Quickie Fun: 10 Quickie Ideas.

May 17, 2022

Sometimes, you have limited time to have sex. But a tight schedule doesn’t mean quickie sex has to be anything less than satisfying. I know you and your partner probably have toe-curling, lip-biting quickie sex most of the time. So how can you have quickie fun and make things even hotter? 


Whatever form it takes for you and your partner, there are many quickie ideas to make sure it is one to remember. Here are some golden rules for making your quickie sex a mind-blowing experience.


Start with Positions that Never Fail to get you off


If you know that having sex in the doggy position will make you come faster, start there. You don’t have much time. There’s no point playing around with positions you know will not get you there. Increase your chances of orgasm by leaning on a chair, wall, and countertop and let him enter you from behind. Remember, if you don’t reach orgasm, it is still a completely hot experience.


Dress for Easy Access


Quickies are supposed to be fast. Having quickie fun with your partner is easier when you’re dressed for the occasion. No one wants to spend the whole time getting undressed, so save your time by wearing a dress or skirt you can easily lift or pants you can quickly push down. Ditch the jumpsuits and tight skinny jeans for another day. Clothes with easy access come super handy in times of sexual necessity. Plus, the sense of urgency to get the sex started when you are pushing clothes out of the way makes the experience hotter.


Meet Him in Nothing 


Greet your partner at the door wearing nothing but your sexiest lingerie. Or do you prefer white underwear, rock it, girl. Whatever makes you feel like the true sex icon you are is the right way to go. If you are bothered about the neighbors seeing you, you can wear a bathrobe and let it drop on the floor as soon as your partner shuts the door. Your man will be turned on seeing you naked no matter how silly you feel. Quickies don’t have to be serious. It is fun, playful, and spontaneous. Meeting your man in nothing will be a pleasant surprise, and he won’t be able to keep his hands away.


Quickie Fun

Ditch the Movie


You are both on the couch, enjoying some nice snacks while chilling on Netflix. This is one of the quickie fun ideas that will catch your partner unawares because he will expect that your mind is on the movie. Feast on him instead and make your move when he least expects it. If you are feeling courageous, try this the next time you’re in a cinema – as long as you take the back seat and you’re both discreet.


Hop in the Shower for Slippery Fun


Call your partner into the room while taking a shower or slip into the shower with him. Talk to him about something regular while soaping your body. Whatever part of your body he’s super into, lather that up especially. Then, invite him to join. Let him be your soapy shower buddy! You will start your day happy and be done in time for work.


Give him a BJ on a Night Out


Quickie fun ideas are not only for penetrative sex. Get his endorphins rocketing with an intense sensual blowjob! Let your inner bad girl run the show. Trust me; he won’t know what hit him! If you are going on a romantic dinner date, you can turn him under by playing footsie with him under the table. Talk about how much you’ll love to have him for dinner and all the things you want to do to him right there and then. You will get his thoughts racing, and before you know it, he will be dragging you to the restroom for some quick and hardcore romp. Spontaneity is key here, my lady!


Be the Missing Party Guests


Here’s one of the quickie ideas that can help you take a boring cocktail party up a notch. Tease your partner throughout the night with racy texts, send him flirty looks across the room, and whisper something dirty when he passes by. Some moments into the party, pull him into the restroom and let him reach for you. It is even more fun if you don’t wear panties to this event. Hop on the sink, spread those legs, and pull him close. The surprise, buildup, trying to keep things quiet when you are super aroused, and the idea of having a quickie in someone’s bathroom is what makes this hot and memorable.


Allow your Vibrator do Double Duty


Are you in a hurry? Allow your sex toys do some smart work. This is a great way to make your quickie fun since you don’t have time for a long session. If your partner is struggling to get an erection, or you want some brisk brilliance without penetration, use your vibrator for a quick double time. You can place the vibrator on his penis to achieve an erection or let him use the vibrator on your clit. Whether you are doing doggy style or cowgirl, a vibrator will make you come fast without wasting time. This means that you can squeeze your quickie in before work and other obligations. 

ejaculating vibrator

Host the Quickie


Don’t be surprised! You can add some form of role-playing into the mix. If you only got a few minutes, slip an invitation into your man’s back pocket, saying, “your presence is needed on the balcony from 9:35 to 9:42 pm.” Light some candles. Wear nothing but heels and sweet-smelling skin under your bathrobe. When your guest comes around, he’ll be very impressed with your creativity and hostess skills. Your party will be rocking in little time, and no one will even notice you’re there.


Give your Spatula a New Purpose


Your kitchen is already of the best places to have quick sex. And bringing a spatula into the mix makes your quickie fun, and you should try it out. Sit on the edge of the table and spread your legs so that your partner can enter you while standing. No one says you can’t go kinky even while having a quickie. Have your man pick up the spatula and spank your bum for extra effect. 


You could also lie on the table while your partner raises your calves to his shoulders and penetrate you. Who knew a spatula and a kitchen table could be so erotic? Not only does having sex on a kitchen table provide new and pleasurable angles. It is also perfect for the intensity and the uniqueness of a quickie.


Ultimately, for your sake, always have a lube close by. Quickies don’t give women enough time to lubricate fully, and I think you know that sex is not enjoyable without proper lubrication. So keep lube nearby to make your quickie the best.


I want you to give these tips your all and make your quickie fun. I want you to have sex as you’ve never had it before. Breathe heavily, moan as loud as you want, touch your partner like you’ve not seen them in a long time. If sex is only going to happen for a few minutes, you’d better make those minutes delicious!



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