How to Have Insane Quickie Sex.

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The most fulfilling sex lives are those that maintain a healthy variety of the many approaches to physical sexual intimacy


Sex manifests in many, many forms. Spiritual, sensual, and slow lovemaking might be the epitome of what we seek in our relationship with a partner. Still, sexual exploration means enjoying these moments of carnal bliss with sheer diversity. 


So enter quickie sex


Quickie sex might not adhere to long bouts of foreplay or a variety of intimate sex positions, but it’s a quick relief of sexual tension, a jolt of physical connection, and really just a hell of a lot of fun. But as with anything, there is good, and there is great. I say we strive for greatness, shall we?


With no further ado, loves, here’s how to have insane quickie sex. 


What is a Quickie? 


I don’t know about you, but my partner and I often separate our sex by ‘quickies’ and ‘longies‘. We can’t be the only ones that do this, right?


So what is a quickie when speaking of these two options of intercourse?


As the name suggests, quickie sex is sex synonymous with spontaneity and a rather prompt approach to getting down and dirty. Skip the teasing, the long makeout sessions under the covers, and the sensual foreplay. Just get right into the good stuff!


Focus on the acute sensations, and allow your body to succumb entirely to this wild moment of erotic connection. With heterosexual couples, this often means only the male benefits from climax, and for us empowered women, that’s not only okay, but it’s also kind of the point! Our time for a ‘longie’ will come when the stars align and our physical and mental bodies choose to seek climax. 


For now, focus on the sensations you are receiving without worrying about orgasm as your end goal, allowing you to fully enjoy the present and relish your potent ability to satisfy your loved one so wonderfully. Be rough, be fun, be risky, and be free. With this in mind, here’s the best way to have a quickie. 

quickie sex

Quickie Sex Tips


Quickie sex tips and ideas for the empowered woman:


Cater to the Element of Surprise


Just think… Is there ever a bad time for a quickie?!


Even in the most risque of situations, such as when out in public or at a gathering, there’s always a way to make a quickie happen. 


The element of surprise creates quite the alluring nature to your sex, and surprise is synonymous with spontaneity. Jump back into bed naked as a hint, pull your loved one’s arms aggressively into a quiet space, or send them a dirty text with a sly smile. If the moment feels right, make it happen! 


Be Vocal. Be Loud. 


The best quickie sex is, even if for but a few minutes, when you and your partner exit reality and enter a dream-like state of sheer bliss. To enhance this sexual allure and to jumpstart your adventurous fun into immediate satisfaction, unless you must remain quiet and sneaky, be vocal and loud!


Quickie sex should be dirty, raw, and free. You can skip the intimate talk and positive affirmations for long, sensual sex and instead embrace your inner wild side. 


If you like it a little rough, which quickies are perfect for fast, aggressive sex, tell your partner to pound you harder or to spank you madly because you’ve been a bad girl. Moan and breathe like you don’t have a care in the world, practice talking dirty, and your partner will journey directly down the path of vocally-fueled climax. 


Wear Loose, Sexy Clothing


There’s something so hot about having sex with your clothes on. It’s unique, sexy, and indicative of quickie sex, a way to enhance erotism during sexual exploration. It’s like saying, “holy shit, I need you NOW!”. 


With this, and also the fact that you might not have the time (or want to take the time) to get entirely naked, make a sex quickie just that much easier by wearing loose-fitting clothing. And with warmer weather nearing, I think we’re all ready to flaunt our favorite summer dresses anyway, right?!


Leave your loved one wide-eyed as they gently lift the silky fabric onto your back, revealing your perfect peach because, trust me, they will love licking and pounding you with your clothes still on. Bring their fantasies to life by allowing them to pull your panties to the side, or bonus points for wearing none at all…


Places for Quickie Sex


Add variety by having a sex quickie in allllll sortssss of places. 


For the adventurous, perhaps try a public quickie, such as when on a hike or when at a public beach. If at home, do it in the shower, the kitchen, or the couch’ anywhere other than the bedroom!


It’s a super healthy practice to change the location of where you engage in intercourse, as this helps keep things exciting and different, risky and raw. Where will your quickies take you?


Standing Sex


Asie from those morning quickies still in bed, quickie sex often equals standing sex. Doggy style, the ballet dancer, against a wall. 


Find something to hold onto, and get ready for the ride of your life. And if you find a position that feels incredible for both, stick to it. You don’t need the creativity of switching through multiple positions as you would with more intimate sex, so go for those that deliver a guaranteed hit of oxycontin and dopamine, natural ecstasy, and a high of sexual sensation. 


It’s nice, too, because standing sex changes up the standard routine of common sex positions in bed, helping to avoid the mundane. 


When in these standing sex positions, you can still dirty things up by gripping your partner’s skin firmly with your fingernails, flashing your breast for a quick tease, and, as we said before, being loud and vocal!! 


Bring a Vibe


Okay, so I know quickie sex is usually climactic for only the male, but some of us can reach climax rather quickly, and if you’re one of them, then quickie sex can still send goosebumps shivering down your spine via toe-curling orgasm. 


With a discreet, small, and wearable vibrating necklace like Minerva, you can bring your vulva’s best friend with you everywhere you go, helping to ensure you too cross the finish line regardless and without the worry of time.


To match intense, beautiful clitoral stimulation with your partner’s penetration, place your discreet bullet vibrator against your flower and allow it to bloom in the warm, relaxing sensation. 

vibrator necklace

Have Quickie Sex When You Want It


When it comes to sex, you should always listen to your body. If you feel a little horny and frisky, but deep down, you don’t have the desire or energy to have long, intimate sex, you can still satisfy this sexual desire with a quickie!


However, if you seek more, then listen to yourself. And this might happen during your quickie! A little stimulation, and the next thing you know, you actually want more. So it’s totally okay to say, wait, let’s take this quickie to the bedroom and finish the job. As you engage, be open to making the adjustments that lead to only the most positive form of sexual fulfillment. 


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