Erotic Public Foreplay: The Couple’s Guide.

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Foreplay. The very word invokes a multitude of sensations when it is heard or read. Naturally, our mind falls back to the most recent memory of such play, and for a moment, we are once more pulled back into heavy sighs, trembling thighs, and sweet, uncontrolled movements that our body only makes when we are deliciously aroused. 


Foreplay is often thought of as an activity that can and should only be enjoyed within the confines of our home, but this is incredibly false. While, of course, we always want to respect those around us, especially in society, there are many ways to discreetly engage in public foreplay. 

How to Practice Public Foreplay?


For one, our brain is without a doubt the largest sex organ in our bodies, and it is 100% voice-activated, if you catch my drift. Managing the tone and volume of your voice, especially in a way that only your partner can hear, can be incredibly arousing, especially in public. 


When engaging in public foreplay, hearing something meant for your ears only, despite all of the people around, creates a taboo thrill. Knowing what your partner wants to hear so that they gasp and not laugh is important too. 


Another way to take advantage of our brain’s sexual prowess is its ability to create sexual fantasy scenarios. Perhaps you yourself could not possibly entertain the idea of public foreplay…but what if your alter ego could? And if she could, what would she like? What could she do to drive their partner crazy? 


Engaging in a consensual sexual scenario with your partner can often open our minds to other erotic foreplay ideas we otherwise wouldn’t know we had. Try writing them down first if you’re too shy to talk to your partner about your public foreplay ideas. In doing so, you might discover something new about yourself as well.


Touch is another incredibly powerful tool. Though we may not be able to reach down directly between our partner’s legs while engaging in public foreplay, a caress to the nape of the neck, the lower back, or a squeeze of the thigh can let your partner know that you’re ready for play. Of course, all of these tender touches and breathy promises can heighten our senses, but when it comes to foreplay, we cannot just be left with that. 


Therefore if you and your partner are looking to add a little more to your spicy mix, it may be time to introduce a third partner- a remote-controlled vibrator. This type of toy is enjoyed by both parties and engages the dynamic in power exchange. While there are many different options to choose from, thanks to the worldwide wide web, the cheapest toys are not always the best. There is nothing more disappointing than experiencing the sensual buildup of an intense orgasm, only to have your toy die, slip out of place, or worse- not work as well as it was advertised., a women-owned sex toy and female sexual empowerment website, has a wide variety of remote-controlled vibrators that are excellent for public foreplay. Each of their toys is water-proof, made of body-safe silicone, and are rechargeable. 

pink egg vibrator

What are some options? offers over 40 pleasure products to choose from, but here are the top three I prefer when engaging in public foreplay.

Diana understands that every woman is built differently. With this, we offer Diana for those who enjoy more of a clitoral-based stimulation. This remote-controlled clitoral vibrator is easy to slip into the panties and comfortable to wear until use. The leaf-like shape of this clitoral massager rests perfectly where it’s supposed to and stays in place. With 10 vibrations to choose from, your partner can choose to bring you to your big O very fast or painstakingly slow. The remote range for this toy can stretch from 16-23 feet. As with all VforVibes products, the toy is incredibly quiet so that you and your partner can keep your play private, even in public. 

remote clit vibrator, pink vibrating panties



While clitoral stimulation is a great pleasure on its own, the Hestia is a discreet, lightweight, wearable u-shaped vibrator that pays homage to both the clitoris and the G-Spot. If your thrill is to look completely fine while your lily is being filled with delicious vibrations that may or may not force you to accidentally moan aloud, then this is the toy for you. The shape of the toy is designed to fit your curves, stimulate your g-spot, and tease your clitoris. Additionally, both vibrating sides are enhanced with ridges for orgasmic sensations. Like Diana, it also comes with 10 different vibration patterns to choose from. 




This toy, my friends, is not for the faint of heart. While the Hestia is lauded for its ability to provide dual pleasure, the Cybele goes one step further and provides triple stimulation. That’s right. This toy provides sensual vibrations to the clitoris, the vagina, and the anus. This rechargeable tool is sure to make you blush as you attempt to tell your waiter what you’d like for your entree. With the wireless remote, your partner can watch you unravel up close or afar. This delectable toy comes with 9 different vibrational patterns and can run for up to two hours at a time. 


So, after you’ve perused through our sex toy shop and found your perfect toy for an erotic foray into public foreplay, now comes the planning.


Things To Keep In Mind


While engaging in foreplay in public can be incredibly arousing, it also comes with risks. As adults, we have a responsibility to maintain a public space that is available and safe for all. That being said, here are some tips to follow before engaging in public foreplay. 


  1. Be aware of your surroundings: Evaluate the space to make sure you’re comfortable with adding a little extra spice to your night out. After all, if you’re not comfortable, you’ll be more worried about getting caught than getting your O.
  2. Be as discreet as possible: The last thing anyone wants is to be thrown out of somewhere due to lewdness. In the age of the internet, almost anything can be recorded and shared at any time. 
  3. Be respectful of your partner’s comfort zones: You may be ready to go, but if your partner isn’t, there is no moving forward. Have a conversation about what places you would be comfortable with public foreplay. 
  4. Always communicate with your partner: Many people believe that to be spontaneous is to be sexy, but when it comes to being in public, it’s best that there are no surprises. Communication is sexy. It’s good to know what your partner wants and when they want it.
  5. Be safe: As with any sexual activity, safety is always the number one concern. At the end of your day, foreplay is only fun when it is safe, sane, and consensual. If you’re not comfortable, then don’t try to push yourself. Instead, respect your intuition. 


Remember, keep it spicy, keep it safe, and good fun will ensue. Happy foreplay, everyone!

public foreplay

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