Minerva: The Self Care Necklace.

Mar 17, 2022

If you are someone who takes your masturbation and self-care time seriously, Minerva – The self-care necklace is a terrific choice. 


There are so many ways you can explore your sensuality. But have you ever worn a vibrator around your neck? Yes! That’s a thing. There’s a whole world of sex toys out there, from stylish cock rings to fashionable vibrator necklaces. They are chic, kinky, and make sex-positive statements.


Maybe that’s why I love the Minerva vibrating necklace so much. There’s something so fierce and empowering about making your right to orgasm a beautiful and portable fashion statement. This sex toy allows your sexual identity and confidence to take charge in and outside the bedroom. 


Here is everything you need to know about Minerva. I’m here to highlight its unique capabilities and the different ways this lovely vibrator necklace can make your solo session full of sensual vibes and erotic bliss.


A Sexy Vibrating Necklace for all your Sexual Desires


The V for Vibes Minerva self-care necklace is a piece of beautiful self-love jewelry and an answered prayer to your self-care fantasies. It is a best-selling vibrator that doubles as a discreet and elegantly designed sex-toy necklace. With eight different intensities, this vibrator will perfectly complement any mood and level of desire.


Take this sex toy everywhere you go. In the bedroom, car, and anywhere your mind can think of, this body-safe vibrator sees no limit to how wet and wild things can become. It’s a suitable choice for beginners and makes a perfect gift for that friend who loves fashion and heightening their pleasure. Portable and discreet, here are more reasons you need Minerva for solo-play.

self care necklace

Perfect Self-Care Necklace


One more thing for people at the back! 


Think about it: Have you thought of a sex toy that is fashionable, wearable, and can fulfill all your solo-sex fantasies. Well, you’ve got one here. 


Masturbation is a form of self-care and having a self-care necklace that makes things easier is like hitting the jackpot. It’s also important to have a relationship with yourself and your body. You need to explore your sexuality to discover what you need from intimacy, what you like, and what you don’t. And masturbation is the entry point for that. 


It’s an incredible way of building intimacy, especially for new couples, a unique, low-impact way to romp when you are not in the mood for the rigmarole of full-blown sex, and a complete fun activity for those moments you just want to switch things up a bit. 


With our sex-toy necklace, you can achieve all of this. Minerva delivers powerful sensations in different ways. The eight pulsating intensities are not only designed to stimulate the clitoris but every other conceivable part of your body. It is portable and allows you to choose your adventure for maximum pleasure.


Endless Sexual Exploration


There’s no time like the present for leaning into sexuality and exploring it. You should act on this because it is the key to a happy and healthy sexual life. It is about continually seeking out knowledge of your unique preferences and desires. 


This sexual exploration should not be dependent on anyone. And what’s the best way to do that if not through masturbation. Play around with the self-care necklace and see what you respond to. Tease yourself. Vary the type and intensity of touch. 


Do you only come in a specific position? Gradually change your position during masturbation. Want to experience orgasms through different erogenous zones other than your clitoris. Try adding nipple stimulation into your next self-care session.

vibrator necklace

Your Partner Will Love it Too (mutual masturbation)


Mutual masturbation is a fun way to spice things up and teach each other what you like during sex without saying it. You know your pleasure zones like the back of your hand, and you know exactly what to do to make them feel fabulous. There is no one better qualified than you to teach your partner how you like to be touched. You can use Minerva for mutual masturbation. 


Command your partner to lie on the bed or sit on a chair, and pay close attention to you while you pleasure yourself with the self-care necklace. If you both enjoy talking dirty in bed, you can describe what you are doing or ask your partner to describe what they are viewing. 


Talking about what’s happening is super sexy while improving your partner’s understanding of your tastes. This is also the perfect moment to show that you love to rest your vibrator on a particular spot on your clitoris and keep it there. And that you don’t like to roll it around your clitoris like a majorette’s baton. Whichever way you decide to use the sex toy, it’s fun to try them out together for the sheer pleasure that is unmatched.

mutual masturbation

Your Travel Companion


Everyone deserves a fulfilling sex life, and because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t take your pleasure device with you. Keep a naughty secret on the go with this discreet self-love jewelry. A phallus-shaped object is quite obvious. Now imagine getting your box opened at the airport, and your dildo pops out. It can be pretty embarrassing. But with a self-care necklace, it looks just like a beautiful piece of jewelry. But to you, it is a straight ticket to pleasure town.


Speaking of discreet, Minerva is as quiet as a whisper, ensuring that loud vibrations do not hinder your sexual arousal – making it perfect for sexual satisfaction anywhere from home to traveling for work or pleasure. It is easily mistaken for a run-of-the-mill necklace, but it can deliver powerful vibes in different ways. 


It is designed not just for the clitoris but for every other part of your body during masturbation. No one will know that your favorite necklace is also your best friend under the sheets, bathroom, office, cinema, and anywhere you can think of!


Personal Massager


A regular massage is also a form of self-care. Allow this self-care necklace to become your massager. If you enjoy the high-pressure stimulation of your erogenous zones during masturbation, this self-love jewelry will do you right. When you are ready to explore your body during solo play, use the vibrator on other parts of your body like your arms, neck, nipples, legs, and inner thighs. This will help you get used to the level of sensation it brings.


When massaging your body, start on the lowest power, and explore the kind of stimulation that feels good. Once you’ve got a setting that feels good, find a comfortable position to sit or lie, relax and continue to enjoy the beautiful sensations.


Quiet Companion


Loud sex is terrific. There is nothing more sensational than allowing your moans to manifest the sheer bliss you’re feeling. But sometimes, you need to keep things on the low. We all live in a busy world, and people constantly surround us. But that shouldn’t hinder your sexual pleasure. An incognito self-care necklace like Minerva allows you to reach climax irrespective of the situation. It’s a must-have when you need to keep things quiet.


Are you into exhibitionism and a fan of public play? Then you need a small and easy-to-hide sex toy. You might also need to keep things quiet to prevent alerting your roommates or your children sleeping in the next room. Or if you are craving an orgasm to release the pent-up frustration within. Minerva will help you get the job done! 


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