What is the Scissors Sex Position?

Jan 30, 2021

When you hear the phrase scissoring, you may think of the classically shown image of two lesbians with their legs intertwined; however, this isn’t too far off from what the Scissors sex position actually is! The Scissors position is typically used with a male and female partner though. 

Basically, to perform the Scissors sex position, lay on your side with one leg on the bed and the other stacked on top of it. Then you are going to raise and bend your leg so that your partner has easy access to your vagina. Your partner will also need to be lying on his side to perform this position, but his head will be towards your feet. He will then move his lower leg by your crotch. From there, he will move his upper leg over your lower leg, and move his crotch up so that he can penetrate you. Your lower leg will be between his legs, and your upper leg on top of his hip or legs.  

This is a position that a picture definitely helps explain, as it sounds much more complicated than it truly is. 

What does the female partner do in the Scissors Sex Position?

In the scissors sex position, the female just needs to be as comfortable as possible. Once you’re comfortable, you just go with the flow and try to thrust back while he is thrusting into you. You’ll use your arms and legs, and you can try to grab his legs to have a little more ability to thrust and leverage yourself. You can stimulate your clitoris with your hands or a vibrator, or even add a wearable vibrator into the mix to free up your hands even more. 


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What does the male do? 

Just like you, the male partner also needs to be comfortable in this position. Since part of your leg is resting on his leg he will have some weight distribution to accommodate for. Once he’s comfortable, he will be able to focus on thrusting in and out and getting a good rhythm going. Again, he can grab your top leg to help himself pull in to you to penetrate deeper. He is not really in the position to clitorally stimulate you or otherwise play with you, since you are on opposing sides of each other.

Benefits of the Scissors Position.

The scissors position really helps in the fact that you have open angles to really stimulate your own clitoris, since your hands are free and your vulva is pretty openly available. With that being said, you won’t find much of the clitoral stimulation coming from the sex itself. This position is also great if you have a foot fetish (or your partner does) as you are near each other’s feet. Plus, you get to avoid morning breath, as you are away from each other. Remember, trying new positions is all about having fun and experimenting! If this isn’t the position for you, one of the hundreds of other ones out there may be.



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