The Girls’ Night In Sex Toy Party


Who said staying in can’t be as exciting as going out? With this Girls’ Night In sex toy party package, it’s quite the opposite. 

Our Girls’ Night In sex toy party is perfect for those intimate evenings with your closest friends. Featuring a carefully curated selection of sensual toys and accessories, this eye-opening and engaging experience also includes a professional party entertainer soon to guide you through the uncharted waters of intimacy, helping you discover new sensations and experiences for both solo and partner-based love. 

So let your hair down, get comfortable, and prepare for a night of laughter, bonding, and pleasure via:

  • A cozy, intimate setting for friends to connect, relax, and explore together.
  • Expert guidance from an experienced party entertainer to navigate new experiences and promote openness + relaxation surrounding said. 
  • Introduction to a variety of toys and accessories tailored to the group’s interests.
  • Group activities and discussions to promote body positivity and self-love.
  • Opportunity to try and purchase V For Vibes products with exclusive party discounts.
  • A unique, unforgettable experience to strengthen friendships and enhance self-discovery.
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