Prostate Orgasms: What They Are and Toys to Achieve Them.

Jun 27, 2022

What Is a Prostate Orgasm?

A prostate orgasm is an orgasm that’s achieved by massaging the male prostate gland (sometimes called “prostate milking“). This usually involves direct stimulation from a sex toy, penis, or a finger. These orgasms are usually more intense than traditional penile orgasms and have been known to trigger whole-body muscle spasms. The intense sensations associated with this kind of orgasm are attributed to the fact that the area surrounding the prostate gland is filled with thousands of sensitive nerves that, for many men, go untouched.

How to Have One

There are a number of ways that prostate orgasms can be achieved. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve broken them down into easy-to-understand (and replicate) tidbits.


When it comes to using fingers, it’s easiest to achieve this method of orgasm when you have a partner to practice on or recieve pleasure from. These techniques are best used in pairs.

  • To use the doorbell method on your male partner, gently rest the pad of your finger on the outside of the prostate and press as you would if you were ringing a doorbell. You can mix things up and make it more interesting by experimenting with different pressures and time intervals.
  • Circling. Using the pad of your finger, run it around the outside of the prostate, circling all around the perimeter of the organ. Again, feel free to change up the pressure and speed as you and your partner see fit.
  • Come hither. You may have heard about the come hither motion in relation to female G-spot pleasure. You can use the same technique on male partners. Gently insert a generously lubed finger into the anus and curl your finger upwards toward your partner’s belly button. Repeat the motion, gradually increasing speed.
  • Simulated vibration. This one can be a bit tough on the wrist, so it’s ideal to save it for when the orgasm is close. Basically, this technique involves speeding up the motion of anything that feels good so that it recreates a vibrating sensation..



Toys can effectively be used both solo and with a partner. When using toys, you can tailor and control the depth, pressure, technique, and sensations that you give the person receiving — whether that’s a partner or yourself.

You can also choose the specific toy: its shape, size, color, texture, and function. Sky is truly the limit when it comes to prostate toys.

What To Look for In Prostate Toys

When shopping for a prostate toy, there are a few things to take into consideration.


The shape of prostate toys can vary. This is because “prostate toys” can include everything from standard dildos to toys that have been designed for the prostate.

This being said, toys can be found in a variety of unique shapes. C-shaped prostate dildos are some of the most common, since they are tailored to follow the ridges and curves of the body, leading the head of the toy directly to the prostate.

However, you can also find straight, slightly curved, and rabbit-shaped (two pronged, similar to the look of rabbit ears).

ge large anal vibrator


The size of prostate toys can vary as much as the shape of the toys and, in this case, we’re talking both the length and the girth of the toy.

You can find prostate toys that are super thin or thick and generous. Depending on the preference of the person using the toy, one or the other may or may not appeal — or both may work on different days. Similarly, you can find some that are as short as small plugs or those that are as long as 8 or 9 inches.


When we say “function” we’re meaning extra functions. For example, all toys are designed to give pleasure but some may vibrate, spin, or otherwise serve a specific function.

There are some toys that do more than one thing and others that are simple, such as the standard, no bells and whistles dildo that could be used by men or women.


Prostate toys can be made of a variety of different materials. Some are made of stainless steel, others are made of rigid, durable glass, while others still are made of silicone and easy-to-clean plastics.


Each of these materials comes with a different texture, so it’s worth it to shop around. Don’t be afraid to touch the toys to see which looks like the best fit for your purpose. Additionally, some toys may come with existing ridges, bumps, or other tactile features that can impact and change the way the toy feels.

Keep in mind, as well, that the way that some toys will feel while being used can be altered. For example, storing a rigid plastic dildo in the freezer or fridge will make it cold, giving the receiving person a temperature-related sensation.

nyx vibrating anal plug


As with any purchase, budget is a big factor when buying new prostate toys. They range in price based on the above factors, so finding one that fits both your preferences and your budget is worth taking a bit of extra time to do.


If you’re still unsure of which toy to get for yourself or a partner, don’t worry — here’s a helpful list of a few of the best prostate dildos on the market. These high-quality toys will satisfy your need for pleasure, your budget’s need for temperance, and any curiosity that you may have surrounding prostate orgasms


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