A Guide to Role Play Costumes.

Sep 17, 2021

So you’ve thought about it before but never really mustered up the courage to ask – what is role play, and how do role play costumes work? Well, look no further for the answer; we’re here at V for Vibes to answer all of your queries related to sex, and do we have the ultimate guide to figuring out role play costumes? We think yes! 

Keep reading to find out more about role playing, how to get started, how to incorporate costumes into your role play situation, and finally, how to move to role playing without costumes, too! 

It’s fairly common to see couples on screens, such as in movies or in TV shows, experiment with their playtime by adding roleplay scenarios into the mix. But how well does that really translate into everyday, regular people’s lives and playtime? We think it can be done immaculately and perfectly as long as both you and your partner are enjoying the situation you have come up with and are able to enact it well enough to set the right mood for a fun, new, and interesting dynamic within the bedroom. 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even try this out at Comic Cons and other opportunities to dress up as characters, such as at Halloween, and truly add a special flavor to your relationship. 

Here’s what you need to know about Role Play Costumes:

How to Pick A Character to Role Play 

 Sit down and talk to your partner about seriously trying our role play costumes to add some spice and flavor into your sex life. If your partner does agree and consent to it, move on to picking which characters seem appealing to both of you. 

Remember that this will be a two-way street and that you and your partner must be equally involved in choosing the characters since both of you will need to be aroused by the other’s character. Set out a list of characters to choose from – whether these are specific characters from comic books, movies, or TV shows, or they are more generic and have to do with stereotypes or even occupations, keep in mind that anything you two settle on is free of judgment and welcomed by both of you! 

If either partner does not agree to the character or costume in question, the chances are that roleplaying won’t really work for you. 

Start with deciding whether you want to get really particular and specific about the story both of you are trying to create or whether just the dressing up and acting part will cut it for you – do you need details, or is ambiguity okay in your sexy role play scenario? This will help you narrow down the options you’ve got and help you make a more informed decision about what you’re in for.

role play costumes

Set the Scenario and Choose a Spot 

Now that you have a set of costumes to choose from, specific or generic, you need to come up with a scenario to help you enact the roleplay situation. Are you an employee, and is your partner the boss? Are you delving into pushing the boundaries of power dynamics within your role play scenario, inspired by aspects of BDSM? Are you two dressing the part enough? 

These are all questions you should be looking to answer when getting in the mood for roleplaying with a partner. Roleplay outfits can vary from lingerie to full-blown costumes and can be made at home (DIY role play costumes) or can be bought at your nearest sex toys store. Choose whichever one works best for you, and remember to take the pressure off – this is supposed to be a fun activity that you and your partner engage in. Pick a situation that fits your dynamics the best, and get ready to get into the headspace of the character you’ll be enacting. Don’t be afraid to act out how you feel in the judgment-free zone you have created with your partner. 

After all, the best role play occurs when you are fully able to embody and enjoy the situation that you have crafted from the kinkiest corners of your wild imagination. Need some inspiration? We have a few role play ideas already outlined for you!

role play costumes

Lay down the Boundaries 

Keep in mind that boundaries are still very important and that safewords are not disposable. Come up with safe words that are easy to use and recall even in tough situations for you or your partner and learn to respect their boundaries even when things get hot and steamy. When the safe word is used – that’s the signal for the role play to stop, and for you and your partner to drop the scenario and costumes and check in with each other. 

Remember, Expensive isn’t Always Necessary. 

While it’s worth a shot, remember that you can always make role play costumes at home with what you’ve got lying around. Not only is this more sustainable than buying an expensive role play outfit that you probably won’t use after a few runs, it can also help you get creative with what you’ve got at home! Half the fun is derived from the experience of coming up with your role playing ideas to then bring them to life as you work together to create your DIY role play costume.

A skirt you’ve had lying around for a while? Turn that into a period/time/era-specific outfit that works for you and your partner by traveling back in time during your roleplay scenario. Those leather leggings you haven’t worn yet? Throw those on to feel sultry and let the temptation give you scenarios to work with – police officer, sex worker, any number of situations where you can use those leggings without spending much on role play costumes!

role play sex whip Tyche

Feel free to Laugh about it

Sometimes you and your partner will run into an idea that might seem ridiculous to both of you, but you will still want to try it out! Don’t worry too much about being serious and taking the fun out of this activity together. Feel free to laugh and joke about it even within the scenarios when you are both not in the middle of enacting your parts to make it a light-hearted, fun experience that you and your partner can both enjoy without taking too much pressure to get it “right”. Trust us, that’s half of the work done, if you’re having fun, you’re most likely going to enjoy the sex you have! 

Here are some examples for you to Try

If you’re struggling with options to choose from, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Think of what kind of situation turns both of you on – is it something that involves power play, or something with perhaps legal consequences, or maybe even something neither of you would do outside of the bedroom? 

Some options to choose from can be: 

  1. Carpenter or Handyman, and a Housewife
  2. A firefighter and a Woman caught in a building on fire
  3. Boss and Employee
  4. Delivery Person and Person waiting to Receive a Parcel 
  5. Professor and Student
  6. Stripper or sex worker and Client 
  7. Strangers who have never met before 
  8. Royalty and Servant
  9. Employer and Employee/Servant 
  10. A police officer and Criminal 
  11. Taxi Driver and Passenger 
  12. Friends or Siblings 
  13. Dominant and Submissive

There is a world of role play costumes out there that can incorporate already bought lingerie that you and your partner might have lying around. Take those old clothes out of the closet and really get to it – experiment, get creative, mark off everything in the role play checklist, and have fun with your partner as you try to come up with situations that excite both of you to try out role play costumes!


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