7 Simple Role Playing Ideas for Couples.

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I don’t know about you, but role play has always sparked an interest in my mind. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play around with their sexual companion a little? The best part about it is that it’s all pretend. So dig deep in your wildest desires, go crazy and have fun with it, or keep it simple and low-key; either way works wonders. If you’re new to the gig or looking for a more straightforward route, here are a handful of role playing ideas for couples.

Before we get into the juicy ideas, we have to mention the importance of communication with your partner before the role play begins. Some ideas could be triggering to the other person, so it’s crucial to make sure you’re both into the sexy role play you’ve come up with. Creating a form of safe word or signal could make you and your partner much more comfortable before starting. Let’s remember communication is the KEY to a good time; we can’t read each other’s minds, ya know.

Howdy, Stranger!

Now that you opened up to your partner and decided that your safe word is “hot wheels”, let’s get on with the role play for couples. A simple way to spice up going out to a bar or club with your partner is to take advantage of the environment around you and go for it. Maybe you like the butterfly feeling of someone coming up and hitting on you in public. If so, this is your ideal role play scenario. So how do you even start the role play scene? 

Act like complete strangers. Have your partner or yourself meet at the decided-upon bar/club and start with flirtatious eye contact. Drop in a sexy pickup line you never got to use and buy them a drink…or four!

Engage in flirty small talk and embrace your inner smoothness. If they’re not already jumping your bones, convince them to come back to your place for another drink and close the deal. Though the bar scene idea is somewhat well known and simple, it’s a sexy way to begin the role play for couples process and will definitely leave you both wanting more.

role playing ideas for couples

The Yearly Physical

If you’ve already done the bar scene or the situation doesn’t fit in your sexy role play idea book, here’s another idea that might spark your interest. It’s somewhere you go every year for a checkup… can you guess it? 

Yes, the legendary ‘doctor and patient’ role play scenario. This idea can be super sexy because of the physical contact that’s involved right off the bat. It allows for one of you to be in a more dominant position while the other opens up, literally, and must comply with the Docs orders. The exciting part about this role play idea is that you can get really creative with it. You can purchase toys and costume props, such as a stethoscope and patient gown, to really create the scene and embrace the sexy moment you’ve been dying to have with your doctor. Go ahead and schedule your appointment. I know you’re due for a physical. 

Released for Good Behavior

You just got arrested for being too sexy, and you ended up with a three-day sentence… I hope the warden isn’t too tempted by your dirty talk

Ah, yes, the warden and prisoner role play idea. As I’m sure none of us actually want to be in prison, this scenario might just fulfill your naughty dream of doing the deed. This idea is another kinky thought that you can easily incorporate toys into the reality of it, such as the must-have handcuffs and the Tyche- Black Leather Sex Whip for the punishment you’ll be receiving after. 

role playing ideas for couples

The authority figure scenario gives the person playing the prisoner a sense of power and control, relating back to BDSM practice since they’re oh so convincing and able to persuade the “warden” to sleep with them. You could even reverse roles and make it kinkier with some forceful roleplay. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to dress up in a sexy prison outfit and get naughty with the warden?

A First for Everything

None of these float your boat? Here’s another idea for you, how about the virgin and the experienced. This role play idea is a fantastic way to allow yourself or your partner to take control. One of you, the virgin, obviously isn’t quite sure how to approach things, so the other, experienced character, gets to show them the ropes and blow their mind. 

This approach is not only great for some sexy role play but could also allow growth for you and your partner on a sexual level. Maybe you never knew your partner wanted to be in control the entire time, and your relationship improves because of it. It’s always important to communicate with your partner and be open about their thoughts and role play ideas.

Handy with Hands

The handyman, or woman, is at the door. Time to let them fix your squeaky faucet!

The handyman/woman and homeowner role play idea. What’s sexier than a repairman/woman coming into your home to up your property’s value? I’ll tell you, getting sexual with the repairman/woman that you’ve never met before. Maybe you have a leaky sink that you must sexually bend over to show them exactly where the water’s coming from. That’s totally okay with them because you’ll be in the perfect position to get things going, if you know what I mean. 

Maybe they get the job done, but you’re short on cash… looks like you’ll have to pay them another way. You know what they say, a handyman/woman is great with their hands.

role playing ideas for couples

Animal Play

Though this next idea isn’t your average scenario, I know some naughty minds out there would totally be into this sexy role play idea. Animal play, a scene where one of you is the animal, most commonly a dog, and the other is the owner. This role play idea is a perfect display of dominant and submissive characters. One’s in complete control and gets to be rough and intense, and the other gets to take it quite literally. This is yet another scenario that you can get creative with by using a collar, leash, and getting on all fours. Ideal for those that love a little doggy style. Get it?

The Private Dancer

If none of these hit the mark for you, I guess I’ll give you my last, incredibly sexy role play idea. You know when you’re feelin’ yourself, dancing in front of the mirror, and dying to be seductive. You do? Okay good, I thought I was the only one. 

How about a stripper/exotic dancer and customer scenario. This sexy role play idea is a great way to start your night. Dim the lights, get some alluring music going, and start your customers’ private dance. This idea really allows for you to feel yourself and bring some heat to the moment. Give your “customer” a little more than they paid for… I’m sure they’ll be a regular after the experience you give them. 

Well, you heard my ideas, and we both know there are a million more that could be thought up. That’s where your imagination comes in. Dig deep, get kinky, buy the props that go along with the scenario, and get sexy with it. It creates a more realistic feel and allows for you and your partner to really get into the scene. So embrace your inner actor and choose your sexy role play idea cause you’re about to fall in love with couples role play.


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