Harmonia- The Enlightenment Rose Quartz Egg Set and Clear Quartz Yoni Eggs

Harmonia- The Enlightenment Rose Quartz Egg Set and Clear Quartz Yoni Eggs


Product Description

Discover the ancient secret to reach harmony within your sex life with Harmonia, the stunning rose quartz egg set and clear quartz yoni eggs. Named after the Greek goddess of harmony and concord, these special yoni eggs are a wonderful means to reach a newfound bliss of fulfillment and comfort in relation to sexuality.

Quartz is said to amplify your energy, rose quartz relating directly to unconditional love, and with our beautifully crafted rose quartz egg set and clear quartz yoni eggs, discover for yourself how this healing energy of such powerful crystals will enlighten your sexuality and promote growth, discovery, sensation, and love between both yourself and a partner. May the spirituality of your sexuality grow and transform into never before known heights as the intimacy of your love is enhanced by the potency of such incredible crystals.

The use of our powerful crystal yoni eggs will help strengthen and tighten your vaginal walls. When inserted inside, yoni eggs force the pelvic muscles to strengthen, similar to the practice of kegel exercises. This is said to increase your sensation during penetrative practices, especially after childbirth, reduce urine leaks, promote natural lubrication, and lead to an increase in your ability to reach that soul-shivering orgasm you’ve been waiting for.

With the rose quartz egg set and clear quartz yoni eggs, you may take the practice of vaginal strengthening and spiritual enlightenment slowly and steadily, catering to the respect your sexuality has always deserved. Starting with the smaller yoni egg in the set, gain comfortability in practice before increasing the size of the egg to a rate that promotes nothing less than the most divine of internal and emotional growth. As your experience grows with time, enjoy the subtle increases in size in a manner that never manifests uncomfortably as your muscles continue to develop.

We have taken the time to ensure that your rose quartz egg set and clear quartz yoni eggs are as non-porous as these elegant crystals may allow, making them effortless to clean and sanitize for timeless use of their positive capabilities.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect tool to enhance the spirituality and the physical and emotional responses of your sex, then yoni eggs are a vulva owner’s new best friend. Your set is waiting patiently to take your intimacy to the next level. What could you possibly be waiting for?

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Additional Information
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in
Your purchase includes:

1 x Quartz yoni eggs set
1 x eloquent VV black pouch