Bona Dea: The Blossoming Vibrating Rose


When you’re hungry, you eat. When you’re thirsty, you drink. And when carnal desire sends blood pulsing through your body, a need to fulfill this powerful but momentary emotion? You wrap your fingers around the soft, medical-grade silicone of your elegant black vibrating rose toy for women and play! 

Product Description

We’re humans, and fulfilling our biological needs is an integral aspect of life. Luckily, needs that were once synonymous with survival are now synonymous with pleasure! We may approach sexuality as pure and empowering, with sensation, satisfaction, and climax at the forefront of any clothesless endeavor. 


Bona Dea, our latest vibrating rose toy for women, is a testament to this precise ideology, a manifestation of female sexual empowerment embodied through a luxurious design and unprecedented sex-toy innovation. 


The 10 optional air pulse vibration frequencies will send your flower blooming towards the sun, dancing in the soft wind of delicate touch against sensitive skin, clitoral satisfaction pollen yielding the fruit of sweet, juicy climax. The simple elegance of the rose vibrator promotes a luxurious, lavish aura to the moments of your self-care, maintaining the heightened level of respect that we, as women, are rightfully entitled. 


Our latest black vibrating rose toy for women is ever-pleasing to the eye, the deep midnight color symbolizing mystery, power, and a level of sophistication often underlooked in a sexual setting. So for those who relish an experience synonymous with an appreciation for the finer things in life, your rose vibrator is awaiting its place in your growing garden of sexuality. 


The rose clitoral vibrator is ideal for anyone and a tremendous asset to any flowering sex life. Whether you enjoy clitoral stimulation alone or in conjunction with internal, the unique sensations derived from the woman-designed air pulsations will enhance any solo or couple experience to new heights, ideal for those new and well-versed in the alluring world of sex toys. 


Waterproof and weighing in at just 0.2lbs, the vibrating rose can be taken anywhere, allowing for endless versatility in masturbation or couples intimacy. Stand her up on the included magnetic charging stand for just two and a half hours to reach full charge, and enjoy the potent sensations for 1.5 hours of sensational, uninterrupted pleasure. 


We highly suggest visiting the linked blog to learn more about using a rose vibrator. 


And if you’re ready to discover and explore the inspiring symbolism between flowers and the female vulva, both symbolically and physically, Bona Dea, the black rose vibrator as powerful as the very Roman Goddess of fertility herself, is here to forever change your definition of satisfaction. 


Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3 in
Product Specifications:

Color: Black
Material: medical-grade silicone + ABS
Modes: 10 delicate air vibes frequencies
USB rechargeable
100% waterproof
Quiet 30-40 DB
Size: 2.7 In x 2.4 In x 2.4 In
Charging Time – 2.5 hours
Using Time – 1.5 hour


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