Sensual Love Making: How to be More Sensual in Bed.

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Sensual love making is the style of sex that focuses on the physical sensations related to our five senses: touch, audio, visual, smell, and sight. With sensuality often being a term with a sexual connotation, promoting sensuality under the sheets is a sure-fire method for promoting intimacy and enhancing the physical pleasure and fulfillment of your sex. 

Being a sensual lover means being in tune with your partner’s body and their physical response to sex and being in tune with yourself and the things you enjoy/the sensations you prefer to cater to under the sheets. 

Want to know how to be a more sensual lover? Take some of these tips with you the next time you and your loved one get down and dirty!

Foreplay is an Absolute Must!

With sensual love making, the key is to take things slow. You don’t want to jump straight into things, and with foreplay, you allow your body to succumb to the anticipation of the pleasures soon to come, thus enhancing the sensations that follow. As you practice foreplay, do things that help engage all of your senses as they warm themselves up for more sexual practices. 

Take your time engaging in deep, slow kissing as you caress your partner. Touch them from above their clothing to further build the excitement of skin-to-skin contact, rubbing their breasts, their bulge, or their vulva from atop a layer of clothes. As you kiss, focus on verbal communication to further heighten the senses. 

Don’t engage in dirty talk quite yet, as sensual love making is all about building connection, and instead focus on complimenting your partner and expressing your love for them, as well as your gratification in being their chosen partner, whether this is in life or just this particular sexual circumstance

As the foreplay continues sending blood to your genitals, move into more aggressive forms of it when you can no longer take the build-up, such as providing a sensual blowjob or sensual cunnilingus

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Dress Up!

In an effort to ensure the visual aspect of sensuality is met, it is important to present yourself in the most alluringly of erotic and enticing ways. Start by making sure that your body is clean, your hair is brushed, etc., and that overall, you are presenting yourself as clean and tidy. Sex is a spiritual practice, and you want to make sure that you are honoring this moment by taking the time to present yourself to your partner in a way that embodies the significance of the interaction. 

To further enhance the visual aspect of sex, you can’t go wrong with dressing yourself up! We aren’t necessarily talking about full-on role play costumes, although that sure is a hell of a lot of fun, and really, a little bit of lingerie or your favorite pair of undies and bra will do just fine. For the gentlemen, the same goes! Go for the best fitting underwear, perhaps an accent of leather, if you are into a touch of BDSM, or clothing that brings out the best in your body. 

Every single person is special and beautiful, and you deserve to carry yourself with the sexual confidence that you are rightfully entitled to by taking the time to dress up for the occasion. This will have your partner drooling over you as their eyes lock into a sensual stare of love and desire. 

Touch, Touch, and more Touch

Physicality is a keystone element to sensual love making. If you want to know how to be a more sensual lover, focus on the slow, gentle caresses of your partner’s entire body. Of course, the genitals are your go-to area for inducing pleasure, but sex is like an ecosystem, and this ecosystem exists throughout the entire body. 

As you engage in intimacy, ensure that you are collectively exploring your erogenous zones, as these areas throughout the body induce sexual responses that feel oh-so refreshing. Give the feet a light tickle or massage, gently kiss and caress the breasts, put a delicate hand on the lower back of your lover to draw them closer. 

Continue moving slowly, remain in tune with your body’s shared movements, and to further enhance sensuality, perhaps hold their cheek in your hand or brush their hair to the side as you lock eyes and focus on the sensations being felt. 

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Dirty Talk for Audio Pleasure

Talking dirty is the absolute best way to enhance the audio-based pleasure of your sensual love making. By talking dirty, you are able to verbally express the ideas contained within your mind and sensations that are running through your body. 

As you engage in your sex, tell your partner how incredible they make you feel, or take it a step further by hinting at all the insanely dirty things you want to do to them. By engaging in dirty talk, your partner will relish the positive affirmations, and they are sure to appreciate your breaking down any barriers of comfortability with them. It shows that you are comfortable, open, and willing to share what is going on in the kinkiest crevices of your imagination. 

General Communication

It’s not easy to talk about sex, but it is critical at the very least. Even more difficult yet is talking about your sex while having sex!

As an asset in how to be a more sensual lover, it is essential that you can openly communicate the things that both feel amazing and those that do not. You are the owner of your own pleasure, but sometimes it takes another person to help you achieve the epitome of fulfillment, and considering we do not read minds, this is most effectively executed when communication is at its highest. 

Sensuality is all about succumbing to physical sensation, but not sensation that doesn’t feel good! It is absolutely not an insult to ask your partner to adjust their positioning or to try moving at a different speed or angle if something doesn’t feel right, as this will do nothing but lead to more sensual sex that results in the big, elusive O. 

Temperature Play

Temperature play involves utilizing varying temperatures both within the body and on the external surface of the body to heighten pleasure. To enhance the physical sensation of touch, relating to sensuality, try experimenting with light forms of temperature play. 

Run an ice cube along your partner’s back, bringing it close to their genitals, and watch them shiver in the wild cooling effect. Perhaps place the ice cube in your mouth before engaging in oral sex or having sex while underneath the warm flow of a shower. 

The true culmination of temperature play can be found with Venus, the warming vibrator and dildo. With the ability to reach temperatures of 100+ degrees Fahrenheit, this warmth will showcase to your clitoris and vaginal walls a never-before known take on goosebump-instilling sensuality. 

sensual love making

Sensation Play 

A Wartenberg Wheel, also known as a BDSM pinwheel, is a perfect tool for a touch of sensation play and for sensual love making. It forces you to focus on the minute, delicately painful yet highly exciting sensations as the spikes roll across your erogenous zones, and for the partner who is in charge, they get to enjoy being the purveyor of such sensation. 

As they use the wheel, they can further learn your body and the things that you enjoy while exploring sensation play, and this is a great way to add quite the tasty spice to your love life and to increase sensuality in a bedroom environment. 

Food Play

Food allows you to taste, and taste is often an aspect of sensual love making that goes ignored. With food play, however, this is simply not the case! Food is pleasurable in itself, and similar to sex, hunger is a biological response that leads to fulfillment when satisfied. By bringing the two together, you enhance the experiential intimacy of the moment while promoting sexual intimacy as well. And plus, a little bit of sugar or spice always does the trick to have a bit of added fun!

There are all sorts of ways that you can incorporate food play into your sexuality. From simple engagements like classic whipped cream to more erotic strategies, like using food as an insertable sex toy (whos getting hungry?!) is a wondrous means to ensure that your partner is left full and happy on both fronts of these critical aspects of life. 

The Environment

When a place is clean and smells good, it allows the body to reach the height of relaxation. With this, never underestimate the simple pleasures of a nicely lit candle or the scent of essential oils burning in a nearby aromatherapy diffuser!

These are both proven strategies for enhancing sensual love making through relaxation, allowing negative emotions such as stress or anxiety to slip away, and showcasing to your partner that you are willing to take the extra step to ensure that your environment is sensual and calm. 

As well as utilizing your environment to enhance the smell, one of the five senses, you can also use it to enhance sight. Clean your space up to make it inviting to your partner, wash your sheets, so they smell nice and feel soft, and hang some dimmed string lights along the bed to create a space that is conducive to sensual love making on all fronts. 

Seriously, it will be so worth the added effort it takes to do so, and you will feel like you have been transplanted to a heaven of sexual bliss.


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