Role Playing Ideas for Couples: Christmas Role Play.

Dec 8, 2021

The holiday season is a time for indulgence, a time for doing you and treating yourself. And that includes your sex life. Always wanted your partner to wear a Santa costume in the bedroom and spank you for being bad? Do it! In this article, we’ll give you ideas on how to include role play in your sexy time.

Get inspired

If you’re stuck for ideas on what kind of role play you want to enact, watch your favorite Christmas movie and see if any particular Christmas characters tickle your fancy. Do you want to indulge in the naughty elf fantasy? Or maybe even sex with the main man himself? Or do you want to mix it up with an immobile snowman? If you want more explicit inspiration, try watching some festive porn. You’re bound to find something you want to do IRL.


The best way to have amazing role play sex is to commit to the moment. You can’t sort of do the sexy Santa fantasy. You have to be into the fantasy one hundred percent to get full enjoyment out of it – and also so your partner can enjoy themselves too!

Get the right clothes

Nothing gets you into your ‘role’ better than dressing the part. When it comes to role play costumes, You can go all the way and purchase a full-on outfit or keep it minimal with an accessory. An example of this would be either wearing an entire Mrs. Claus outfit or just opting for a red pair of panties with white fur trim. It really is up to you!  

As well as the outfit in question, you should also consider your hair and makeup. For example, if you’re going to play an innocent elf, dab some glitter around your eyes and on your cheeks. If you’re playing Mrs. Claus, opt for some blusher instead. Makeup is not entirely necessary, but it will take your look to the next level. The same goes for your hair. 

role playing ideas for couples

Set the scene

The main question I had about this was: how do you go from two lovers to role playing an entirely fictional scene? Space is your answer. Whether your partner simply gets ready in a separate room from you or you spend the entire day away from each other, a little space from each other will help you mentally distance yourself from their real-life persona. So when they enter the room in their role, your brain doesn’t automatically challenge the idea. Here are some ways to create that much-needed distance:

  • Simple: get changed in separate rooms. Easy.
  • Public discretion: If normal clothes easily conceal your outfits, you can arrange to spend the day away from each other and then meet at a bar for a drink. Knowing that you both have a secret underneath will get the atmosphere going.
  • Hotel getaway: This one’s great. Spend the whole day away from each other (at work, with friends, running errands, etc.) and then arrange to meet at a hotel. The added thrill of a foreign environment will add to the fictional aspect of your hookup. Plus, you get to stay in a hotel, which is a win-win.

Use toys

Sure, costumes are important but so are the sex toys you use. For some of us ladies, we can only come from the clitoral stimulation of a vibrator, so remember to pack your favorite toy! If you don’t have a vibrator yet and want to try one this season, here are our favorites:

  • Minerva – Stainless Steel Wearable Vibrator: This eight-speed vibrator doubles as a necklace to add to your look! Wear it while getting frisky with your partner and put it into action on your clit when you need it most.
  • Luna – Heated Thrusting Dildo, Sex Toy & Massager for Women: This rabbit vibrator comes in a Christmassy red, so it will suit your naughty Mrs. Claus role play very well. It has seven satisfying thrust modes and eight vibration modes. And on top of that, it’s heated – perfect for keeping you warm on a cold night. How should you incorporate this into your play? Why not record yourself masturbating in your sexy outfit and send it to your dominant Santa? He’ll soon be punishing you for touching yourself without his permission …
  • Penelope- The Rose Vibrator for Orgasmic Empowerment: This gorgeous red-rose vibrator is dual purpose. On one end, it functions as an air-pulse vibrator, and on the other end, a vibrating dildo. Use the rose-end during foreplay to get you tingling down there and then, in the middle of penetrative sex, flip it around and put the vibrating dildo on your clit. Unlike normal roses, there are no thorns on this one!
the rose vibrator
  • Hera – Remote Control Egg Vibrator: If you’re indulging in a bit of dominance and submission play in your role play, this remote-control egg vibrator is perfect for your dom to tease you throughout the day as you submit to him. Good elves don’t swear, but this powerful egg might just force you to. And Santa won’t like that …
  • Eos – an extremely powerful small bullet vibrator with a warming feature: We can’t write a list of recommended vibrators without including the classic bullet. It’s small but mighty! Available in silver or black and hosting ten vibration settings – as well as a warming feature – your orgasms are a guarantee.
  • Tyche – Black Vegan Leather Sex Whip, Spanking Toy: No, it’s not a vibrator, but if you’re in the market for some BDSM Christmas role play this year, you must have a spanking implement. This vegan leather whip is sure to give you mind-blowing sensations when your partner is punishing you for all the naughty things you did this year.

The trick to having really excellent role play sex is mentally checking in to the idea, committing to the scenario you’re exploring with your partner, and having fun! If something’s not fun for you, why do it, right? On this note, we must mention that you should discuss your fantasies with your partner before surprising them in a sexy elf costume. It’s important that you’re both on board with the idea and want to explore it. Otherwise, it will be fun for one of you and not for the other.

Role play ideas

Without further ado, here is a run-down of some of the role plays you and your partner can do:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Claus: Of course, the couple of the season. Why wouldn’t you want to play out sex between them? Get that Santa costume and that sexy Mrs. Claus lingerie and let your fantasies run wild.
  • The naughty elf: Normally, elves are depicted as sweet little creatures that work hard all year to make sure the big man has a successful Christmas Eve. But this time, you’re going to be a naughty elf; you’re not going to listen to what Santa says, and you’re going to run riot around the house. It’s up to your sexy Santa if he wants to punish you.
  • The baker and the gingerbread man: It takes a lot of effort to decorate Christmas cookies, so take your time with this one. Tie your man up, blindfold him, get the bag of frosting and make his naked body into a work of art. The sensation of the wet icing and the caress of your hands is sure to get him rock hard. Don’t let him move, though; you’re the baker, so you are in charge.
  • The snowman and the maker: This one’s great for those who enjoy a little objectification. Stand in the middle of the room naked. Your partner will then do whatever he wants with your body. The trick is that you cannot move; you are frozen still like a snowman (or snow woman!). 
  • Mommy kissing Santa Claus: Remember that classic song? Well, it could well be your next erotic role play! Hang some mistletoe in your home and drag your Santa underneath it for a hot make-out sesh. Then let Santa have his way with you.

Those are just a few ideas, but I’m sure you can think of more. Set your imagination free and have a night of hot role play sex!


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