The Role Play Checklist.

Sep 12, 2021

Ready to make believe your way into an orgasm that sends your eyes rolling into the back of your head, visualizing the reality of sheer sexual gratification in conjunction with physical and mental fulfillment? We thought so. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Role playing is one of the best ways to advance experiential intimacy and sexual intimacy further and has done wonders for couple’s sex lives and their sex drive, as the more you enjoy sex, the more you want to have it. 

So if you’ve read any of our past articles, such as “Your Guide to Sexy Role play“, and you’ve realized that you’ve been missing out on role play the entire time, you might be asking yourself, what do I need for it?

The honest answer really depends on how far you wish to take it within your relationship, but regardless of the play intensity and exploration, we’ve got a straightforward checklist to help get you started.


Let’s begin with the most basic applications of role play within a relationship: using nothing! 

You really don’t need anything at all to begin experimenting with sexy play. All you need is what you already have: yourselves and a vivid imagination, as well as an open mind and a willingness to have unique sexual fun. 

So many play-acting constructs can be completed with nothing at all. Things like talking dirty to your partner, telling them that they are your daddy, or pretending that you are in a public setting, for example, only require words! 

Although play-acting can be enhanced further with things we will list below, keep in mind that you can practice this insanely fun sexual practice with nothing at all. Hopefully, this inspires you to give it a try sometime soon and reap the rewards of fascinating, unique sex

A Phone

If you have never practiced role play before, then it can definitely be a little intimidating. It feels weird to take on an entirely new persona and then present it to your partner, who is also acting as someone else! 

It’s a funny, weird sensation that will eventually turn into a feeling you love, but until then, you might want to know how to approach role play in a way that effortlessly builds comfortably in practice. An excellent place to start is by utilizing it over text messages!

Sexy playing over text is a form of super exciting sexting (perfect for long-distance relationships), and will help you to get accustomed to role playing. You see, when you’re away from your partner and have the barrier of a phone screen to separate you, this helps to avoid those first awkward face-to-face encounters. 

This allows you to open up your mind, feel comfortable with the practice, and become accustomed to the make-believe scenarios of which it is your job to keep as realistic as possible.

In the end, a phone is all you need to begin with play-acting, and visit our article “How to Role Play Over Text” to learn more about this alluring practice. 

role play

Role Playing Ideas for Couples

The next thing you’ll need on the checklist is actual play-acting ideas for couples! You get to think of lives that you secretly wish to live, fantasies that you most likely will never experience in standard, everyday life- anything you want, as the possibilities are truly endless! You can’t practice role play if you don’t know what idea you will manifest into your reality, and coming up with the ideas is half the fun.

Try talking with your partner openly to discuss ideas that you may have and to also hear them out on their own. If you both happen to come up with the same, then you’ve landed a gold mine of role play fun, and if not, take time exploring them all during different occasions!

You get to be and do things from the kinkiest, dirtiest aspects of your imagination, so our best piece of advice is to simply be creative and free. Once you have an idea (or two or ten!), you can better check off the rest of the required boxes in the role play checklist. 

And don’t worry if you have trouble coming up with things. We’ve done a bit of the heavy lifting for you, outlining a few erotic and enticing role play constructs in our latest article, “7 Role Playing Ideas for Couples“. If you need a little inspiration, give it a read, and you’ll then better see how to come up with these ideas on your own, derived from your very imagination. 

Role Play Costumes

If you want to promote the realism of your role play situations, then there’s never a better means to do so than by incorporating role play costumes into your play. Play-acting costumes bring to full fruition the construct of your play and turn imagination into genuine reality. 

You don’t NEED costumes, but we highly suggest them, that’s for sure. Just think of the classic doctor and patient play. It’s a little more difficult to fully get into character in your pajamas, is it not?

Use role play costumes as a part of the entire experience, as well. Part of the fun together occurs before you even start ‘acting’. I mean, just think of the anticipation building up within you as you shop together or work on DIY role play projects from your home, eager and waiting to dive right into the actions. 

If you don’t know how to approach role play costumes, there are a few different methods. The first is by simply using clothing you already have around the house. It’s not that hard to craft a teacher and student outfit with your current closet, so get a little creative and embrace your inner fashionista. 

Have some old Halloween costumes lying around? Perfect, those will work wonders. If you were a sexy cop a few years back, your role play should clearly center around said costume! Old Halloween costumes help you to dive straight into role play ideas for couples.

And if you don’t have any, October is the best time of the year to start shopping around and planning for a future of play! What better way to get even more play-acting ideas for couples than by strolling through a Halloween store?!

Lingerie is also an excellent addition to role play costumes. Nothing is sexier than getting to feel yourself to boost sexual confidence during the situation and to further embody the sexuality of any situation.

role play

Role Play Toys

Sexy play isn’t as sexy without a plethora of sex toys in hand. Role play toys do a few things. 

  • They further enhance the realism of the situation.

Just like role play costumes, role play toys help to bring the situations to more life. For example, let’s say your role playing idea is to re-create threesome sex without another human being (which, by the way, is a super fun and safe way to do so without sparking the potential jealousy of a real threesome). Well then, snag your favorite ejaculating dildo for the culmination of real-life role play!

Nothing is more realistic than an ejaculating dildo, and by being so realistic, it’s literally as if you are in the real deal when it comes with you, on you, or how about in you?

What about a homemade gloryhole for role play? Once again, you’re going to need a toy to make this happen! 

ejaculating dildo
  • They enhance the stimulation of the situation.

As well as catering to the mental side of role play, role play toys further enhance the physical stimulation derived from these situations. Sex toys are guaranteed to showcase sensations that will send blissful shivers running down your spine, and with this, they help you reach climax during the play. 

A student getting in trouble by their teacher just wouldn’t be complete with a nice leather whip now, would it? You see, role play toys adhere to the physical stimulation required for good sex, help create dominant and submissive constructs common with role play, and most importantly, make the sex better by presenting incredible and unique sensations to you!

spanking sex whip


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