Sensual Foreplay.

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Sensual foreplay is vital for getting you in the mood, not to mention building your pleasure. It’s all about enjoying every single sensation; sensual touches, sensual kissing, sensual blowjobs. It’s about making the pleasure last longer. And that can’t be a bad thing, right? And let’s not forget that sensual foreplay can really increase your connection with your partner. 

Without further ado, here are our top tips for how to add sensual foreplay into your sex life with your bae:

Start your foreplay outside of the bedroom

Whether it’s a soft kiss or rubbing your partner’s back casually on the couch, just adding the odd touch here and there can really set the tone for your night. If you want to be cheeky, surprise your partner when they’re least expecting it with an obvious caress. You can add in little touches here and there throughout the day or even send them a sexy text message while they’re at work to really give them a hint at what you’ve got planned for later.

Set the scene

Think candles, dim light, cozy blankets, and bedding. Have everything you’re going to use on hand, such as any toys you’ll use; the Rhea – The Luxurious and Rechargeable Multispeed Wand Vibrator is a great companion for sensual foreplay. Don’t forget about the scent of the room…this is a gamechanger to take your sexy time to the next level! If you’re looking for the perfect scented candle, the Nature’s Green Hemp Candle is ideal. With notes of cedar, sandalwood, and amber, you’re sure to feel all cozy during your night-in with your bae. This scent is also available in reed diffuser form if open flames aren’t your vibe.

Get busy, but slowly.

Don’t head straight in for kissing the lips. Lay your partner down and kiss them everywhere but their really sensitive parts. Start from their forehead and work your way down their body in whichever pattern you desire. Just make sure that you avoid all of their most sensitive points until you want them to really feel the pleasure. You’ll know you’re doing a good job judging by the sounds your partner makes.

When the time comes to hit their sensitive spots, go really slow.

If you think you’re going slow, go slower! You want your partner to feel every single sensation. You want to drive them crazy. The lips, behind the ears, neck, nipples, and hip area are very sensitive to touch, so you want to build up the sensation. This is your chance to take control of their pleasure, and they’ll thank you for it. Trust us, the moment you finally give them that kiss they’ve been craving for so long, you’ll know how crazy you’ve made them!

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Restraints and blindfold your partner

Nothing will amp up the pleasure more for your partner than having their hands restrained and their eyes covered with sensation play. When one of your senses is blocked, it increases your other sense. Together with not being able to stop or touch your partner, this is the perfect environment for sensual foreplay. And your restraints don’t have to be intense bondage gear. You can use a tie or silky ribbons. Keep it simple.

Get serious about massage with massage oil.

Get some massage oil and take your time working their most tense areas. Everyone holds tension somewhere in their body, and there’s no better time than during sex to let it all go. If you want to spice things up, why not use the Venus – Dual-Head Wand Vibrator and Soft Warming Dildo to tease your partner even more? This sexy device acts as your classic wand vibrator and a dildo with a built-in warming function. Designed to be used by all genders, it’s the perfect toy for any couple.

Make oral sex the main event! Enter the sensual blowjob …

So you’ve worked your way down their body, from their head to the tips of their toes, and now you’ve made your way back up to their most sensitive spot. Hopefully, you’ve built up the tension, and your partner is just buzzing with desire. Now is when you can really treat them!

If your partner has a penis, here’s how to give them a sensual blowjob: Start with your breath and gently breathe out on their penis – insert any sexy sound you want – moving all around their sensitive area, from the tip all the way down the shaft and down to their balls. Next, gently stroke their balls and cup them in your hand. Slowly kiss their shaft, going from the base to the tip. You can get creative here and tease them until they are hard (though they probably will be rock hard by this point). Just remember every movement and touch should be slow. When they’re hard, slide their penis into your mouth and start going up and down, using your tongue to lick the sensitive hood when you reach it. Another great place to stimulate is the frenulum, the sensitive band of skin on the underside of the penis. Remember to take your time while you tease your partner… if you’ve done it right, they’ll be dying to grab onto your head and thrust into your mouth. If you’ve tied your partner’s wrists to the bed, this instinct will make them even hornier. When your partner is signaling to you that they are very turned on, feel free to speed up and give them what they want. The sensual blowjob has uh done its job.

If your partner has a vagina, here’s how to make them feel every sensation: Just like above, start with just breathing on the mound. This ought to make their own breath hitch in their throat. Next, pull their thighs apart and gently kiss them, making your way up to their vulva. Kiss all-around their labia until they are moaning for more. This is when you can up the ante a bit. Gently pull their labia open and repeat the same kissing on their more sensitive area, using your tongue to add another level of sensation. This is also a good time to insert a finger or two into their vagina – but don’t go in hard. Pump your finger in and out of them just as slowly as you’re licking and kissing their vulva – avoiding the clitoris area. Bend your fingers into a ‘come hither’ position and really hit that g-spot! When you hit it, you’ll hear them moan. Now, listen to your partner. If they sound like they want more, now is the time to finally speed up and start licking that clitoris. If they aren’t giving you that signal, just keep going until they do. And they will! When you’ve got the green light, treat the clitoris carefully. It’s a very sensitive bundle of nerves, and too much stimulation can actually hurt. Start gently with soft kisses and the odd lick and see how they react. They’ll soon tell you if they want it harder and faster. One great tip is to put a pillow under your partner’s butt; this raises their body up more to give you easy access to their body. The elevated position will also make them feel the internal stimulation more. You could also use either the Rhea or Venus vibrator to add even more stimulation to spice things up.

And those are a few tips on how to make your partner go crazy with desire during sensual foreplay. Just think: slow and steady wins the race. This type of foreplay is a great idea if your partner prefers more speed in bed – they’ll appreciate you mixing things up, trust us! Sensual foreplay is a great warm-up to sex, however, it’s also great on its own. Enjoy!

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