Aion: The Vital Vibrating Penis Sleeve

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Product Description

Aion, our latest vibrating penis sleeve, sets a new paradigm of penile pleasure. 

For those who seek a definitive, potent enhancement to the physicality of sexuality, the 10 penis sleeve vibration frequencies and uniquely ribbed, soft interior will soon have you buzzing with sensation and relief, a vital addition to any sex life. 

We often neglect our ability to curate a superlative sexual experience for the partner with a phallus, sex toys, and vibrations, typically reserved for the vulva. But to achieve the true epitome of sexual empowerment and sincere fulfillment, it is critical to capitalize on our current ability to adorn physical pleasures with progressive innovation. 

And this modern, sleek vibrating penis sleeve sets the bar for said innovation. 

Aion is a delicate balance of simplicity & depth. On the outside, the design is beautiful, attractive, and non-intimidating. Where many penis sleeve vibrators try far too hard to impress, distracting the user with ultra-intense vibration or big, bulky, uncomfortable designs, Aion understands the need for a straightforward path toward climactic bliss. 

This mysterious midnight black penis pleasure sleeve is the culmination of comfortability. Regardless of penis size, Aion fits softly + snugly around a pulsing erection, massaging the electrifying nerve endings along the shaft via the ribbed interior while promoting intense blood flow to these pleasure zones. In doing so, the pleasure sleeve enhances every aspect of physical and mental gratification, the vibration, your touch, or the touch of a partner happily intensified. 

Plus, the pressure, similar to a cock ring, might help with instances of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation

Where masturbation was once a quick fix to desire, it is now an experience with meaning & value. You can take your quiet, incognito penis sleeve with vibration under 50 decibels anywhere. With an IPX7 waterproof rating & made of medical grade silicone +ABS, your vibrating penis sleeve knows a thing or two about wet environments, allowing for carnal creativity once ignored by a majority of phallus owners. Oh, and did we mention that Aion is USB rechargeable, lasting over an hour on a single charge? 

A penis sleeve vibrator takes control over the fulfillment you deserve, whether alone or with a partner, prompting much-needed exploration and self-discovery, all while reminding you to enjoy the little things in life. 

Aion will make you feel incredible, and these positive effects of sexuality span into every aspect of life. The time to feel it for yourself is now. 

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs

Battery: li-ion battery
Size: 5 In x 2.7 In
Material: medical-grade silicone, abs
Voltage: 3.7V
Waterproof – IPX7
Size: 5.5 In x 2.3 In
Vibrating patterns: 10
Battery Life 1 h +
Charging time 1.5 h
USB Rechargeable
Battery Capacity 380 Mah

Your package includes:

1 x Aion Pleasure Sleeve
1 x VV High-End Box
1 x USB Charger
1 x Manual