How to Have a Public Quickie (And Not Get Caught!).

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The public quickie


It’s a common fantasy among many of us. And it’s also a very high-risk, high-reward sexual activity. You do it right, and you will have one of the best public quickies in your life. Do it wrong, and you could get arrested. 


Woah, that’s a big difference. 


So how can you have a public quickie without getting a criminal record? So many people attempt a quickie, but there’s always something that they didn’t think of that ruins the experience. And we don’t want anyone to have terrible sex. So bear our tips and tricks in mind so you can have a fantastic public quickie. But also bear the possible consequences, as that’s on you, girl. 


Public Quickie Locations


Depending on what you want to do, the sky’s the limit when it comes to locations. 


For penetrative sex, you are a bit more limited due to the fact that the penis and vagina have to match up somehow. But it’s still possible. Here are our suggestions for penetrative sex.


The most popular choices are plane toilets, general public toilets, changing rooms, and cars. No matter where you decide to have a public quickie, one thing is for sure, and that is: it will probably be a small space, and there will probably be people around. 


So be prepared to get down and dirty in some different positions and to hold back your moans. Half the fun anyway, right?


Here are some more public quickie location ideas:


  • Anywhere with a cubicle: plane toilets, public bathrooms, changing rooms: Hello stand-up sex!
  • The movie theater: Scream at the loud parts and try to withhold your moans during the quiet parts. It’s also an ideal place for fingering and blow jobs. Cut a hole in the popcorn tube?
  • A campsite or music festival: Although your tent gives a sense of privacy, you can hear a lot at night, can’t you? If you want to be extra daring during the warm evenings on your camping holiday, wait until late in the evening, where most tents have been zipped up for the night, take your mattress outside, and have sex out in the open under the stars. Or just a little unzip for a more reserved approach to safe exhibitionism
  • In your car in a public place: This is a classic one and for a good reason. Even during the height of winter, you can get naked in the heated warmth of your car. And that emergency blanket in your car? Yeah, not just for emergencies.
  • On the hood of your car (extra daring!): Obviously, don’t do this one where there are other cars right there, but if you’re parked somewhere remote, and it’s not likely that other cars will turn up, why not have sex on the hood of your car? Or indulge in some oral sex? Or both!
  • In an elevator: How many times have you seen that sudden passionate elevator kiss in a movie? It’s common because it is HOT. As soon as those elevator doors close, you have probably a minute maximum to do whatever you want to your partner. And if you want more, that’s what the emergency stop button is for …
  • At the office: If you work at the same office, this one can be really sexy. But it is also hella’ risky because you’re at work meters away from your boss. Suss out your office building and find a stairwell or a cupboard where you two can go to town on each other. From personal experience, I know that stairs work really well. With my boss holding his hand over my mouth to cover my moans… Whoops, did I share too much?
  • At a wedding: Weddings are romantic and horny affairs. While they’re all about love, something about weddings also just makes us all want to f*ck amirite? So when everyone is drunk and dancing to Bruno Mars, find an empty space and get funky baby.
  • In a public park: There are some huge parks out there, and it’s hard to police the entire area. So it’s pretty easy to find a deserted space in the long grass to get frisky with each other. Just make sure nobody’s around, and you wear sunscreen if it’s a hot day.
public quickie

Necessities for a Successful Public Quickie


Okay, although a public quickie is often a spontaneous decision, there are a couple of things you can keep in your purse at all times just in case something happens between you and your partner.


  • Condoms: These things aren’t just a necessity for guys to carry around. You never know when you’re going to get sex. So be a smart smart girl and slip a condom into your purse.
  • Lip balm: You should always carry lip balm in your purse because dry lips happen to us all on a daily basis. It’s even more crucial for a quick makeout or sexy quickie because after kissing someone so hard so fast, your lips are gonna need rehydration.
  • Hand sanitizer: I think most of us have this magic stuff in our bags now because #COVID. It’s great for quickies because your hands can get messy depending on what you get up to. Just a PSA: don’t put sanitizer on your hands before you touch someone’s genitals. That might sting a bit.
  • A small snack: After sex, you can get sooo hungry no matter how long you were doing it. So have a durable snack in your bag like a chocolate or granola bar. 
  • Mints or chewing gum: I was in a situation once where someone wanted to have a quickie with me on my break at work, and I knew in advance. So it was always super handy to have a breath mint or chewing gum in my purse. Having a breath freshener in your purse is just also common sense. 


Ways to Make a Public Quickie Easier


  • Use saliva as lube: Nobody’s going to carry a bottle of lube around with them unless you are that committed. And lubrication is probably one of the first things that messes up a public quickie. So instead of whipping out your favorite brand of lube, you have something at your disposal that’s free: your saliva. It might sound gross, but you swap a lot of saliva while making out anyway, so you may as well use it on your genitals too. And there is nothing sexier than your lover spitting into their hand and rubbing it on your genitals. Not tried it? Try it, then you’ll see what I mean. Yes, saliva does come with the chance of bacterial infection, so make sure your partner has a clean mouth and clean hand, and wash your vulva off when done. 
  • Start arousal pre-quickie: Sometimes, you might need to get in the mood for a quickie. So get the party started early and do whatever gets your partner in the mood. Go to the movies and spend the whole time touching them in intimate ways. Get your partner to wear a wearable, remote control sex toy through dinner. Talk dirty to your partner about what you want to do to them before you go out. You get the vibe.
black egg vibrator
  • Plan it: Sometimes, the best sex is PLANNED. If spontaneity gives you anxiety, go right ahead and plan exactly where and when you’re going to be doing it. Then you can take all the provisions you need, unlike your spontaneous-sex friends. Winner!
  • Wear accessible clothing: To save time and effort during your quickie, think ahead and wear easy-to-remove or accessible clothing. For guys, wear jeans with a zipper and t-shirts instead of button-ups. For women, think dresses and skirts. Although I’m sure you creative horny people can think of a way to do it with even the most complicated clothing on. Just be aware that clothing is an obstacle during a public quickie. Less is more.


The Climax


A public quickie can be one of the most thrilling things you can do. But it can also get you into either deep embarrassment or a jail cell, or both! So be wise and think hard about where you’re going to have a quickie. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, be quiet (if you can!), be safe, and have fun!

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