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The beginner’s guide to sensation play.

Sensation play, or erotic sensation games, are an array of activities, both vanilla and kinky, intended to relay physical sensations upon a companion, in order to ignite sexual excitement. This can be achieved using objects such as whips, candles, and anything else textured to create intense anticipation and build up the sexual tension. Read on to explore new ways to please yourself or your partner and expand your mind!

Sensation play can be sexy, light and pleasing to the physical senses.  Many couples that would not count themselves BDSM-friendly are familiar with this type of kinky play: the use of rose petals, velvet or silk scarves, feathers, cold leather whips, cubes of ice, massage candles, temperature play, Wartenberg pinwheel and other similar tools. It doesn’t have to be as intense as we’ve seen it portrayed in movies, and can easily be integrated in to foreplay.

The difference between sensation play in vanilla sex and BDSM is that in BDSM, erotic sensation games can additionally involve physical, psychological restraint or punishment, or it might entail sexual role playing.

In other words, sensation play includes the application of a delicately controlled incentive to the human body so that it reacts to stimulated pain. While this can include the infliction of physical pain, it often releases endorphins, shaping a sensation similar to feeling high, as if you’ve just had an orgasm.

In BDSM activities, the dominatrix or dominant uses power or carefully controls the sensation to the submissive.

Here are some types of BDSM sensation play for you to explore.

  • When blindfolded- rediscovering the sensations of kissing, touching, having oral sex or other intimacy  
  • Interacting with unique textures such as silk, ice cubes, velvet, flowers petals, gemstones, feathers or leather
  • Erotic tickling
  • Temperature play, that can involve ice, wax, cold lube, heated massage oil, frozen glass dildos, anal plugs, stainless steel sex toys
  • Biting lips and all erogenous zones
  • Spanking, floggingbondage suspension, handcuffing and other sensory activities
  • Using fun nipple clamps or suction sex toys
  • Amplify erotic sounds by adding lubricant 
  • Talk dirty and be yourself
  • Place a wand sex toy on clitoris, nipples and other sensitive zones 

Do you remember the last time you were so horny that you felt like you couldn’t control yourself? It most likely wasn’t the cause of direct sexual stimulation; rather it was something more unique, memorable and subtle. A slight touch, brushing against your partner in the kitchen, a delicate kiss, chill out music, your hair being lightly tugged, or even the aphrodisiac scent of a chocolate, cinnamon, lavender and many more that can deliver a flood of sexual arousal and desire. Sensation is all about the contentment that can come from this sort of sensual play.

Whether you want to heighten your arousal, bring your sex drive back or take your love life to the next level, sensation play can help you achieve that. 

So many horizons of intimacy and sexual gratification are out there, waiting to be discovered. Sensation play is one of the easier, simpler ways to open up BDSM techniques into your love life. Give it a try – experiment with different scents, flavors and sounds. Sensation play is incredibly simple, hot and can offer tremendous value and excitement to your sex life


sensory play BDSM Sensation Play. What Is Sensation or Sensory Play? Kinky Sex Ideas sensation plat tips, kinky sex tips, advice, sex toys, v for vibes