Random Acts of Kindness in a Relationship.

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No act of kindness is ever wasted, and when it comes to relationships, this statement couldn’t hold more truth and value. Random acts of kindness directed towards your partner are one of the most useful and meaningful ways to showcase your love, affection, and appreciation for them- both who they are as a person and as your lover and friend. 

There are so many random acts of kindness that you can use to this advantage, ranging from simple cliches to more creative approaches, each one as brilliant as the next. Because hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?!

Actually, yes, it very much so is, and with this, we are here to remind you to go that extra mile for your significant other and have a few random acts of kindness ideas and pieces of advice should you need a little inspiration in your endeavors.

Verbal Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness do not have to center around material goods, so never think that your financial situation or inability to give thoughtful gifts is a reason to hold you back from doing something that says, ‘I love you’ in a kind and loving manner. 

Some random acts of kindness are as simple as verbal affirmations to your partner to instill happiness and positivity into their day. If you are not consistently using your words to this advantage, then you are simply missing out. 

Focus on genuine creativity, thoughtfulness, and meaning behind your statements for verbal random acts of kindness. Need some ideas? 

Verbal Poetry

Try writing your loved one a love poem, and read it aloud to them when the time is right. You don’t have to be a wordsmith, so don’t try too hard, as no matter what your mind conjures up is sure to be enough to have your partner grinning cheek to cheek. For ideas, use your experiences together, your feelings for them, or even your sensational sexuality to form the poem’s subject around, and get at it!

random acts of kindness

Verbal Affirmations

Sometimes a simple compliment is all you need for small acts of kindness that mean so very much. Work to ensure that you are consistently utilizing verbal affirmations of positivity and compassion as a means to make your partner’s day and remind them of your love and affection for them. 

You don’t want to say it just to say it, and you should always say what you mean from your heart, but regardless, a compliment unsaid is useless, so just be genuine in your approach to this act of kindness and don’t let an opportunity slip by. Try getting in the habit of starting your mornings every day with something kind to say, and really work to notice the little strides your partner takes to present themselves to you, such as dressing up nice or changing their hair. 

A cute compliment about their smile or a quirk that you have always loved will let them know you are always thinking about them and will remind them that you notice and appreciate the little things, which are often the most important aspects of healthy relationships. So go for it; appreciate those little things all day long!

Tell Other People

Suppose you find yourself in a group situation with your partner next to you, chatting it up with friends or family about this or that. In that case, there is literally never a better way to compliment your loved one than during these moments, one of the best random acts of kindness there is. 

If/when the time feels right, and a subject arises which aligns with your loved one (the things they enjoy, the things they are good at, the way they make you feel, etc.), use this as a moment to jump on the opportunity to compliment your partner when talking to another person. 

For example, tell your friend of an experience that you and your loved one shared together that meant the world to you, tell them a story about a thing that your partner did that really made a difference, tell them how proud you are of your loved one and how appreciative you have been lately about their hard work. If your partner is standing by, they’ll be looking at you with wide eyes and love as you express these thoughts aloud. 

By complimenting your partner to and through other people, your loved one will realize that your love for them is fearless, boundless, and fruitful, and that they have impacted you so powerfully and positively that it is worthy of your conversation with people outside of just yourselves. 

Experiential Random Acts of Kindness

Relating to the subject of experiential intimacy, some people feel the most loved and intimate through shared experiences in life together, and using experiential intimacy as small acts of kindness will promote these shared experiences together. These shared moments will forever embed themselves into the beautiful memories of your time spent together and will showcase that no act of kindness is ever wasted. 

Go to a Concert Together

Whether you like the same music or have totally different opinions, go to a concert with your loved one, and if possible, to their favorite band! This will show them that you know their personality from the inside out, that you have listened to what they like, and that you are willing to go above and beyond to make them happy. 

random acts of kindness

Picnics Rock

Seriously, picnics rock. Snag a pretty basket, fill it with some tasty treats, and find a pristine place to set up a picnic. Enjoy a glass of wine as you laugh and chat with the sounds of nature surrounding you, and use this experience to learn more about each other in a lighthearted and enjoyable way. 

Go on an Adventure

Random acts of kindness can be extreme. If you take the time to plan and set up an adventure, such as camping, going on a hike, or trying skiing for the first time, then your partner will absolutely relish these adrenaline-inducing moments that they get to share with you and will appreciate the thought that went into planning such a wildly fun endeavor. 

Do the Date! 

Of all random acts of kindness, any form of date night will do the trick. It doesn’t matter what it is, just do the date! So many couples allow date nights to become a thing of the past after spending time together, and this is detrimental! Set up that sexy date night and show your loved one just how much they mean to you by working hard at creatively spending intimate time together. It will never happen until you do it, so please, make it happen! 

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Materialistic Random Acts of Kindness

Some people prefer material goods as small acts of kindness over anything else, and that’s totally a great way to showcase your love and affection for someone. The right material goods that are in line with the things they do and enjoy will show them that you were thinking about them when not in their presence and that you understand their personality to gift them something that they will use, love, and enjoy. 

If you need materialistic random acts of kindness ideas, here are a few ways to get you started!

Items for Their Hobbies

Does your loved one have a hobby or a passion? Give them something that aligns with this passion, as it shows you care about the things they enjoy and want to make the best of them. 

The Shopping Cart

Can you sneak into the shopping cart of your loved one’s favorite store? If so, click the buy button on one, some, or all things in their cart. This will surprise the living heck out of them and ensure that you get the perfect style and sizing!

The Cliches

Sometimes, the cliches are the best way to go!! Even if it is as simple as flowers and chocolates, no act of kindness is ever wasted, and this is always better than nothing. It’s such an easy way to make their day, and they will think of you every time they see the blooming flowers standing tall in the vase or the sun. Tip: Buy them flowers that they can plant!

Did Someone Say a Sex Toy?

Should you buy an adult toy as a gift? Absolutely!

I mean, come on. We have to do it! Is there a better gift in this world than providing the epitome of sexual pleasure, even when you’re not around?! We think not, and that is exactly why buying your loved one a sex toy specifically for them and only their pleasure is literally one of the best random acts of kindness there is. 

It shows you love and trust them in your shared sexuality, that you are open about sexuality, and care about their body exploration and fulfillment of sexual desires. If you want to score some serious brownie points (or maybe even an alluring session of mutual masturbation?!), we really suggest going for that rabbit vibrator or that sensational ejaculating dildo to set their world on sensual fire. 

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