How to Give Road Head.

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Road head – it’s the wet dream of many men. What is it about the thought of receiving road head that is just so intriguing and amazing? Maybe it is the combination of fun, danger, and thrill of having a sexual act performed on them in the semi public, along with the adrenaline rush of driving a car and needing to keep it safe so that you don’t get injured or killed.

You’re reading this article – so you must be considering giving, or find the thought of giving road head excited! Or maybe you are the male partner who wants good head tips to be safe and have fun. Never fear. We are here with some effective ways to have great oral sex in your car without losing control or getting caught. 

One of the most important tips as a female – keep your hair out of your face.

Having your hair controlled and out of your face is normal for most blowjobs, but it’s super crucial even more so during road head. Oral sex on the road can turn very dangerous, very quickly. You don’t have a lot of options here for readjusting and making changes to your hair or position. Taking the moment to put your hair up will help you keep your mind off of the simple issue and down. 

Help him get his pants down.

If you want to give road head, remember that your partner should remain focused on the road as much of the time as possible. Try to unzip him yourself, and get that access. Once the action is going, don’t grab on his arms or distract him more than you already will be. 


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You are definitely going to need to swallow when giving road head.

Bad news if you hate swallowing semen – but it’s really the only option here, unless you feel like holding it in and spitting it into a cup. Admittedly, that is an option, but it is super unsexy, and not exactly the route we would recommend going. If you are not a fan of swallowing semen because of the taste, try to use products such as Maque, or a flavored lubricant to help you with making the taste of cum more palatable. Dietary changes on his end will help too. 

Good head tip – cushion can make this experience much more comfortable for you.

Having a cushion on the center console can help protect your ribs from being bruised or hurt. That center console can be super rough and uncomfortable, so use a jacket or cushion to protect yourself. Certain kinds of cars are more comfortable than others – for example, a pick up truck with a bench seat will be easier than an SUV with a super bulky center console. A smaller sedan will also be a little simpler. 

Try to stay on roads with not many stoplights.

Try to stay on a freeway, or a long straight road that has little traffic and little lights to have to worry about stopping at. The less he needs to think about the road, the easier and safer it will be. Also, the less people on that road, the less potential that you are seen by passersby or drivers by. Though, if you like being watched, know that any tractor trailer will probably see everything you are doing. You can also get sun shades and put them on the side windows to add some privacy if you feel you need it.

Music never hurts!

Throw on some sexy music, and put both of you in the mood. He can’t fool around with you or really do much in general to reciprocate when it comes to road head or blow jobs, so it’s nice to set that mood for yourself. 

Before giving road head, use your hands first.

Leaning over that center console is already uncomfortable, so if you are wanting to make things a bit easier for yourself, warm him up with a hand job. This is an easy, enjoyable way to get the action going and the blood flowing, and saves your neck a little bit of extra strain that you don’t have to go through.


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Don’t forget about bumps on the road.

Be very aware of road bumps and potential swerves and dips. You don’t want to accidentally bite him or choke yourself on him while giving him an on the road blow job! 

Prep time for road head! Try to have a cleanup kit in the car.

Even though you swallow, there may be a little mess. Or, you may want some water afterwards. Keep a little kit of tools that can be helpful, such as a bottle of water, gum, napkins or paper towels, and maybe a lipstick to touch up your makeup if necessary. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared, and you never know what you may need. 

Oral sex on the road has a lot working against it – from the potential dangers to you and others, the distractions on the road, and the potential to be seen by others. But it is these same dangers that make road head so fun, exciting, and thrilling to give or receive. Your partner has to be careful, and may not fully enjoy road head as much as they want to, since they cannot let go of all inhibitions. You are also going to be constantly worrying that someone may drive by and see you, or your neck may be hurting and cramping. All of these mechanical details add a thrill and naughty feeling to the entire act all together. 

If you aren’t ready to commit to full on driving and receiving or giving road head, try performing oral (or receiving oral) in your car in the driveway or garage! This gives you the thrill of being in the car, without the danger of having to move on the road or get caught by passersby. It also takes out the danger of road bumps for you and your partner and any potential mishaps that could occur from those sudden jolts. So go out there, get in your car, and have fun!


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