9 Essentials You Need to Know About Rabbit Vibrators.

Aug 5, 2021

What is a rabbit vibrator? And how did a bouncy woodland creature become the secret to female sexual bliss? Here’s some fun sex toy history for you- this famous vibrator actually originated in Japan. Manufacturers were persuaded away from the outright phallic sex toys and looking to find something approachable and cute as a replacement. Enter the rabbit vibrator. 

While the cute style was appealing, its success rate at achieving orgasms is what kept rabbit vibrators popular. Rabbit vibrators were even featured in an iconic episode of Sex and the City, which kept them at the top of the women’s vibrator market. And it makes sense; they are a staple of satisfaction in the bedroom for a good reason.

How does a rabbit vibrator work? Here’s the down and dirty of everything you need to know about these special rabbit vibrators toys. 

The Shape is Really Something

There is something critical to the rabbits‘ form that really creates the sensation women crave. Fun fact: before there were rabbits, there were other animals pitched to the company. Yet, here we are, not wiggling our nubs with frogs. Instead, we take a trip to pleasure town with adorable ears wiggling our lips. How does a rabbit vibrator work with that bunny shape?

The two ears typically fall within the folds of a female labia. This does a great job of getting the blood flowing to this sensitive area without being too intense. The bunny’s nose then frequently lands right on the clit. Of course, every woman knows that firm and consistent clitoral stimulation is the key to satisfaction. The culmination of these two parts with the curved shaft makes for an all-encompassing experience. If you look around at the best rabbit vibrators, most still really do look like rabbits for this very reason. 

The Curve Inside

All women know the power of a curve- especially in the right direction. A rabbit vibrator features a comfortably sized shaft that curves up towards the rabbit. When inserted, this presses the shaft’s tip on a woman’s G spot- the soft space a few inches in on the upper side of the vaginal wall. If you haven’t had a chance to play around with intentional G spot stimulation from a sex toy, the rabbit is a great way to try it out and still get all the benefits of other vibrators. This area of a woman’s body is shown to extend orgasms in length and strength. Working with external clitoral stimulation too escalates the entire experience into near euphoria. 

rabbit vibrators

Dual Pleasure

Many women don’t know that the clitoris is larger than they think. While some think it is simply the external tender spots, it actually works deeper.

The internal G-spot everyone goes looking for? It’s really just the clitoral network. A rabbit brings the two worlds together and can offer a beautifully blended orgasm by activating all parts of this coveted clitoral network in sync. 

In fact, the best rabbit vibrators are so all-encompassing that you could get off almost entirely hands-free. Lean back, push inside, and buzz until your ears explode- it’s that easy. While you could, of course, move around as you see fit, the rabbit really does a vast majority of the heavy lifting for you with its strategic design that fits most women’s anatomy remarkably well. 

Lube her up

Despite the rabbit’s “set it and forget it” ergonomic design, the key to a really comfortable and long-lasting experience is lubrication. The original rabbit vibrator came in a rubbery PVC, and while this gave some firmness to the insertable, many women craved a more sensual experience. These older PVC and rubber models also inhibited hygiene by making it harder to clean off harmful bacteria between play sessions. These days, the best rabbit vibrators use smooth and sanitary silicone. While the silicone feels incredibly soft, water-based lubricant can make it so that softness stays, which is pivotal for those longer sessions. With any toy for vaginal and clitoral stimulation, lube helps you feel comfortable while being satisfied. 

rabbit vibrator with ejaculation feature BIA

Solo Solution

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons we’re most excited by sex toys is it brings us some independence. Sure, fingers and the showerhead are fine, but with the right equipment, we can find sexual bliss without a partner. 

A rabbit vibrator offers the clitoral stimulation that women are pretty adept at handling themselves but adds in that pivotal penetration to integrate the rest of the clitoral network. Single and not ready to mingle? The rabbit vibrator can take care of you on lonely nights and still leave you feeling delighted. Who says you need a man for penetration? Want something that can get the job done quickly and efficiently that’s also responsive to your pleasure? This is the indispensable addition you need to your collection. 

Partner Play Time

Because it’s so great at helping women achieve a solo orgasm, many shy away from using rabbit vibrators with a partner. The truth is, masturbating with a partner is where it’s at!

If mutual masturbation isn’t part of your standard sexual repertoire, you need to try it. Low energy, just the way you like it, and you get to enjoy your partner at the same time. The small touch of voyeurism can make for a fun addition to anyone’s sex life. As the rabbit vibrator is the ultimate in self-satisfaction, it can be extra fun to put on a show with a partner present. Try enjoying yourself while your partner also is having fun, and you can have some really hot sexual encounters. 

thrusting rabbit vibrator LUNA

Battery-powered Bliss

The plug-in-only Hitachi was the gold standard before the battery-powered rabbit came to the market. The best rabbit vibrators even use rechargeable batteries, so the fun never stops. This means you can always take your show on the road. From your bedroom to your vacation, even to the bathtub- these babies can go anywhere you go. It’s worth making a TSA agent blush to bring this with you on your next trip. Gone are the days of plugging in clunky equipment; the modern rabbit vibrator is sleek and portable while also being an all-encompassing pleasure machine. 

Waterproof. Yes, really!

The top rabbit vibrators are also waterproof. And that’s great news for women because we know when things get fun they can also get wet. But no need to stop at your own wetness. Imagine upgrading your experience to somewhere where water could actually enhance your experience. The hot tub, the shower, and especially erotic rainstorms- all become your orgasmic options when you have a tool that can take it. If there’s a wet fantasy you’ve been waiting to try out, all you need is the right tools. It’s worth investing in if it makes a fantasy come true. 

So if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to invest. And if a friend asks, “What is a rabbit vibrator?” it’s your duty to tell them. A rabbit vibrator is an absolute must-get item for any woman’s sex toy collection. If you’re looking for one that meets all the specs here and more, we can’t recommend enough the Agrippina model from V for Vibes. The rabbit shape is successful for a reason, and V for vibes gets that. There are simply too many orgasms waiting for you out there, so don’t you dare miss out on the pleasure you deserve. 



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