Juno Moneta: The Mini Magic Wand

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Product Description

If a lifetime of climax and sexual empowerment sounds like an enticing ideology, then Juno Moneta, our latest mini magic wand vibrator, is here to transform idea into reality. 

Disguised beneath the gorgeous teal, a color reminiscent of sun-kissed rose petals, lies 10 orgasm-enhancing vibration frequencies. And if it’s a sea you want, it’s a sea you will get, as this mini wand massager is 100% waterproof, allowing for endless versatility in where & how you choose to reach the epitome of sensual satisfaction. 

We’ve long-loved wand vibrators for their assured ability to treat the external pleasure network of the vulva & other erogenous zones to an experience of pure bliss. A mini magic wand is a unique variation to this trusty climax companion and a synonym for carnal creativity. You might be surprised at the sexual versatility soon to be uncovered with your new favorite toy. 

At just 5” inches, Juno Moneta is incognito and discreet, a sly master of clitoral sensation and heightened euphoria as the soft, medical-grade silicone passes along goosebump-riddled skin. This mini vibe is USB rechargeable, features an astonishing run-time, effortless to clean, and is perfect for travel or risky public endeavors

Your gorgeous mini vibe will give new meanings to self-love under the sheets, and for the passionate lovers, Juno is here to intensify. 

The small and sleek design makes this the perfect addition to any sexual relationship. Your mini magic wand never gets in the way, allowing you to enjoy any desired position with the alluring addition of clitoral stimulation to your partner’s touch, and the small size is far from intimidating, ideal for couples new to the pleasure of sex toys. Take turns massaging the various pleasure points along the body, as any gender will benefit from Juno. Practice mutual masturbation, or pass the small toy into the palm of their hands & allow them to cast a sensual spell upon your vulva with the mini magic wand. 

Because yes, magic is real, and Juno Moneta eagerly waits to change your meaning of sexual empowerment & fulfillment with sensual, sensational enchantments. Aren’t you eager, too?

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Product Specifications:

Material: medical grade silicone
Vibration: 10 modes
Battery: USB rechargeable
Charging time: 2 hours
Silent, noise less than 50 Db.
Portable size
Size: L 5 In x D 1.6 In

Your Package Includes:

1 x Luxury VV Box
1 x V for Vibes Engraved Pouch
1 x Juno Moneta
1 x USB Charging Cable (Adapter not included)
1 x Manual