The Best Places to Masturbate in Public.

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If you’ve been thinking of getting risky with public masturbation, we have a list of spots you can refer to when you need guidance! This list, as most things that are risky and can get you in trouble, comes with its own disclaimers and, of course, should only be used in safe, non-threatening environments. The responsibility of assessing your own safety and of those around you is solely yours, so be discreet and be quick! Follow our blog for more tips to help women masturbate in public, as exhibitionism is one of the most popular and exciting of sexual kinks to exist.  

Remember, this is about what feels good, so there’s little to no pressure to do any of these if you aren’t comfortable or ready yet. Take your time getting there, and once you are, know that we at V for Vibes have your back. 

Let’s get started with the list of the best places to masturbate in public:

A Public Bathroom

Like our other blogs state, hygiene and cleanliness should be your top priority. So for this location, we suggest you scope the public bathrooms available to you very well before you decide to try public masturbation in a public bathroom. Make sure it’s clean and safe and that you can get a few minutes on your own without any interruptions. 

Get in, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to head to pleasure town far quicker than you have ever been. Make sure you keep the door locked and that you aren’t putting yourself in danger when you’re trying public bathroom masturbation. Sneak in a quiet sex toy that can help you get off a lot quicker and will feel very rewarding once the deed is done!

A College Library

This might not be very conventional, and sure, libraries are meant to be read in, but who says they can’t do more than just that? There aren’t that many places that can accommodate women masturbating in public, but a college library might actually be very suitable for you! Think about it; it’s quiet, most people are super focused on the work they’re doing, and if you’re lucky, you can find a hidden cubicle to get started in. 

There’s also something very exciting and steamy about a public library where all your nerdy fantasies can come true – even better if you have a partner who accompanies you through this journey. Public masturbation can be risky, but places like a library are best suited for it since you don’t attract too much attention if you can look busy while you’re at it. Just remember to be extra quiet to avoid angering the librarian or getting caught. 

public masturbation

At the Movies! 

So, you’re at the movies, and a really enticing sex scene comes on. What do you do? It’s dark, it’s fairly loud at the movies for you to not worry too much about the sound, and you can be very quick and sneaky about it! Let your imagination run wild while you allow the visuals from the film to really get you going and feel the thrill in your bones as you reach the Big O. 

Again, a toy might be a great idea, too, (specifically remote control vibrators) because it gets the job done quicker, and if you’re feeling a little adventurous, get your partner to go with you and explore the world of risky public masturbation together.

Ideally, you should pick a less crowded hall and a seat at the back so that no one is offended by your actions. Also, ensure that it’s completely dark and you’re not running the risk of being caught or kicked out! 

remote control sex egg

In Your Car

While this isn’t a hundred percent out in the open, public masturbation in a car can feel very fulfilling. It’s private enough since it is your own car, and the threat of someone showing up and catching you in the act is greatly reduced. You can choose to park your car in a safe zone with no driving hazards involved, and let the people around you lead your mind to all the places that get you off! 

Try playing a game with your remote control vibrator in public, such as allowing your partner to turn it on every time you pull up to a red light, sending blissful shivers down your spine until it turns back to green. 

Let the strangers in a park or the pedestrians walking by really help your imagination, and as we have mentioned before, a vibrator might do wonders! Check out Our Shop to find something small, portable, and quiet to try your hand at risky public masturbation in the car. 

At a Sex Store

This one isn’t as surprising as the other risky options we’ve listed, but don’t undermine how well this can work for you! This is a fairly public place where only adults are allowed, and sex is not taboo. It’s supposed to be a place for you to explore, and while you’re at it, you might even find something you’d like to purchase that helps you get off. 

Like always, make sure you’re in a secluded part of the store and that you don’t draw too much attention, which could get you in trouble. Other than that, most of the store is a safe bet; try it behind a rack of toys or a counter if you can get access, and utilize potential video booths if they are included in the store. You might just have the best orgasm of your life!

On a Hike 

You’ll have to be extra discreet about public masturbation when you’re on a hike, but it is a great option for when you need to be outdoors. Risky public masturbation on a hike, as well as hiking sex, is a whole new level of exploring things that are thrilling – you are present in nature and might be able to connect to it in ways you hadn’t imagined before. It’s a relatively slower place in terms of traffic, and you aren’t bound to run into many people. It’s also a little cut off from the rest of the mainstream hustle-bustle of the city or town, and you’ll be able to find a quiet place with much more ease. There are enough obstacles for you to find cover; a tree, a shrub, a rock; the possibilities are endless! 

A Wedding! 

This might be our most bizarre suggestion yet, but trust us on this! Nothing gets people going like a good wedding. Most people around you are probably already having sex in one of the rooms or bathrooms, and really why should you be left out of the fun? If you’re lucky, you might even find a cute date at the wedding who wants to explore public masturbation like you, and you’ll have a ball! Love, romance, and sex- it’s all in the air at a wedding already, so you’re not to blame for wanting to feel some of that love and good vibes! 

Find a quiet, safe spot for yourself, like a closet or bathroom or one of the rooms that you know won’t be needed for the wedding festivities! Grab a drink and maybe a partner to join you, and put on a show like never before. 

public masturbation

A Nude Beach

Bodies, in all their glory, against the sea and the sand? What makes a better environment for public masturbation? If you’re at a nude beach, chances are sex is already an option and not at the risk of getting caught and facing the consequences. You’d want to pick a beach with no children around, of course, for safety concerns and no harm caused, which is why a nude beach versus a standard public beach is suggested. A nude beach can ensure that there is little risk in getting off and might be the perfect backdrop to a glorious orgasm! 

Plus, tanning and an orgasm? Sign me up!


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