Public Butt Plug Play.

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Does the idea of wearing a public butt plug entice your mind into sending pulses of desire down to your nether regions? We thought it might, and that is precisely why today we will expand upon the ideas behind public butt plug play and the many euphoric joys that arise with this alluring sexual practice. 

Public play isn’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy a touch of exhibitionism and voyeurism, as well as generally risky sex play, then it might just be the next box on the bucket list to check off after you have had your fun with a remote control vibrator in public. And for those not sure about whether or not you are comfortable with pursuing such a task, then we have some advice for you to help sway you in the right direction!

Wearing Butt Plug in Public

To start things out, what’s the deal behind wearing a butt plug in public? Why do people enjoy this, and what are some general things to consider?

  • Your Naughty Secret

Many find the practice of a public butt plug to be enticing, rebellious, and free. When out and about, you have a dirty little secret that others are entirely unaware of. This feeling is unique, euphoric, and naughty as can be. Like hiding away in plain sight, a public anal plug allows you to embody your sexuality in a risky yet discreet manner. 

public butt play
  • Anal Preparation

Wearing butt plug in public is an excellent means to prepare oneself for anal sex. By doing so, you will become far more comfortable with the sensations of anal sex, and your anal cavity will work to relax and stretch to prepare yourself for any anal interaction that might soon arise with a partner. 

  • Exhibitionism/Voyeurism

For exhibitionism and voyeurism, a public butt plug is the perfect means to satisfy this kink. You can easily lift a skirt to show off the lovely little gem protruding from behind and test your risk limits when doing so. And for the voyeurist, should their partner wear a public butt plug, they will find lustful satisfaction in secretly watching this public practice of their lover. 

  • Sensation

Some simply enjoy a gem butt plug in public due to nothing less than the fact that it feels incredible, a newfound means to experience the wide range of anal sensations in a fun and risky manner. 

  • Change of Pace

In an effort to prevent the mundane within your sex life, wearing a butt plug in public is a wonderous means to add a tasty spice to your love life and to keep things fresh and fun for both yourself and your lover. 

How to Wear a Public Butt Plug

If you have plans of wearing a butt plug in public, please keep in mind a few of these considerations!

  1. The Legalities

Because a butt plug can be secretly hidden away, this is a safer practice in terms of legalities than other forms of exhibitionism, such as public sex or flashing. With that being said, should you show off your plug, then there is potential legal action that may follow should you get caught, so always keep this in mind. We have compiled a list of the best places to masturbate in public to help you determine some of the least risky places that you can practice this form of public play. 

  1. Comfortability

You need a lot of lube for anal-based sex. Although you can use lube at the house when first inserting the plug, keep in mind that it may become difficult to reapply when out and about. With this, you might find certain aspects of this to become uncomfortable, and if this is the case, it is best to take a step back and remove the plug as soon as the enticing sensation becomes intolerable. 

comfortability of jewel butt plug opis
  • Length of Play

Leaving a butt plug in for too long can have its dangers. Although generally safe, you don’t want to keep the public butt plug in for too long. Keep your exhibitionist sessions short and sweet to compliment the safety aspect of this play, and again, if any discomfort arises, then it’s probably time to take it out. 

  • Always Use a Butt Plug

Not all sex toys are meant for anal play. It is essential that you use an anal safe toy with a protective base so that the toy does not become stuck within your anal cavity, as this may require doctor intervention to get it out. This is preventable as long as the toy has a base. 

anal bead vibrator Eros in public

Wearing Butt Plug in Public- How to Make it Fun

If you and/or your partner have agreed upon this erotic practice, then there are a few ways that you can make this practice extremely fun. 

  • Flashing

A gem butt plug is aesthetically pleasing, the protruding jewelry shiny, shimmering, and sexy. When out and about, try showing off this lovely piece to your partner with quick flashes when the time is right. 

Opis jewel butt plug
  • Public Butt Plug Selfie

Want to remember your public endeavors forever? When the opportunity is presented, pull up your clothing to show it off and snap a quick photo of your risky efforts for a newfound take on public fun. Taking a sexy selfie of the gem butt plug enticingly inserted within is an erotic and euphoric experience to say the very least. 

  • Don’t Get Caught!

Half the fun of wearing a public butt plug is the idea of being caught. When in public, act as normal as possible, such as sparking up conversations with random strangers. They’ll have no idea the fireworks of sensation currently running through your body, and see if you can maintain normality as your mind relishes the sensual nature of your practice while unknowing strangers chat it up with you. 

  • Make Life Fun

No one likes to run errands, but tell that to someone who wears a butt plug in public while doing so and they will certainly say otherwise! Wearing a public butt plug simply feels great, and can take a standard run to the grocery store and turn it into a sexual practice of intense euphoria. To make life fun, spice up all of your daily endeavors with this discreet and incognito practice, and think to also use other toys, such as a remote control vibrator, to further enhance physical sexual response. 

remote vibrator
  • The Beach Plug

There’s never a better place to wear a public butt plug than when at the beach, especially a nude beach. Why not compliment a nice tan with an erotic sensation? 

The bathing suit allows for effortless butt plug entry and removal, and you can easily slide the bathing suit over your sunburnt cheeks to show off your lovely plug. Lay on your stomach to tan your back, and if you want to show things off, you surely can. 

  • Size it Up

Start with a small butt plug that is comfortable. After practicing your public endeavors with a butt plug of a smaller size, work your way up to the next size the next time you go out. Do this again once comfortable, and soon enough, you will be ready for the largest plug in your collection. This is an excellent means to practice anal comfortability and will promote this practice by adding to the sensations each time through the increase in size. 

With this, you will soon be ready for full penetrative anal sex that is comfortable and sensational, thanks to your public butt plug warm-ups!

  • Take a Ride

For those more reserved about this subject, wearing a butt plug in public is the most safely approached when done so in a car. You are still in the form of ‘your space, but you are also in public, the perfect means to work your way into more exposing practices. 

Sitting on the plug will make things feel incredibly good, and you won’t complain about the minor bumps you roll over or the certain vibrations derived from the car as you lustfully cruise along.

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