The beginner’s guide to sensation play.

Oct 20, 2020

What does domination mean to you? If you’re like a lot of people, you might have some pretty extreme ideas. But domination doesn’t have to be intense at all. In fact, sensual play can be enjoyed painlessly, and all kinds of people practice it.

Sensuality is precisely the attachment to the pleasures of the senses. It reveals our animal side in a more erotic way than sexuality, more raw and abrupt. Living to the extreme, it connects us with our life impulses. 

Through the senses, it makes us aware that we are alive: it is the caress of the sun on the skin, a fragrance that awakens our taste buds, a deep voice that awakens desire, the sight of exciting curves, a taste that gives pleasure. 

Pleasure precisely motivates the search for sensuality… It finds its source in our brain at the level of the reward system. When something stimulates the reward system, humans experience pleasure from the release of dopamine. This hormone is linked to motivation, and it pushes to start over the search for this feeling, which gives pleasure. Yes, nature is well done, and a virtuous circle is taking place.

Sensation play, or erotic sensation games, are an array of activities, both vanilla and kinky, intended to relay physical sensations upon a companion, in order to ignite sexual excitement. This can be achieved using objects such as whips, candles, and anything else textured to create intense anticipation and build up sexual tension. Read on to explore new ways to please yourself or your partner and expand your mind!

Sensation play can be sexy, light, and pleasing to the physical senses.  Many couples that would not count themselves BDSM-friendly are familiar with this type of kinky play: the use of rose petals, velvet or silk scarves, feathers, cold leather whips, cubes of ice, massage candles, temperature play, Wartenberg pinwheel, and other similar tools. It doesn’t have to be as intense as we’ve seen it portrayed in movies, and can easily be integrated into foreplay.

The difference between sensation play in vanilla sex and BDSM is that in BDSM, erotic sensation games can additionally involve physical, psychological restraint or punishment, or it might entail sexual role-playing.

In other words, sensation play includes the application of a delicately controlled incentive to the human body so that it reacts to stimulated pain. While this can include the infliction of physical pain, it often releases endorphins, shaping a sensation similar to feeling high, as if you’ve just had an orgasm.

In BDSM activities, the dominatrix or dominant uses power or carefully controls the sensation to the submissive.

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Sensation Play Meaning

Sensuality is the attachment to the pleasures of the senses. The term also designates the attribute, quality, act, affect, or state of that which is sensual. 

Sensuality means everything related to all forms of sensation caused by the five senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste, contact). This meaning being the most generic, it includes all living things, not only or exclusively to the human being. Despite this, from a human relationship point of view, the common understanding of the word “sensuality” refers to what has to do with sexual attraction or human sexuality. 

Now that we know what the word sensuality means, what is the meaning of sensation play? 

Sensation play is a type of domination that either focuses on sensation and pleasure/reward over pain and punishment or involves no pain/punishment at all. It might sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. Many people enjoy sensation play either as their favorite type of BDSM, as an introduction to its lifestyle, or just to break up more extreme sessions with something more subtle.

You’re unlikely to be able to hurt your partner or hurt yourself through sensation play, so it’s perfect for dipping your toe into the water to see if you like the exchange of power or want to become more serious about BDSM in the future.

sensation play

Sensation Play Tools

Sensation play focuses on sensation, this we know. So you can slide a piece of fur or a fur whip over your partner’s skin. You can caress them with silk or satin. In fact, there is a plethora of tools you can bring into the bedroom to create the sultry domination scene you desire.

  • Blindfolded: You can use a rolled-up cloth/t-shirt or tie as a blindfold, or purchase an elegant blindfold from your favorite sex shop. 
  • Lightweight Bondage Gear: Cuffs and restraints to the bed work well for sultry domination. You can get out of them easily, but they still create perfect sensations.
  • Ice cubes: Tease your partner with an ice cube on their skin. Or you can put it in your mouth to experience the pleasures of temperature play.
  • Feathers and Fur: These create a soft feel as light as air for super subtle nerve stimulation. 
  • Massage Candles: Candles made with coconut oil and similar ingredients melt at low temperatures, so even body temperature causes some melting. Run it over your partner’s body and rub it on their skin for a relaxing massage.
  • Lingerie and Costumes: Dress to stimulate your man or play your part visually.
  • Play toys –BDSM pinwheel: Want to test new sensations during your lovemaking? The BDSM pinwheel is the perfect tool to test your partner’s sensitivity. It is an essential accessory to use in your sensation play. The passage of the wheel over the skin and nerve areas, depending on the pressure exerted, generates a tingling, tickling, irritating, or sharp pain that so many lovers enjoy. 
terra sensation play tool

Of course, there are plenty of other items you can use for sensation play. How can you involve all of the senses, including hearing, smell, and taste? Plan your scene and have the items you need close at hand. If you plan to incorporate bondage, you should have a blade handy to get out of in case of an emergency.

Sensation Play Examples 

The Shibari or Bondage

It is true that at first glance, the practice may surprise: who can find pleasure in tying up or being tethered? Well, actually, a lot of people do! This practice is particularly sensual. 

On the side of the dominant partner, the pleasure comes from the absolute domination of the other. He truly owns his/her body and becomes a master of pleasure. A most enjoyable situation!

For the dominated partner, on the other hand, it is the pleasure of total self-surrender. We are no longer in control of anything, and all we have to do is enjoy the delights and other little tortures of the “executioner”. Moreover, deprived of his freedom of movement, the submissive’s senses are only further heightened, thus making the experience more erotic.

Playing with Candle Wax

Particular smell, adjustable heat, and soft texture; the sensual capacities of the candle are great. Hot wax on a body that gently arches on contact is a practice widely associated with BDSM. Still, like many activities in this field, the principles can be adapted to make it a sweet moment of sensation play.

candle wax play and ejaculating dildo play

Here are some types of BDSM sensation play for you to explore.

  • When blindfolded- rediscovering the sensations of kissing, touching, having oral sex or other intimacy  
  • Interacting with unique textures such as silk, ice cubes, velvet, flowers petals, gemstones, feathers or leather
  • Erotic tickling
  • Temperature play, that can involve ice, wax, cold lube, heated massage oil, frozen glass dildos, anal plugs, stainless steel sex toys
  • Biting lips and all erogenous zones
  • Spanking, floggingbondage suspension, handcuffing, and other sensory activities
  • Using fun nipple clamps or suction sex toys
  • Amplify erotic sounds by adding lubricant 
  • Talk dirty and be yourself
  • Place a wand sex toy on the clitoris, nipples, and other sensitive zones 

Do you remember the last time you were so horny that you felt like you couldn’t control yourself? It most likely wasn’t the cause of direct sexual stimulation; rather it was something more unique, memorable, and subtle. A slight touch, brushing against your partner in the kitchen, a delicate kiss, chill-out music, your hair being lightly tugged, or even the aphrodisiac scent of chocolate, cinnamon, lavender, and many more that can deliver a flood of sexual arousal and desire. The sensation is all about the contentment that can come from this sort of sensual play.

Whether you want to heighten your arousal, bring your sex drive back or take your love life to the next level, sensation play can help you achieve that. 

So many horizons of intimacy and sexual gratification are out there, waiting to be discovered. Sensation play is one of the easier, simpler ways to open up BDSM techniques into your love life. Give it a try – experiment with different scents, flavors, and sounds. Sensation play is incredibly simple, hot and can offer tremendous value and excitement to your sex life

A Sensation Play Idea for Beginners. 

Most women can be very sexual. When you create an atmosphere of comfort and emotional security, your partner will indulge in you. 

A very easy sensation play idea to try that will give you an idea on the possible submission of your partner:

Bring her some lingerie, heels, and let her change in front of you and help her get dressed. Set the environment to trigger the other senses as well, such as by lighting an aromatherapy-based candle. 

hemp aromatherapy candle

When she’s ready, tell her to stand still and not move.

Stay next to her, look there, but don’t touch her. You don’t need a sexual context yet, as you first must create sexual expectations. Stand on her side, and after tension has built, put a hand on the back of her neck. Watch your partner react as you caress slowly with light touches, using feathers, your fingers, or your favorite BDSM pinwheel. 

Then, whisper in their ear what you are going to do to them. “I love that you look beautiful to me, you are going to lean forward, and I will take you like this now.”

If you can feel your partner’s body going limp through your hand, they want you to guide her. There are many other contexts and techniques, and mostly sensation play BDSM isn’t brutal, but it can be a little more rough depending on what you both want.

Finally: How to Master Sensation Play 

Not rude, vulgar, and violent, but you should know how to use the spanking, the whip, the stick, the pincers, and your hands to both stroke and make your submissive feel their status. 

In sensation play domination, the pain is only there to strain the mind; sometimes it’s just a matter of holding the arm, sometimes just a look, sometimes spanking, sometimes tight clamps. 

Power does not matter. Your feelings should be only that of the other, what you feel through their skin, what you read in their eyes. That’s why you have to trust the other.

And now the word is out: TRUST. 

This must be reciprocal. Otherwise, it is impossible for you to feel your person as you should. And you must constantly work to increase the trust that they will have in you.

Just because sensation play is less intense than other types of domination doesn’t mean it doesn’t weigh you down. Make sure to check in with your partner after a scene. You might not be physically or emotionally exhausted, but a few hugs and a drink of water never hurt anyone!

Please feel free to comment on this article and tell us what you think about sensation play, and if you have any sensational ideas of your own to share, let us know!



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