The warm sensation is enough to send you over the edge in ways you have never felt before. 


So what are you waiting for? Grab some ice cubes, heat your glass toy, and enjoy sensual vibes on a whole new level!

glass dildo

Beautiful Toys for Sore Eyes


Think of all the ways you can set the right mood using sight. Candles can be cliché. But using beautiful and well-designed sex toys is a way you can involve sight into your sensual sex play. 


Beautiful sex toys, you might ask? What’s so special, as long as they get the job done. Well, while the looks-don’t-matter kind of attitude may have been the approach to previous generations of sex toys, today, people are no longer satisfied with plain, penis-looking dildos and vibrators. 


Since the purpose of your sex toy is to turn you on, I’m sure you don’t want to put up with something that makes you feel weird or leaves you disgusted every time you look at it. Use sex toys that tickle the sexy part of your imagination. Sight is super important for you to get the right sensual vibes.


Desire and aesthetics are closely related. At V for Vibes, there is a wide range of beautiful sex toys that are pleasing to the eyes and will make your sex session an unforgettable experience. These sensual sex toys delight; they entrance, and they stun you so bad that you may find yourself tempted to adorn every corner of your home with them as if your home is a funky mini sex museum. They are stunning and also the kind of sex toys you swear by and recommend to your girls. 


That’s not all! Playing with your sense of sight, or more so eliminating it, with blindfolds can be really fun. It creates an incredible sense of anticipation. Your senses are on edge, and the sensations are even more intense. Not knowing what will happen next and relying on other senses to feel the experience is arousing and exciting. 


Toys that won’t irritate your Nose


Your sense of smell has a strong connection to your emotions. Yes, there’s a reason why scented candles are everyone’s favorites. Good scents do not only set the mood, but certain aromas make you calm or even unleash your inner vixen. A familiar scent can bring back powerful emotions. 


A high-quality sex toy won’t smell like bad plastics or irritate your nose during use. The best part is there are now sex toys that smell like chocolates. Yes, you read that right. Latest sex toys are now infused with a range of scents known for their aphrodisiac properties. The idea behind this is to stimulate your sense of smell during partnered sex or solo play.


Discreet Sex Toys for the Win


Noise can dull your sensual vibes. Using sensual sex toys can guarantee a discreet experience that will spice things up and increase your sexual satisfaction. I’m sure you don’t want a sex toy that sounds like a chain saw every time you use it. Sensual sex time means you get to relax and connect to your senses. A buzzing sound can be annoying at this time. 


For instance, you may not be keen on letting your neighbors or family members know what you are up to, or the sound may just be bothersome when you are trying to relax. The goal is to focus on your pleasure. A discreet and incognito sex toy will hush your mind while doing the complete opposite to your body.


Most people prefer a quiet vibe and don’t mind spending the extra money to ensure their new sex toys are made from materials that help reduce the noise. Even better, V for Vibes offers sex toys for women that are quiet and will be your perfect companion no matter where you are.


Put your Palate to the Test


Taste is also important during sensual sex. You can incorporate your sense of taste by using flavored lubes and condoms, oral sex candies, candy pants, and more into your sex play. They can spice up oral sex with your partner. It’s super fun and can add a new element of pleasure and sensual vibes to your bedtime. 


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