Pluto: The Prestigious Penis Sleeve

Pluto: The Prestigious Penis Sleeve


Product Description

For those who seek the pinnacle of pleasure, a penis sleeve curates a novel approach to physical sensation during intercourse. With Pluto, partners will soon relish immediate enhancements to penetrative sex, this non-vibrating silicone penis sleeve a highly-pleasant addition to sensual exploration.

We’ve designed your penis girth sleeve to promote equality of penile and vaginal stimulation, a magic bedroom tool curating many unique sensations while flaunting benefits guaranteed to intensify any sex life.

Not only will you bolster the girth of your penis with the aesthetically enticing, midnight-black sleeve that fits with intoxicating perfection against your soon-to-grow shaft, but Pluto will also assist in maintaining an erection while slowing the journey to ejaculation.

Whether experienced sex-toy connoisseurs, passionate lovers with years of shared intimacy, or new couple’s eager to explore the endless bounds of sexuality new to the world of sex toys, Pluto is a climax-inducing win-win for all under the covers.

Why Choose a Penis Sleeve?

Enhanced Girth

Pluto increases the girth of a penis by fitting snug around the shaft for intoxicating vaginal wall stimulation.

The vulva owner will adore the unique curvature and sensationally smooth exterior of the cock sleeve as it caresses the interior with toe-curling prowess, an excellent addition to otherwise traditional intercourse!

Longer Erections!

Although the silicone penis sleeve itself does not add length, Pluto features an attached testicle ring that helps with blood retention in the genitals. Restricted blood flow is a powerful ally in defense against erectile function, allowing the wearer to stay rock-hard for peak performance.

Not only will you enjoy a longer time frame of erection, but the restricted blood flow will allow for the most significant growth in your natural length and girth. Your erections are longer… In more than one way.

Intense Stimulation & Climax

The retention of blood flow in these nerve-dense regions is also responsible for increased penile sensation and satisfaction, lending for more stimulation and a powerful climax attainable only with a penis extender sleeve.

Featuring a ribbed interior, the penis will enjoy a wild combination of thrills as its sleeve seduces the vulva in lustful passion.

The result? Better, more intense orgasms for all.

Aesthetics? Check

Pluto doesn’t just feel good; its appearance is nothing short of prestigious. Your penis sleeve is an attractive way to alter the aesthetics of sex for an alluring take on clothes-free fashion.

Quality, Quality, Quality

This medical-grade silicone penis sleeve is made of the highest quality, most comfortable material. At just 3.6 inches long and easily adjustable for all penis shapes and sizes, Pluto is flexible, lightweight, and effortless to clean.

With a simple approach to pleasure, no vibration means a bedroom companion that will last a lifetime.

How many orgasms will Pluto enhance for you? The time to start counting is now.

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs

Material: Medical Grade Silicone
Size: L 3.6 In x D 2 In

Your purchase includes:

1 x Luxury VV Box
1 x V for Vibes Engraved Pouch
1 x Pluto
1 x Manual