Augusta – The Rose Butt Plug


Embark on a pleasure journey with Augusta, the Rose Butt Plug! Experience ecstasy with 360° rotation, 10 dynamic modes, and a rapid 150-min USB charge. Crafted from premium silicone/ABS in chic black and red, Augusta is compact at 2.91″ x 2.91″ x 4.37″ and a mere 0.21 lbs. Dive into sensuality with waterproof confidence, lasting up to 60 mins per charge. Augusta: Where sophistication meets satisfaction. 🌹✨

Product Description
Step into a world of unmatched pleasure with Augusta, our Rose Butt Plug – a true game-changer for your intimate moments. Augusta isn't just an ordinary anal plug; it's a sophisticated experience crafted to redefine your satisfaction. Picture this: a 360-degree rotating sensation designed to take pleasure to new heights. Compact at 2.91 inches by 2.91 inches by 4.37 inches and a feather-light 0.21 lbs, Augusta is all about comfort meeting delight.

What makes Augusta truly special? It's not just the dimensions. Augusta boasts a variety of 10 vibration modes, each carefully curated to cater to your unique desires. And here's the best part – Augusta is not just a one-time wonder. With USB rechargeability and a quick charge time of 150 minutes, Augusta is always ready to indulge your cravings.

Crafted from a blend of high-quality silicone and ABS material, Augusta doesn't just feel good; it looks good too. Dressed in a sleek black and red ensemble, Augusta is not just a pleasure device – it's a style statement.

But that's not where the uniqueness ends. Augusta is your companion in passion, with a waterproof design that opens up a world of possibilities. Take control effortlessly with its electric control type, allowing you to navigate through the 10 tempting modes for a full 60 minutes of uninterrupted bliss.

Augusta isn't just a Rose Butt Plug; it's an invitation to elevate your intimate experiences. It's where sophistication dances with pleasure in perfect harmony. Augusta beckons you to a world where boundaries fade, and satisfaction knows no limits. Embrace pleasure, embrace Augusta – your journey into ecstasy starts now. 🌹✨

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs

Dimensions: Augusta measures a discreet 2.91 inches by 2.91 inches by 4.37 inches, providing a perfect balance of ergonomics and pleasure.

Weight: Crafted for comfort, Augusta is feather-light at just 0.21 lbs, ensuring effortless enjoyment.

Rotation Feature: Augusta introduces a groundbreaking 360-degree rotating sensation, delivering a level of satisfaction beyond the ordinary.

Vibration Modes: Indulge in variety with Augusta's 10 meticulously curated vibration modes, offering a symphony of sensations to cater to your unique desires.

Rechargeable: Augusta is powered by a USB rechargeable mechanism, promising a quick turnaround with a mere 150 minutes of charging time.

Material: Meticulously crafted from high-quality silicone and ABS material, Augusta not only feels luxurious but also boasts a sleek aesthetic in captivating black and red colors.