Sensual Sex: How to Sense of Smell Influences your Sexual Experience.

Mar 9, 2022

Did you know that the reason we enjoy certain food so much is mainly because of the way it smells? Similarly, the scent is more powerful than you think when it comes to sex. The sense of smell can improve your sex life and help you get in touch with your sensuality. Keep reading to discover why and how to use smell for more sensual lovemaking


What is the Connection Between the Sense of Smell and Sex?


1. It can help you find the perfect match


Smell dating is a thing, and as weird as it sounds, it seems to be a pretty successful way to find your match. The participants are required to wear a T-shirt for a few days without using deodorant and return it for potential matches to smell. If you find a smell you like and the feeling is mutual, you can receive the person’s contact information. If you’re feeling skeptical about this form of dating, the service has an answer to your doubts: “Trust yourself; your nose knows.”  


2. It can influence your mood


Aromatherapy is a popular holistic treatment that utilizes the scent of natural plant extracts to promote well-being and treat a range of issues. For example, lavender can improve relaxation and keep you calm, while peppermint clears your mind and can help you with headaches, joint pains, and muscles aches. Being relaxed and in a good mood can help keep your libido high and make you more likely to stay in touch with your sensuality. 


3. It deepens the connection between you and your partner


As you strengthen the bond between you and your partner, your brain starts to associate his scent with a feeling of comfort, and consequently, the more you smell your partner, the more connected you feel to him. 


4. It brings memories


The scent is linked to the limbic system in your brain, including the amygdala and hippocampus, which are regions responsible for emotions and memory. You might not remember much about your first time, but I’m pretty sure that if it were a disaster and a certain scent was present, you’d end up developing an aversion towards it. Similarly, depending on how things ended between you and your ex, you either hate his perfume or feel a sentiment towards it. If you and your ex are on good terms, you might feel more connected to partners who smell the same and experience a sense of nostalgia even years later: there’s nothing quite the same as teenage sex, and if certain perfume can transport you back to those times, so be it. 


5. It can make sex a whole lot better


There are a few reasons why smell can improve your sex life but have you ever heard the quote, “Sex is dirty only if done right”? Believe it or not, some people enjoy having sweaty and smelly sex; the dirtier, the better. This might be because many people were conditioned to see sex as dirty, and making it exactly that is one way to be rebellious. Similarly, incorporating pleasant smells into your play allows you to have soft and sensual sex and make the experience more profound overall. 


6. It might influence sexual attraction


Pheromones are hormones secreted through our bodies that have been linked to sexual attraction. It is said that pheromones boost your sensuality and confidence and improve your general attractiveness. For example, findings from a study at the University of Vienna revealed that women who used topical pheromones were more successful at dating and got asked out more. Some people are skeptical about the effects of pheromones (at least when used topically), but one thing is clear: the effect of placebo is real and confidence matters, so stocking up on pheromones products isn’t such a bad idea. But if you aren’t convinced, keep reading to find out how else you can use scent to your advantage.

Sense of Smell

How to Have Better Sex By Utilizing the Sense of Smell


 1. Create the right atmosphere


Thanks to the sense of smell, you can create any kind of atmosphere if you know which scents to use. If you want to make sure the environment is calming and helps you become more in tune with your sensuality, it’s a good idea to invest in an oil diffuser; from there, all you have to do is mix essential oils with water and enjoy a lasting and influential scent. 


2. Improve your sex drive with the right scent


Aromatherapy can also help you boost your sex drive. Sweet scents are thought to have aphrodisiac qualities: think vanilla, roses, or cinnamon – they all translate into more connection and sensuality. However, you don’t necessarily have to use an oil diffuser to enjoy the benefits. You can always dab a bit of oil on your wrists and behind your ears or use scented perfumes. If you want to ignite the desire in your partner, consider using spicy or fresh scents such as pepper or sandalwood. However, studies show that women are the ones more turned on by scent, so don’t be afraid to prioritize your needs. 


3. Connect with your partner through the sense of smell 


If you want to improve a connection between you and your partner and access your sensuality, simply become more conscious of your sense of smell. Try to pay attention to the way your partner smells; wear his T-shirts to learn his natural scent and strengthen your connection as a result. If your partner uses perfume, you can spray your shirt or a teddy bear to be able to smell him anytime you want and increase anticipation long before he gets home. 


 4. Have a sensual bath


One way to create a romantic atmosphere and focus on building sexual tension during foreplay is having a bath. You can fill it with soap or add a few drops of essential oil. 


5. Consider not using any artificial scents


If you believe in the power of pheromones, why not ditch artificial scents and let biology do its thing? This might be tricky if you worry that your natural scent isn’t pleasant. Keep reading to find out how to make sure you smell nice even without perfumes.


How to Make Sure Your Natural Scent is Pleasant


While your partner might love smelly sex, they won’t appreciate it if you smell bad on a daily basis. Hygiene is crucial. So here are a few things to remember: 


1. Drink a lot of water


This is especially important if you happen to be partial to coffee or food with strong smells, as drinking water can help dilute what’s unpleasant.


2. Make sure your laundry is properly washed


To avoid clothes smelling damp, take them out of the washing machine as soon as you can and hang them straight away.


3. Take frequent showers


But not too frequently. Twice a day is usually the perfect amount, especially if you exercise. Make sure you use high-quality soap that gets rid of the sweat.


4. Use shoe spray


Natural foot odor is never pleasant, so make sure you invest in a spray that can keep your shoes smelling fresh regardless of your activity level. 

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