Clio- The Radiant Wearable Vibrating Ring


Product Description

Behold the splendid Clio, a wearable vibrating ring with a luxurious approach to fulfilling the body’s every desire, our never-before-seen take on a classic vibrator sure to widen your eyes with mesmerizing temptation. 

Etched with careful care and attention to minute detail in lavish design, this sex toy ring is a boldly discreet statement piece, your uncomplicated answer to more pleasure during carnal adventure. 

Leading your finger to a higher level of sexual enlightenment with stylistic flair, every wisp and whirl will have you gasping for air and shivering with delectation, Clio wearable vibrator flaunting a design that is as efficacious as it is beautiful, as functional as it is novel. 

The miniature coin vibration motor is powerful yet subtle; the 9000 RPMs of this elegant vibrating ring the epitome of perfect irony. It’s strong enough to leave you shaking at the knees, yet delicate and soft, a sensual lover with a keen sense of giving you exactly what you want and precisely what you need. 

Enjoy unique personalization to an exclusive and discreet wearable vibrator with three modern colors, the jewel of your hand the smallest sex toy to ever soak your sheets. Made of radiant aluminum alloy, a body-safe and highly seductive material, will you choose the elegant and enticing dark gray anodized, the shimmering and sparkling silver anodized, or the attractive and alluring nickel glossy finish as your choice in vibrator ring color? 

This is a ring that vibrates with sheer intensity, the discreetly hidden switch controlling your certain path to orgasmic delight. Lasting an hour on a single charge and taking only an hour to reach full battery life, the only questions to ask are: ‘what can’t you do with a discreet vibrating ring?’ and ‘where can’t you take your sexual pleasure?’, as climax just got a whole lot more mobile.

If you’re someone who likes to do things a bit differently, someone who forever avoids the mundane to keep life thrilling and invigorating, then Clio is certainly for you. Be one of the first to own this incredible vibrator ring, and discover endless excitement in every journey to the big O.

Patent Number: US D949,402 S Date of Patent: Apr. 19, 2022

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Product Specifications:

Battery life: 1h
Charging time: 1h
Supply voltage: 5V
Vibration intensity: 2g
1 extremely powerful vibrating speed
USB rechargeable
Material aluminum alloy
Coin Vibration Motor
9000 RPM
response time of as low as 50 milliseconds
3 Finishes: Dark grey anodized,
Silver color anodized, Nickel glossy finish

Your Package Includes:

1 x Luxury VV Box
1 x V for Vibes Engraved Pouch
1 x Clio wearable vibrating ring
1 x USB Charging Station (Adapter not included)
1 x Manual


Do not use on any broken or irritated skin. In the event of any pain or discomfort, stop using the device. This is not a medical device and does not provide medical support. Keep product away from heat sources, children and pets.
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