How to Practice Safe Exhibitionism.

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Putting on a show can be super sexy, and it makes sense why exhibitionism, especially safe exhibitionism, is one of the most common desires out there! Although it can be quite risky, do keep in mind that there are multiple ways to practice safe exhibitionism without putting yourself in harm’s way or causing others any harm. 

Consent is one of the biggest factors here because really, there’s nothing sexier than consent! 

If you’re looking to explore your desires through online exhibitionism, exhibitionism Twitter, or other forms of unique exhibitionism- know that we’ve got you covered! 

All the things you need to know about practicing safe exhibitionism, and keeping the consequences in mind, have been put together in this list made specifically for you! Keep reading to find out how to let your inner exhibitionist shine. 

With a Partner

One of the safest ways to practice exhibitionism without causing any harm at all is to experiment with a partner! Be sure to ask for consent and change up the setting a little. Try different roles next time you two decide to have sex, and let the role play really take a new turn. Put on your favorite costumes and bring out your best sex toys. Exhibitionism with a partner can feel safe, thrilling, and fulfilling in so many ways. Knowing that you’re putting on a show for someone you love has its own kind of high. Additionally, you are in a comfortable environment and don’t risk getting caught or arrested since you can do this indoors! You can start off slow with subtle exhibitionism through revealing clothes or starting with going braless at home. This can really add extra time to the foreplay with your partner and do wonders for your sex life

Online Exhibitionism 

Exhibitionism can be really hot and steamy if you’re doing it with the right people. Sometimes all you need is a few strangers to be watching for you to feel that pleasure you’ve been craving. Online exhibitionism can take the shape of lots of things, such as websites and live cam-sites that are legal and only have an adult audience to ensure safety and security. For this, you’ll need to register on a website that permits nudity and exhibitionism to do it in the safest way possible. Get out a sex toy that does wonders for you, and turn on your webcam to show yourself off to a few strangers on the internet. The best part about this is that you might never have to meet any of these people in real life, so you can keep it separate from your regular everyday life without any disturbances, and you might even like it so much you decide to become a cam girl to monetize your performances!

safe exhibitionism

Social Media! 

With the quick progress in technology, it’s no surprise that safe exhibitionism has become a part of regular social media, too. If you’re in the mood for some online exhibitionism and want to put on a show nobody can forget, you might want to consider signing up for an OnlyFans account or possibly explore the exhibitionism side of Twitter. Know that this has its own risks of not being able to contain how far your content spreads, but if you are sure you want to do practice exhibitionism, this might be your outlet! You might even be able to capitalize on your own desires through some of the apps such as OnlyFans and make this a regular part of your life and a source of income, too. Remember, there is nothing wrong with wanting to practice safe exhibitionism; just prioritize your safety and those of others around you. 

Public Nude Beaches 

Exhibitionism doesn’t only mean you’re getting off for the male gaze, or as part of a performance for others to watch. It can also be a part of exploring your own body and desires, and sometimes the greatest thrill can come from not trying too hard, but just laying on a public nude beach knowing there are eyes following you because of how much you’ve got to offer. Watching them watch you can do wonders for your sex drive, and it can help you get off in so many new ways you never knew. Knowing you hold the power to command the gaze is a different kind of liberation and empowerment, and the way it can make you feel like you’re on top of the world is incredible. Public nude beaches also ensure that legal issues are sorted – you don’t have to worry about getting arrested or facing any negative consequences as you sunbathe in your birthday suit at a nude beach. 

Sheer Clothing 

This might be the most exciting option we’ve got for you. While this isn’t fully blown out exhibitionism, you can still put on a show through sheer clothing. Think of investing in a mesh top or a sheer cropped top, or maybe a cute bralette that is revealing enough, but not fully. The secrecy and mystery can add to the thrill of exhibitionism, and knowing you control how much you reveal through your clothing can really take safe exhibitionism to a whole new level. Go about your day, doing regular tasks such as getting gas or going to a store to get groceries, and get the high you would get out of exhibitionism at the same time by wearing clothes that are revealing and sheer. Of course, this might offend some people around you, so be sure to never put your own safety at risk and only plan on doing this where it might be more acceptable such as a bar or a strip club or some other place where those around you don’t threaten you. 

Outdoor Sex

One of the best ways to practice safe exhibitionism might be through outdoor sex! Consider purchasing a tent and planning a camping trip with your partner or having hiking sex on the trail. This isn’t as outdoors as being in the public view, but something about stripping in a tent and being able to have sex in the great outdoors without being caught or arrested is really hot! This can also ensure that you can safely practice your exhibitionism with someone who has given their consent and won’t be offended by your desires. Safety for both of you is the cherry on top! Let your imagination wander through your wildest dreams as you think of how many people are outside the tent and possibly listening, hoping to catch a glimpse of you, and let that knowledge work its wonders.

hiking sex

Try a Threesome

There’s no denying how incredible threesomes can be! Whether you are in a relationship and want to experiment with introducing a third partner, or you’re single and want to be the third for a couple you know, safe exhibitionism can feel great if you’re doing it right. Threesomes are a brilliant outlet for putting on a show and getting rewards for it – take turns giving and receiving and let your partner enjoy the little show you’re putting on for them. You can choose to maintain the focus and attention on yourself by taking up the role of the exhibitionist while someone else plays the role of a voyeur, and both – or all three – of you get the benefits of safe exhibitionism. Talk to both of your potential threesome partners about wanting to indulge in this desire of yours and see if they’re interested in taking it further by incorporating toys and letting you perform for them!  


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