Sensual Sex Positions For Intimate Relationships.

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We all can have sex and fulfill our desire in doggy style or any other go-to sex position. Or Instead, we can utilize sensual sex positions that lend themselves to romance and sensuality, promoting romance and connection when engaging in sexual practice. 

The positions that grant you the ability to look deeply into each other’s eyes, kiss, press your flesh against each other, enjoy the warmth, and feel the syncing of breath and heartbeat are precisely the sensual sex positions we are referring to. 

Having sensual sex is not just an act of sex. It is an act of enhancing connection by catering to the different types of intimacy, which brings you closer to your partner spiritually and makes you a real partner of his not only in his life but also in a bed. 

“Sex takes the power of touch as an expression to a whole new level, it requires us to be vulnerable and adaptive to our partners in ways that no other activity can.” 

But what kind of sex does this is something every couple should learn to know. Studies suggest that sexually satisfied couples tend to be happier in their relationships overall. Some sensual positions help harness that power to keep their relationship alive and more content. Before heading to the sensual sex positions, we first need to be clear in the differences between sensual and sexual. 

Sexual relates to sex which means the act of sex and everything directly leading up to it. Sensuality relates to the senses and is about gratifying the appetite for visuals, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch. 

One can be sexy without being sensual, but sensuality always makes one desirable.

The difference between the two is the same as the difference between making love vs. having sex. The former is focused on connection between two individuals; the latter is indulgent. 

Sexuality is visceral, blatant, and overall, a biological manifestation. 

Sensuality is whole, consuming and personal. Everyone is sexual in the same way: nudity, the stimulation of the organs, arousal, orgasm. The body follows the same process of release. But no two people are sensual in the same way. It’s not about how high the cheekbones sit, or how the person looks at you from under their lashes. It’s about how one moves their body. It’s about how one modulates their voice. It’s in the soft touch, the flick of the hair, the way one sits, stands, walks. How they seduce you and make you want them more. It is not stated in words. One doesn’t say they feel sensual. They actually live it.

Injecting intimacy back into your sex life by using different sensual sex positions is all about knowing where to begin, and it is ultimately everything for familiarizing yourself with the sex positions that’ll have you feeling the love again. 

Most of the time, if people feel like sex is intimate, it’s because there’s connection. The sex positions you opt for, whether they allow for more eye contact, tantric breathing, or touch, intensify the moment. These positions allow you to go beyond the sensory for a deeper emotional intimacy that allows you to tap into what your partner is feeling and make them know what you feel. Some positions bring on emotions that others simply can’t. These moves in specific sensual sex positions create a felt sense of safety, trust, and being seen. 

Instead of wondering whether you’re moaning too loudly or still making your partner feel good, by finding your rhythm and taking your time once you’re in that ideal position, and letting go of your worries, you will notice his inhibitions melt away. Reviving the intimacy in your sex life with the right sensual sex positions is a gateway to reigniting that romantic fire you felt at the start of the relationship, when your connection felt rock solid, and is a wonderful means to help increase sex drive

sensual sex positions

Here are some of the most sensual sex positions:



Sitting on the chair or the edge of the bed and making your partner sit on your lap while facing them can make one feel heaven as you can feel each other’s body closely. 

Tell your partner to hold you closer, and whisper in their ear when they hit just the right spot while trying this intimate sex position. This position is ideal for eye contact and proximity, plus there is a lot to your bodies touching each other. If you’re on top, while your partner holds you upright, you can use your free hands to stimulate their other erogenous zones.

Some lovers stare into each other’s eyes right through orgasm. The face-off brings body and mind into a state of intimate merging. Take this one slow and easy right through the end. This position enhances your sexual drive and makes a strong intimate connection with your partner.


Lie back with your legs resting on each of your partner’s shoulders to make G-whizz position. Great intimate sex often happens when your partner wants to focus all their attention on you. And G-Whiz is the position for that (well, if penetration is your thing). “The receiving partner can relax, sink into pleasure,” and trusting their partner will make them feel good. They can just lie back while their legs are supported, which allows them to touch themselves, or allows their partner to reach down and touch their clitoris or stimulate their nipples.

It also doesn’t hurt that this position narrows the vagina which facilitates direct penis-to-G-spot contact as the partner on top either rocks their partner side to side or shifts their body up and down.

Ballet Dancer:

Standing on one foot, face your partner and wrap your other leg around their waist while they help support you- like going for a trust fall that you and your partner normally wouldn’t, it calls on you to rely on each other the entire time which is a trust-building exercise like no other. 

Whether you try Ballet Dancer up against a bedroom wall, in the kitchen, or in the shower, both partners have to be supportive, lean on each other (literally and figuratively), and embrace the whole way through, touching each other’s body. This not only gives you desirable feelings but also compels your partner to fall for your body as well as soul.

Missionary position:

Lying on your back while your partner lies face down on top of you is doing something new is great and all, but there’s also nothing wrong with a go-to move like missionary. By opting for reliable sensual sex positions, you and your partner can focus on your connection. You can talk dirty (or sweet), listen to each other, and ask your partner to touch you here and there, all while maintaining eye contact. Missionary sex can be hot because of the intensity it can bring on the skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, the close-up smells of each other’s bodies, and just the mere closeness of two bodies. 

Missionary opens the door for tons of sensuality on top of the pleasure that comes with sex of any kind. Plus, because it’s so basic, it’s actually the prime sex position to build from. You can adjust and modify missionary so that it fits your mood every single time.

sensual sex positions

Reverse Scoop:

Without disengaging from the missionary position, turn together onto your sides. A full body tangle embrace, nothing more intimate than that. From the missionary position, you and your partner can easily roll over into the reverse scoop and keep that locked gaze the entire time. The partner who was on top no longer has to support their own weight and can more easily fondle the other while maintaining that connection.

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