25 Super-Fun Places to Have Quickie Sex.

Apr 8, 2022

Sometimes you can’t just wait! Your partner looks attractive, with increased heartbeats and an adrenaline surge. I get it! 


Quickie sex is one of the best ways to get it on with your partner. It is hot, and it feels a bit forbidden. You need to enjoy the adventure and passion a public quickie brings. Getting it on for a few minutes can leave you and your partner flushed, exhilarated, and craving more. 


Quickies can produce those mind-numbing orgasms that make you feel like a sexual warrior – especially when you hear your partner moan. The intensity of the experience has a way of infusing naughtiness into your relationship, which makes both of you feel like partners-in-crime


Now let’s skip to the good part!


Do you have limited time to take off your clothes? No problem. Whenever you feel like you need to have your boyfriend right now, but you are both strapped for time, and you don’t know where to have a quickie, here are some of the best places to have quickie sex.




Shower sex is the perfect way to start your day or get ready for a night out with your partner. Sneaking in when your partner is getting ready for work will leave a massive blush on your face all day.


His Office (Or Yours)


Because, hello: your partner has probably been dreaming of this since they moved into their office! Have you ever wanted to toss everything off your work desk and make love to your partner right there? Go for it! 


Well, don’t risk being fired. Whether you use your work chair or lay flat on your desk, there is something incredibly thrilling about turning a serious space into orgasm central.

public quickie

In Your Car


Car sex remains a wanted fantasy for many couples. What’s more fun than grinding into your partner at the backseat of your car? Just make sure you don’t get caught.


The Couch 


Do you want to Netflix and chill? Sure, right after passionate quickie sex. There are many moves you can make on your partner on the couch without having to take off your clothes.


A Hotel Restroom


Do you want to inject some passion into your casual date night? Skip an expensive hotel room and sneak into the lobby powder room for a quick romp.


Back of Club


Being out on a romantic date sharing your wildest fantasies with your partner is exciting. If you are both up for quickie sex, head to the darkest corner of the club and get your game on!


At a Party


Ask any couple who have been together for a while, and they will probably admit to having quickie sex in their friend and even their family’s home. After a few drinks, you can find a guest room, lock the door and get on with it. The best part of this comes after the bang when you look at your partner across the room, and you know you are the reason their cheeks are flushed.




Sex at the cinema will lighten things up if your on-screen attention is starting to waver. Settle in a secluded area; the back corner is perfect for you to have a good time. It’s even better you choose a movie that won’t draw many people.




You have finally decided to take a break from life’s stress and go out with your man. Having quickie sex outside in a cab is a great way to start the night and let loose. Sure, the cabbie is going to notice, but if you slip him extra tips, there’s no way he will mind.


Fitting Room


It’s impressive to surprise your man with new lingerie. You can make things more fun by allowing him to pick something for you. Slipping into a few sexy pieces in the fitting room will surely get your man hot. And the absence of security in most fitting rooms makes this an excellent spot for quick sex.


The Laundry Room


Washing machines have the perfect height for multiple positions, and the vibrations can muffle your moans and add to the excitement.


An Elevator


This is a favorite for many people. Sexual tension builds when the elevator moves floor by floor. Hopefully, you’re dropping on this last floor because quickie sex can’t be completed on a one-floor ride. 


The Stairs


Stairs are handy when it comes to creating some pleasure-enhancing angles. Stick to the higher floors if you want to have a great time without getting disturbed.


The Dining Table


Lay back on a table that is level with his hips. You’ll both love the deep penetration your dining table affords.

public quickie

Traffic Jam


Everyone hates being stuck in traffic. Why not think of a better way to make the most of this alone time with your partner. While the two of you having full-blown sex might disturb the person in the SUV next to you, a little cheeky oral play will get the job done.


Parking Lot


The parking lot offers a very tempting place for quickie sex. As long as you’re clear that there’s no one hanging around, why not grab your partner by the hands and proceed for a shot or two before someone comes by. The best sex position for a public quickie in a parking lot is doggy. It allows you to back off faster if you notice anyone coming your way.




The dark alley behind a restaurant is an option for wildly adventurous people. Dark places are perfect for couples who want to get physical and do not have enough time. However, be careful so you don’t end up with the wrong people.


Back of the Library


You can have quickie sex outside, especially in your famous library. Go to where they keep the encyclopedias because no one ever goes there.




It’s an excellent place for quickie sex. With the fresh air caressing your skin and the beautiful scene outside, your balcony is a medium between privacy and exhibitionism.




With everyone dancing to their favorite song, you will likely not get noticed. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. You find other couples going at it too.


An Empty Classroom


Having quickie sex outside and in a classroom is incredibly fun to do. You can play your sexy school girl role in the classroom. Just double-check to ensure no student is coming in, and don’t forget to lock the doors.


Your Parent’s House


Bring back the feelings you had when you were a teenager sneaking to have sex in your parent’s room. Getting caught can still be embarrassing, so make sure you’re quick.


Under a Restaurant Table 


Hand jobs to the rescue, but make sure the table has a long tablecloth.


A Rooftop


This is practical for those who have access to a flat roof. With the sky as your cover, you’ll get a rush knowing people might likely see you.


The Beach


Here’s another fantasy that comes to life. Stick to the quiet side of the beach at night to avoid people. If you still have little time, you can stargaze afterward.


Sex is wonderful. Having stolen steamy moments in the right location is beautiful. I’m sure you know where to have a quickie now. If you haven’t considered having quickie sex in these places, you need to spice up your sex life. Try any of these spots, and I can guarantee you’ll feel adventurous and proud!

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