Sensual Sex: How Your Sense of Taste Influences your Sexual Experience.

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 If you don’t know what your partner tastes like, can you even call yourself lovers? 


The key to sensual lovemaking is incorporating all the 5 senses and allowing yourself to experience sensations in various ways, and yes, that includes the sense of taste. In this article, you’ll learn the connection between the sense of taste and your sex life and find out how you can have better sex. 


How Does the Sense of Taste Influence Your Sex Life


1. It can make sex more satisfying


Just like the sex itself, eating food you like activates your brain’s reward system and triggers the release of dopamine responsible for feeling pleasure. You can never be happy enough, so if you combine a sense of taste with a sexual act, you might not only improve your life but can also become a more relaxed and fulfilled version of yourself, ready for more sexual exploration


 2. It allows you to become fully connected with your partner


 If you want to develop a bond with someone, it’s important to get to know all parts of them, and that includes the way they taste. We all have a unique flavor that isn’t usually strong but that our partners see as sexual. Even if you feel self-conscious about the way you taste, remember that all other senses strongly influence the sense of taste, so if your partner is attracted to you, there’s no reason they shouldn’t enjoy your flavor. And the more comfortable you are with each other, the more likely it is that you’ll have sensual sex.


What is Normal in Terms of How You Taste Down There and What Is not?


Genitals are genitals; they get sweaty and fulfill a lot of unappealing functions, so you can’t expect them to taste like candy. At the same time, the taste isn’t supposed to be off-putting, so it’s important to take care of your hygiene.


The sense of smell and sense of taste are both closely linked. When you eat something tasty, your brain combines the information generated by both senses and allows you to experience flavor. This is why you should remember to keep your body smelling good. A pleasant scent can arouse your partner and make it more likely for them to enjoy how you taste.


Just remember not to wash your vagina with scented soap as it can cause an infection. Have frequent showers and make sure your underwear is thoroughly washed. 

sensual sex

How to Have Better Sex by Utilizing the Sense of Taste


 1. Practice oral sex


Speaking of which, don’t skip oral sex! As you might have learned from the previous article on the sense of smell, pheromones play a crucial role in increasing sexual attractiveness and confidence. The hormones called copulins are also secreted by your vaginal wall and can be found in its fluids. While copulins aren’t fully understood yet, it’s safe to assume that the closer your partner is to your vagina, the more he might get affected by the hormones, and the more he’ll enjoy your taste. Have your partner practice sensual cunnilingus, even if you can do without it, and return the favor with a sensual blowjob.  


 2. Increase your libido by developing an association between taste and sex


Humans are good at remembering flavors and associating them with memories. If there’s nothing that reminds you of having sex with your partner yet, you can easily create an association by, for example, eating a favorite snack before things get intimate. The more you do it, the stronger the association will get, and the next time you struggle to feel aroused, you can simply evoke memories by eating that food.


 3. Explore food play


People like sweets so much because eating sweet food activates our brain’s reward system. So if you want to have sensual sex that drowns you in feel-good hormones, the easiest way is to have a bite of chocolate before, or even better, during the act. You can improve your sensual foreplay by covering each other in whipped cream or syrup and practicing so-called food play. Another great idea involves using an edible oil candle to give or receive a sensual erotic massage and then lick it off.

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 4. Try flavored lube


You might not dislike the way your partner’s genitals taste, but in most cases, the flavor isn’t something you crave as much as snacks. If you want to take advantage of the sense of taste, you should invest in flavored lube. The sweeter it tastes, the more your brain’s reward system is activated, and the more you can be into performing oral sex on your partner. If you’ve been experiencing boredom in the bedroom for quite some time or struggle to get in touch with your sensuality, using flavored lube can help you rekindle the passion. 


 5. Enhance your senses by smoking marijuana


This might not be for everyone, but it’s commonly known that weed can enhance your taste buds and make a sexual experience a lot more profound. Cannabis and sex can really help you savor your partner and have sensual sex in which all that matters is your pleasure and connection. 

hemp candle

 6. Enhance connection with food play


Another idea for food play is making your kisses tasty. You can eat chocolate and then let your partner taste it on your tongue. You can also make it fun by having your partner wear a blindfold and fully activating his sense of taste.


 7. Find out what you taste like


Using flavored lube and food is fun, but it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the way you taste and that you should cover it up. On the contrary, vaginas can have quite a strong flavor that is extremely arousing and sexual to men. If you want to build your confidence and become in tune with your sensuality, have your partner give you a kiss after performing oral sex on you. When you’re in the heat of the moment, you won’t feel as self-conscious and might even start to like it. 


 8. Go for date nights 


Going out for dinner can be a form of foreplay that sets a romantic mood and allows you to experience sensual sex. If you’re feeling adventurous, try new food and then continue exploration in the bedroom. 


 9. Use the sense of taste to evoke past memories


If you and your partner have been seeing each other for a long while, it’s natural that you feel a sense of nostalgia when you think about how things used to be. You might miss the excitement you felt when you both pursued each other and explored each other’s likes and dislikes. The sense of taste allows you to evoke those memories and make you feel just like at the beginning. For example, if your first date was a dinner date, you could eat the same food, and if you wore flavored lipstick during your first kiss, you could purchase the same one. 


 10. Have your partner consider a healthy diet


The way sperm tastes vary depending on what kind of food your partner eats. While a salty flavor isn’t totally unpleasant, it can taste more neutral if your partner includes lots of fruits and vegetables in his diet. 

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