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Public Exhibitionism or Indecency.

Every one of us maintains sexual idiosyncrasies that, although they may be shared with others, are always unique to ourselves. Our reasoning for desiring certain kinks is a manifestation of a combination of our ideals, our pasts, and our deepest desires accumulating to the need to act out on said characteristics through sexual interaction

Then there are some kinks that are just a little kinkier than others, a little more riveting and with the truth that pursuing them may lead to outside risks or punishments; the very reasons that make one wish to pursue them even more. 

Public exhibitionism or public indecency is a form of sexual kink or fantasy that will always remain at the epitome of risk, yet there are those who enjoy it very much, deeming themselves a ‘public exhibitionist’, who get off on that chance of being caught. It is an intricate and delicate act with a depth that is very much worth talking about!

What is Public Exhibitionism?

Public exhibitionism is a sexual kink that includes the act of showing off part of our body to unassuming, unaware, and public eyes that the general population otherwise deems as risky and meant to remain under our clothing, such as breasts, genitals, or our butts. 

Public exhibitionism has been recorded since the late 1500s, and because of this, it is clear that many people find pleasure in carrying out this sexual fantasy

The range of what this public ‘showing off’ entails of course entirely depends on the individual and their specific turn-ons. Some find pleasure in creating a sense of shock or surprise to those who stumble upon and see the exposed skin. It is the random nature of watching someone else see something that is extremely unexpected and usually meant for only closed bedroom doors that creates a turn for the one who is exposing. 

Others may find more comfort or more of a turn on through flashing to people they already know, such as during a gathering of friends or close acquaintances. 

Some public exhibitionism may include an act like simple flashing. A quick glimpse under the clothing while walking through a public setting. Some are a little more intense than that and may include acts like public masturbation with the hopes/purpose of getting caught.

Men will often flash and masturbate their genitals, like on a train ride, while women secretly please themselves under the table at a restaurant or wear clothing that exposes their nipples and breast, for example.  Another very common form of this for a woman is to use a remote control vibrator while cruising along public places to pleasure themselves next to unaware strangers.


Public Exhibitionism. What Is It? Is It Legal? Sexual Kinks | V For Vibes

And then, of course, there are those on the receiving end of the flashing that may realize a new turn on for themselves should one happen to see a public exhibitionist in action. It is very common to find pleasure in seeing another take sexual risks, and because of such public exhibitionism and exhibitionism is a popularly searched kink on many adult video websites.

The important thing here is to never feel embarrassed or ashamed if you are turned on by public exhibitionism, whether performing it or watching it. You are absolutely not alone, and it is completely natural to find pleasures in this invigorating little act.

But there is one truth that you can never escape in regards to this sexual kink, and this truth single handedly puts a public exhibitionist at far higher risk than any other kink and makes it so that careful thought must be implemented into any act of public exhibitionism. 

That truth is that this kink is almost always completely illegal. 

What are the consequences of Public Indecency? 

The consequences of public exhibitionism range far and wide depending on your country, state, or even county. 

The usual consequence of public exhibitionism will result in legal action in the form of possible arrest and a charge of indecent exposure, usually a misdemeanor charge, but with multiple offenses can lead to a felony. 

Additionally, if young, non-adult eyes happen to catch you in the act, you might be nailed as a sex offender, so please take all of these consequences into mind if you choose to become a public exhibitionist.

Tips for Public Indecency and How to Not Get in Trouble as a Public Exhibitionist.

When part of the entire turn on regarding public exhibitionism arises from being caught, then the question of how to not get in trouble when flashing becomes a slightly interesting one to answer. 

If you are not worried about the legal consequences and realize that this act is usually always illegal, then there are still things that you can do to lower your risk of being caught by both people and the law. 

A nudist beach is a wonderful and safe place to practice public exhibitionism. Sure, the turn-on of surprise might not be as prominent, but at least you can freely flash your body to random eyes for the pleasures of being seen by a stranger. And doing this at a nudist beach will keep you entirely out of trouble!

If you are going to flash in places that otherwise do not accept nudity, then your best bet is to do so in a place that does not allow people under 18. This helps to prevent a charge of sex offender should you get caught by the law, and ensures that no innocent eyes catch you in the act, as involving those under the correct age is entirely wrong and immoral, so please take care of this. 

Choose to perform your pubic exhibitionism in a bar, for example, where children are not allowed and where your possible audience will at least be other adults who might find what you are doing to be a little fun. 

You also might want to take the time to research your states and counties’ particular laws so that you can know exactly the types of punishments you might be dealing with, as it might seem reasonable to travel elsewhere if being a public exhibitionist is something you must do. 

Just know that people will be offended and may backlash, and although that might be the source of your fun, it is never right to push something sexual onto somebody, so always remain respectful to those who see you and if it appears as though you need to leave, then simply get going and take it someplace else!


Public Exhibitionism. What Is It? Is It Legal? Sexual Kinks | V For Vibes