Simple and Easy to Follow Relationship Advice.

Oct 27, 2021

Relationships, such a stickler they can be, but they surely don’t have to be. They can be fun, simple, easy, and full of happiness. Sure, you have your ups and downs just like everyone else, but there’s definitely some simple relationship advice to keep things flowing how you want them to. 

Like, you’re in love with your best friend, aka your partner, and things are just freaking work because you do everything you should be doing in a relationship. Now that’s the dream relationship. But of course, that’s never how it stays or how everyone experiences it. With that said, I think all of us could use some really good, really simple relationship advice. 

 Let’s begin with a list of things that are easy to follow and, if acted on, will allow our relationship to benefit in the most positive ways. 

  1. Identifying and voicing what you want. When it comes to self-growth, being aware and figuring out what exactly you want out of a situation, yourself, or life, in general, is key to being happy with yourself. Would you believe me if I told you the same thing applies to your romantic relationship? Well, it does. Making sure your partner is aware of the things you find most important and what they find most important to them is such a strong suit in any relationship. This allows for you both to work on and towards those things you cherish most in life. For a broad, simple example, letting your partner know that you want to live by the water within the next 5 years allows for them to not only know one of your goals in life but to now work with you to achieve something that’s so important to you. Working together on your likes, dislikes, and your life dreams creates a strong connection between the two of you. It keeps you both on the same page and overall happy because they know what you want and what’s on your mind. Let’s not forget, our partners aren’t mind readers. Though some of them may know you well enough to pick up on things, they’ll never know exactly what you’re thinking unless you tell them.
  2. Being vulnerable. This item on our list is one of the most important and best relationship advice pointers out there. Though it may be one of the most challenging things to admit to your partner, you must have the strength to do so. Whether you haven’t been the best partner to your lover, or if things just aren’t working in your relationship anymore, you have to be upfront and honest. Being vulnerable with your partner showcases how much you care for them. Kind of weird, but think about it like this. Just how many people are you going up to on your shitty day and crying to them about what’s bothering you? None? Yeah, me neither. It’s hard to open up to someone and show them you’re not always that strong, kick-ass person they see on the outside, and that’s okay. It’s more than okay; it’s healthy. Opening up to someone about your feelings is so important when you’re in a relationship. A lot of the time, this is what people struggle with most. Showing emotions rather than hiding them inside will not only fill your partner in on what’s on your mind but how you feel about the situation. Being your most vulnerable self with them creates a connection that no one else has and ever will. Try to open up a bit more on an emotional level and share with them your thoughts. Admit that you haven’t been the best partner to them, and you will work on being better. Explain that you’re upset with yourself about it, so they don’t have to be hurt, angry, and confused as to why you are reacting a certain way towards them. This is something we all have room to work on.  
relationship advice
  • Showcase your appreciation. This tip is so damn easy and can totally be fun if you like to do sweet things for people. Go big or go small, as long as you’re showing gratitude to your partner, that’s the key. Little gestures here and there, subtle and cute compliments throughout the day or whenever you’re around them, are the perfect way to brighten up your partner’s day. These things can be as simple as a hug, random kiss, or random sex, wink wink. If you want to go a little bigger with it, you could surprise them by making their favorite dinner, dessert, take out. You could also get creative with it and surprise them with a gift. Put them together a basket of their favorite candies, treats, snacks, or get them something they’ve been mentioning for some time now (did someone say new rabbit vibrator?!). Doing small acts of appreciation showcases to your partner that you know how to listen, you care, and you appreciate them for being them. Your friend will be screaming “relationship goals” when she hears about the basket you handcrafted for them. 
  •  Keep things hot. Tip number four is a sacred tip that you need to keep in mind even if you just started dating—keeping things hot, freaky, fun, and sexy. YES! Routines are great. Actually, they’re downright healthy. But when it comes to being in a relationship and your sex life, routines can get a bit boring. That sex you’re having is always the same position, the same time, the same place… you get the point. Hell, maybe you don’t even have sex anymore because it’s just been too much. Clear those spider webs from your legs and get things movin’ baby. You’re hot- you’re totally forgetting that, and I bet your partner has too if you’re not struttin’ your stuff occasionally. So get back to it, spice it up, Tease your partner, play with them again like you used to. Age shouldn’t be stopping you from doing freaky things, friends. You can please yourself and your partner; you just have to put a little time and effort in. Doing so will allow you to stay engaged in your relationship and will definitely leave them wanting more.
  • A nicer approach. Arguments are bound to arise in relationships, short or long term. I mean, you’re two human beings trying to form a lifelong relationship… It sounds a bit complicated to me, and it should be. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, even if it looks that way. This relationship advice will help many aspects with your partner and turn your current partnership into your dream relationship: Delivery. No, not the takeout you just got delivered to your apartment. We’re talking about how you deliver your thoughts to your partners. Many conversations start off blaming the other person or come off as attacking them for something they either did wrong or you just don’t like. Instead of going off the deep end from the start, try wording it in a calm, simple manner. By doing this, you’re already guaranteed a better response than the one with you criticizing them. This is another tip I’m definitely guilty of, and I’m sure you have been too. Voicing the things you don’t like in a nice manner will allow your partner to respond in a nicer way back, instead of feeling like they can’t do anything right.
relationship advice

Relationship advice- I’m sure you’ve heard it from your mom or dad, siblings, or that one friend that hasn’t had the best dating record but is trying to give you advice on your love life… Yeah, we all have one of those. Advice is all over the place, and it’s great to read about and listen, especially when your relationship could use a little help. Even if it’s going well, there’s always things we can improve on that could help lead us towards our dream relationship. So read some more blogs or books, and ask people you know. Listen to the advice and take action using it. The only way to improve your relationship is to make changes to it and allow for inner growth. There’s room for everyone to be happy; you just have to be willing to work on it.


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